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Steelhead Dreamin'
Mark's Outfit
Green Ant Morning
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Steelhead Dreamin'
We all dream about having the perfect fishing day. Most fly fishing dreams contain the same basic parts. The dream normally involves landing a real trophy fish from premier piece of water. Why not also add a back-drop of towering ramparts made of ancients lava flows. Why not populated these towering cliffs with sparring big horn rams and herds of mule deer. Why not the scent of sage your dream. Stirred it into the clean, cool, fresh air. Fill your hand with the finest tackle your mind can conjure up. In this dream, your tackle expense account is limitless. Your mind is clear, your body painless, and your casts are easy and flawless. the fish are eager, but too eager. In any dream an amiable companion to share the experience with is always a plus.  Dreams can come true.
We had been on the water at daylight; Patty and I, along with Troy, Tony & Marcy. Patty stayed in the camp water. Tony and Troy were dropped up-river. Marcy stayed with me in the jet boat. We dropped down stream of the boys and left the boat tied to a tree. We split there. She went upstream. I went down. After twenty minutes she appear behind the parked boat. After another ten minutes she was thirty yards below the boat. The good holding water where she was fishing was narrower than in my part of the run, so she was moving faster than I. My water was juicy from the near bank to seventy feet out. It was the perfect bomb water, and I was bombing solid casts. Seven days of camping on the river had me relaxed and in tune. The strike came slow and deliberate when the fly was far out in the river. When fish pulled ten feet of line from the reel my index finger pinched the moving line to the cork and the hook was driven home. Fifty yards of backing melted from the tiny reel and the fish went air-born. I gave out with a hoot and Marcy hooted back. A couple of minutes later I heard the heavy fall of her wading boots as she ran down the bank to me. I handed her my Lumix camera and the video below tells the rest of the story.
Everyone has a favorite outfit. Mark's current favorite Deschutes Steelhead Outfit is a combination that you have seen many times in the "Insider" Newsletter.
It utilizes a Sage 5119-4 rod and 3880-4CF reel.
It is very lightweight, but powerful enough to cover big water and land big fish.
Item Description Price To Top
5119OUTFIT Sage 5119-4 TCX Rod, Sage 3880CF Reel, Rio Powerflex Core .024 shooting line, Rio Steelhead Scandi 310-grain, backing, 12' #12 Rio Leader $1,209.95 SALE ENDED

Sage 5119-4 TCX

Length: 11'9" Line: 5 Pieces: 4

Sage TCX Switch Rod
Sage says: The little guy of the group. Small but powerful. Western streamer swingin’ stick, lake and beach too, small steelhead use, for such haunts as the Rogue, Grande Ronde and John Day.
We say: Ya! It also does a whole lot more, including launch bullets into the wind, while providing the delicacy to fool jaded steelhead in rivers that are populated by too many other anglers. This rod had about the same amount of back-bone as a 10-foot 7-weight single hander, which is about the right size to be very useful in a lot of summer run situations.
the 5119-4 TCX also proved to be a very good rod for fishing normal size tube flies for winter steelhead when combined with a 350-grain skagit flight and a 12 1/2' T-8 M.O.W tip.
Line Match
: Skagit Short 325, Skagit Flight 350, Steelhead Scandi 310, AFS 5/6, Outbound WF-6 (beach/lake), Rio Switch 5/6
Sink Tip Use
: 15’ 109 Type 3, 6 & 8, T-8/T-11 in 10’ & 12.5’, 6’ & 10’ Spey VersiLeaders All Types (SH Scandi/AFS)
Reel Match
: Sage 4580, Sage 4280, Tibor Everglades, Sage 3880
Rod weight: 5 1/4 oz.
Item Series Line Wt. Action Handle Price To Top
5119-4 TCX 5 Fast C $840 SALE ENDED

Sage 3800CF Reels with Blaze Frame

With Sage's exclusive “floating tripod” sealed graphite drag unit, one-revolution adjustment knob for accurate, repeatable drag settings and curved, concave spool hub design, 3800CF Series reels offer performance you simply can’t find anywhere else in this price range. The reel also utilizes a full frame line-guard design that provides an added level of protection and is great for use with small-diameter running lines and shooting heads. Sage's advanced carbon fiber spool technology reduces weight while increasing durability, and the aluminum handle and accent trim add a distinctive look to stand out from the crowd.

Model Line Backing Weight Diameter Choose Winding Direction
3880CF WF8F 200 yd #20 5 3/8 oz. 4"
Item Description Price To Top
323-3880CR Sage 3880CF Reel, with Blaze Frame $280 SALE ENDED
323-3880CS Sage 3880CF Carbon Fiber Spool $60 SALE ENDED
Rio Powerflex® Core Shooting Lines
The Powerflex Core shooting lines have a strong monofilament core that results in thin diameters, great strength and durability and a very slick XS Technology coating for ultimate distance. These lines feature a large welded loop at the front end to speedily attach a shooting head. These are the ultimate shooting lines when distance and manageability are important, they combine the slickness and suppleness needed for the highest in performance and are virtually tangle free.
Length: 100 ft (30.5 m)

