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Fly Fishing For Muskies
Guided Fly Fishing Trips
Hoh Bo Spey
Ten Weights & Teeth, Fly Fishing For Tiger Muskies
By Matt Sherman

Many fish I have seriously pursued do not come easy. As a matter of fact, I am starting to think that masochism would be a great way to describe most of my endeavors with the fly rod. Over years of angling for several different species, I seem to have become fixed upon a couple of them that would be considered two of the greatest accomplishments on a fly rod. Fish of a thousand casts, yep that pretty well sums it up, and then some.

No I am not talking about the Northwest's most beloved fish of a thousand casts (steelhead), but one that our mid west brothers and sisters have been chasing for years. Pike and Muskie inhabit rivers and lakes from Alaska to Maine, up north to Canada, and even across the pond to Europe. In several fisheries in the North West we get a unique strain of musky which is a sterile race of fish meaning they cannot breed. Tiger muskies are fantastic sport fish and are appearing on the radars of more and more anglers who are willing to chase the most elusive of fish armed with only a fly rod.

It takes specific equipment and a serious dose of mental fortitude and persistence to catch these fish. Ten weight outfits are best, not only because the fish can push thirty pounds or more, but even more so because a lot of the flies we throw bear a striking resemblance to a half eaten nutria rat, thus taking specialized equipment just to get the fly to the fish. Rio Outbound lines work best, a reel with a substantial drag system, and one hundred pound fluorocarbon leaders with or without wire bite tippets are required. The casting is not pretty, pick half a chicken up out of the water, double haul it twice and send it. “Chuck and duck” would likely be the best description I can come up with. I know what you’re thinking, ”I can double haul eighty feet with a ten weight into a head wind all day long.” That may be, but a tarpon toad and fifteen inches of yak hair, Schlappen, and buck tail are two totally different animals, literally.

Just like any other fish that is difficult to find, and more difficult to catch, your first one will always be etched in your mind forever. After having spent half a day throwing what for all intensive purposes had started to feel like an anchor at the end of my line, it finally happened. Just about the time I was wondering if I had pulled a bicep muscle from casting, my fly found its way into a bramble of sticks and snags at the base of a massive old growth tree which had fallen into the lake some time ago. Who knew that this massive water skiing hazard would be the site of my first. As I slowly stripped the fly, I could see the long slender tail of yak hair and flash swimming through the water and thought, ”that is just too nasty not to get eaten.” Suddenly a boil appeared behind the fly, the line came tight and I strip set the hook and felt the satisfaction of a heavy weight at the end of my fly line. After several minutes of insane speed and violent head shakes I was able to check one of the more elusive freshwater fish off of my bucket list. She was a beautiful fish, thirty five inches of pure power with a buzz saw for a mouth. The vertical tiger stripes and red tipped fins make these fish a very unique and beautiful looking fish rather than a long, slender, ugly, eating machine which they are often labeled. In the end, watching a fish rocket out from beneath a tree with speed I had not yet seen from a freshwater fish, and the ensuing attack of your fly which looks something like a Rottweiler attacking a couch cushion, let’s just say I was an instant musky addict.  

I was lucky enough to be invited along with a friend of mine when I first started who was knowledgeable in all things musky.  Where to find them, appropriate gear, flies, etc…. are all integral parts of actually bringing the whole thing together and putting one in the net. Having fished for these fish for awhile now, I can tell you that when the steel heading gets tough, there is only one other species on my mind. Throwing a ten weight all day and coming away empty handed more often than not may seem like a pretty far fetched idea of fun for most, but for guys like me and a lot of you reading this story, it’s just another wonderful way to spend a day on the water.

