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Autumn in Alpine Lakes

The month of September brings cooling weather and with it, insect hatches and more aggressive fish. Trout in alpine ponds and lakes normally go on feeding binges when the water cools and before lakes freeze in the fall.

Beulah Onyx Spey Series Fly Rods

These traditional action rods make for easy, fatigue-free loading with blazing line speed. The Beulah Onyx series features cosmetics you'd find in a custom rod at a moderate price.

Wading Shoes

Traction determines an angler's performance and safety. If you're slipping and sliding, it's hard to cast accurately. And you're not very stealthy if you're falling down.


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Maps and Fishing Guides

GPS and Google are great, but when you're out in the backcountry, nothing beats a good, ol' fashioned paper map!

Grizzly Marabou

This barred mini marabou matches the mottling on many aquatic trout foods. Use it for woolly buggers, leeches and damselfly or mayfly nymphs.

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