Item Description Size/Color Price To Top
19030 Rio Powerflex® Core Shooting Line, Coldwater, Floating, Orange .024" $39.95 SALE ENDED
Rio Steelhead Scandi Line NEW for 2011
Rio's latest Scandinavian style shooting head is designed for the two-hand and switch rod steelhead fly fishers. With shorter head lengths and shorter front tapers than previous Rio Scandi designs, they are ideal for casting larger steelhead flies and sinking VersiLeaders. The head size options have been carefully selected, and tuned for the most common rods used by modern steelhead fly fishers, and feature Rio's newest skinny welded loops on each end for easy rigging. In 31' lengths they are meant for very short spey rods and switch rods of 12' or less in lengths. In lengths of 32' to 34' they are meant for rods of 12' and longer.
Item Description Size Price To Top
20101 Rio Steelhead Scandi Line, Color Ivory 310 grain
31 ft.
20102 Rio Steelhead Scandi Line, Color Ivory 350 grain
31 ft.
Green Ant Steelhead Morning
Marcy was kind to video me and my fish, so I offered her my water. It didn't take her long to hook up. Out came the camera again. The event was a memorable to the cameraman as it was to the angler. Marcy's laughter and the sound of her Hardy reel makes the sound track fun stuff.
Josh, Marcy & Travis spend a lot of time together. Their tastes in tackle feeds off of each other. Their rods and lines are very cutting edge high tech, but their reels are very traditional. Things get to be traditional because they work. Marcy's tackle gets used a lot and performs flawlessly. Below is offered one of her favorite outfits for Deschutes Steelhead.
Item Description Price To Top
6119OUTFIT Sage 6119-4 TCX Rod, Hardy Taupo Reel, Varivas Airs .019 shooting line, Rio Steelhead Scandi 350-grain, backing, 10' Intermediate Rio VersiLeader $1,629.95 SALE ENDED

Sage 6119-4 TCX

Length: 11'9" Line: 6 Pieces: 4

Sage TCX Switch Rod
Small steelhead, Alaska Rainbows and Dollies, beach weapon de jour/lake tool.

Line Match
: Skagit Flight 350, Steelhead Scandi 350, Skagit Short 375, AFS 5/6, Rio Switch 6/7
Sink Tip Use
: 15’ 109 & 129 Type 3, 6 & 8, T-8/T-11 in 10’ & 12.5’, 6’ & 10’ Spey VersiLeaders All Types (SH Scandi/AFS) M.O.W. Match: T-8/Light & T-11/Medium
Reel Match
: Sage 4210, Tibor Everglades, Sage 6080
Item Series Line Wt. Action Handle Price To Top
6119-4 TCX 6 Fast C $845 SALE ENDED
Varivas Airs Shooting Line
The VARIVAS® Shooting Line has become very popular with distance casters and steelhead/salmon anglers who want to reach our farther. Simply stated, AIRS reduces friction while running through your guides. You will instantly notice the difference between this and any other shooting line we are aware of. The secret is the eight air chambers that run lengthwise inside the line, which gives AIRS its floatation, and also gives it a slightly ridged cross-section on the outside for less contact with rod guide surfaces. Varivas AIRS remains supple even in winter cold water conditions for tangle-free performance. You will have to stretch it as it comes off the reel spool and then it remains straight for that casting period. Ideal for Scandinavian and Skagit style shooting heads. Hi-viz yellow for great visibility. Supplied in 100m spools (approximately 110 yards)

Item Description Size Price To Top
VSL-030 Varivas Airs Shooting Line 30-pound, .019 $39.95 SALE ENDED

Hardy Perfect Taupo Reel

Buy a Reel
The first Hardy reel patent was registered in 1888, and since then many patents have followed. One of Hardy's most popular reels appeared in 1891. It was understandably called the "Perfect". It included most of the improvements that fishermen had been asking for up to that time. The spool was narrow and deep. An adjustable check supplied the friction to keep the spool velocity from over running the line while playing a fish. Up to that time most fine reels were made from brass. The first Perfect reels were also made from brass. After a short period they were machined from an aluminum casting. This made the Perfect very lightweight for its time. A great contributor to the reels success was its ease of disassembly.
Named after the most famous New Zealand trout fishery, the Taupo Reel is patterned after reels made in Hardy's pre-WWII era when reels were hand made during the peak production of Britain's Craft Guilds era. The design of this reel is over 100 years old. It is beyond proven by Kings and Gentry. The Taupo is made in England with that same British tradition of manufacturing excellence, but now with the most modern metals and machinery. After all they are made to suite the discriminating tastes of the Gentry.
Taupo Reel Specifications and Prices
Model Line Backing Weight Price To Top
Taupo 3 7/8" 350 Scandi 100 yd.* 7.68 oz $695.00

Green Ant

This somber fly has proven itself as a top producer of Deschutes steelhead for at least the past fifteen seasons. It is extremely effective on early season A-run fish and always a good bet for a come-back fly after you've moved a steelhead with a brighter fly. We have modernized this classic fly by having it tied with the latest materials on Alec Jackson Steelhead Iron hooks.
Super Premium Quality!
Green Ant
Item Description Size Price To Top
ST00205 Green Ant 5 3 for $8.55 SALE ENDED
ST00207 Green Ant 7 3 for $8.55 SALE ENDED

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