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Simon Gawesworth PhD
Deschutes Report
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Due to a last minute cancellation, there is a unique opportunity to spend four days on the Deschutes River with America's most sought-after spey casting instructor, Simon Gawesworth.  Yes, we have one open spot for this year's PhD Steelhead Class featuring Simon, along with Mark Bachmann, Brian Silvey and Marty Sheppard.  Steelhead fly fishing conditions are the best in many years and we will be camped on prime water.  Don't miss this chance of a life time! 
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Happening Now On The Deschutes

We set up camp on August 28, for our ten day stay.  The weather pattern called for wind.  Labor Day and the last hooraw of summer would put crowds of people on the river. Selection of a good campsite was imperative, and luckily we got the best on the river.  Patty came over and helped me set up all the tents; two sleeping tents, a screen house tent, a shower tent and a potty tent.  That evening and the next morning we caught many steelhead.  The runs around camp were holding fish in big numbers.  The water temperature was 56.4-degrees in the morning and about 58-degrees in the afternoon.  The water had about 6'-plus visibility; the best in several years, maybe the best in twenty years.  At noon on Wednesday at noon I dropped of Patty at Mack's Canyon boat ramp and picked up Josh Linn and his girl friend, Marcy Stone. 

Josh works at The Fly Fishing Shop as a purchasing agent and salesman.  He also guides on Oregon's Sandy and Clackamas Rivers as well as the Sandy River in Alaska.  Marcy is a chef at the Rendezvous Restaurant in Welches.  Both are avid spey rodders.  After stashing their gear in camp, we headed down  river.  Marcy landed a nice steelhead around 3:00 in the after noon in the bright sunlight using a sinking Poly Leader and a sparse tied Rick's Revenge fly.  The three of us fished together that evening and the next morning, and several steelhead were brought to the fly, but I landed the only one, a small hatchery fish, which was killed for camp meat. Josh and Marcy left at noon on August 31, then Pete and Mike Spooner, father and son

joined me.  Mike lives in California and hadn't been fishing is several years.  Pete fly fishes for steelhead nearly every week and has fished with every guide that books out of The Fly Fishing Shop.  Mike hooked a steelhead on about his tenth cast and fights it until it wraps his leader around a sharp rock in the middle of the river.  This fish gets away.  After fishing a long stretch of river Mike hooks an even larger steelhead and he battles it to his feet, where it throws the hook and it too gets away.  By this time it is nearly dark, and we go back to camp.  The next morning ushered in the best day of the season so far.  Mike stuck a steelhead on his third cast, lost it and stuck another on his fifth cast, which he landed.  Then he landed four more without

changing flies.  Meanwhile Pete hooked six and landed two.  Mike stuck two more that evening. Their total for the day was 13 fish to the fly with 7 landed.  The next morning Pete got two grabs and Mike got none.  The school of fish had passed on or we sore mouthed most of the available fish in our area or they went off the bite; you never know about steelhead.  That evening Patty and I fished the camp water and found nothing, then changed runs and found one apiece.  The next morning we came up with zeros.  She went home that afternoon and I had camp to myself.  It was now September third.  I decided to give the steelhead a rest and pay attention to the Redsides that were seen working the prolific caddis hatches in the camp water.  However when I arrived back at camp, I decided to test a CND Gravity Point line by replacing the

floating tip with a sinking type-6 tip.  To the end of the leader was tied a size four Olive Wooly Bugger.  The sixth cast resulted in a hookup with what was probably the best steelhead of the season.  The hook pulled free with more than a hundred yards of backing stretched down the river.  Two more were landed in less than an hour, including the fish in the picture with the rod. Two nice Redsides were also landed with the same fly.  The following day Lyla Foggia and Kelly

Neal arrived at camp.  That evening Kelly hooked a steelhead very soon after entering the water.  Lyla hooked two.  None of the fish were landed.  The next morning we got started late and another boat captured our starting water, so we ran along way downstream.  A lot of water was covered before the first fish was hooked.  Then Lyla got three in quick succession.  Kelly missed one and then the light was on the water; time for brunch.  The next evening we were into steelhead again.  The next morning while exploring behind my guests, I found a new spot and landed three steelhead from it.  Maybe last winter's floods changed the bottom of the river, or maybe it was there all along.  Funny how you can fish a river for nearly forty years and still find a new fishing hole.  Guess that's one of the reasons we keep coming back.  I'm headed out Monday for another ten days. I can't get enough.

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The Z-Cast is a Pacific Northwest original.  It is used to quickly position the line from down stream to a set-up on the upstream side of the angler, so that he can perform a spey cast that sends the fly across the current.  Being able to cast is essential for catching fish, but no more important than being able to get to the right location to make the best presentation.  Getting to the best spot often involves wading aggressively. The right wading gear allows you to perform at your best. Patagonia Watermaster Waders, are breathable and are proven durable.  That is why some of the best fly fishing guides wear them.  Now you can get them on sale at 20% off!  Most sizes in stock!

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Patagonia Watermaster Breathable Stocking Foot Chest High Wader are the hippest fashion statement this year.  A huge percentage of the best professional fly fishing guides are gearing for the season with this wader.  This has happened with little sales pitch from the parent company.  It is a grass roots movement.  These waders for whatever reason just appeal to professional guides.  Here are some of the reasons why: 
Patagonia's innovative waders now have a reinforced leg and seat, 21% more puncture-resistant fabric reinforcements and right- and left-specific neoprene feet. They have the most advanced suspension system available. Waist-mounted suspenders allow you to fold down the bib for comfort in warmer weather (and to quickly release water after a spill).  For male anglers a huge advantage during foul weather; not having to take off your rain coat to pee.  (No demonstrations please).
The anatomically contoured crotch and knees let you move freely even when fully layered up. A gravel-guard cuff (with boot hooks and gripper elastic) seals out grit. Built-in adjustable wading belt and field repair kit included. Guides are also very value conscious. All waders eventually wear out.  It's how many dollars per day for use that is the issue. 

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