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Rod weight: 4 1/4 Ounces.
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How Trips And Schools Work
At The Fly Fishing Shop in Welches, Oregon we run two corporations with the same staff. One is a retail corporation, and the other is an outfitter corporation. Scheduling is very complex, but there are advantages for all parties concerned. It gives our retail staff a huge depth of knowledge, income security, much contact with the fly fishing public, and possibly most important, protection from job burn-out.
Our retail floor personnel are also professional guides. You can rest assured that the information you receive when planning your next fly fishing expedition, will be of the highest order. Guides who are constantly on the water just know more about what gear will work best for you. Guides who also work in our store are always up on the latest gear, and do the best job on the water as well.
We specialize in all facets of fly fishing from entry level to the most complex. It is fun helping people catch their first fish, help solve riddles about the pickiest feeders. We enjoy it all. We live it every day.
Within that framework we don't mess around. We know that the more business-like we approach your trip, the easier it will be for you to attain your goals. We are expedition-planning and logistics experts.
We use the best boats, best tow-vehicles, best shuttle drivers, best mechanics, best tackle and best equipment. We have the most knowledge, and the dedication to go with it. We are ready to put you at the center of our attention.
We are are continuing all of the 2013 programs for 2014, plus we are adding some exciting new ones as well. The information on individual guides/instructors are listed below. Certain guides are available on certain days only. Please book early so you can get your special guide. 
Guided Trips and Schools are on a first come, first serve basis.
Check our: Guided Fly Fishing Trip & School Directory OFTEN!!!
Mark Bachmann Bio: is our head guide with 34 years as a licensed professional fishing guide in the State of Oregon. Does ten day Camp-out/jet-boat excursions/schools on the Deschutes River May-October. Has open dates 10/15-10/26 open. This is an opportunity to experience some larger steelhead and exceptional wildlife viewing.
Available for guiding 11/1-7/1: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday float- trips/schools November-June on the Sandy/Clackamas Rivers. Much in demand book early.
Travis Johnson Bio: Does Wednesday, Thursday, Friday float-trips/schools year around. Drifts the Deschutes, Sandy and Clackamas. Works closing shifts at shop, does casting classes before work some mornings. Much in demand book early.
Dave Hogan Bio: Monday, Tuesday float-trips year around. Drifts the Deschutes, Sandy and Clackamas. Works morning shifts at shop.
Matt Sherman Bio: Sunday, Monday available for float-trips and walking trips year around. Drifts the Deschutes, Sandy and Clackamas. Works closing shifts at shop, does casting classes before work some mornings.
Matt Sherman has been a professional fly fishing guide since the young age of nineteen years old. After spending several years guiding one of the world’s premier spring creeks, Silver Creek, his passion for steel heading has drawn him to the North West permanently. Matt works at The Fly Fishing Shop in the store and guides on weekends and any other available days. His passion for steelhead and the rivers in which they live is surpassed by none, and swinging flies for anadromous fish has become more than a passion but a life’s work.
Tony Barnes Bio: Saturday, Sunday available for float-trips and walking trips year around. Drifts the Deschutes, Sandy and Clackamas. Has been successfully fly fishing for steelhead for thirty five years. Runs our shipping department Monday through Friday.

Hoh Bo Spey
Black/Blue Orange Butt Orange/Purple
Green Butt Orange/Pink Wine
Charles St. Pierre
Hoh Bo Spey Series
As tied by Charles St. Pierre
This is a fly that could be fished on the swing for steelhead and salmon year round using anything from a Skagit head and a heavy sink tip to a full floating line and long leader.  Named after two legendary Pacific Northwest steelhead rivers and influenced by numerous northwest “Intruder” fly variations this fly was designed with a full calendar years worth of fishing in mind.  The ease with which this fly is cast along with its effectiveness and the variations of the depth control needed to fish effectively throughout the fishing year make it an ideal fly to fish for steelhead and salmon nearly anywhere at anytime. Tied on a 25 mm shank with a short looped trailer hook and using a blend of natural and synthetic fly tying materials, innovative Northwest steelhead, salmon, and spey casting angler Charles St. Pierre has created another unique fly that combines a medium size silhouette with amazing lifelike action. 
The medium size profile allows this fly to attract and be seen by fish within a wide range of water and fishing conditions for winter, spring, summer, and fall fishing seasons.  The long and limp natural guinea, marabou, and Lady Amherst fibers create incredible lifelike action and are dressed lightly to allow maximum depth penetration quickly and efficiently.  The variations of synthetic dubbed body create contrast and brightness inside the fly silhouette while the body hackle supports the longer fibers for a broader silhouette and additional action.  Because this fly uses few materials and is lightly dressed to create its medium size profile and amazing action, it casts easily and efficiently with both single and double handed rods. 

This style of fly and the color combinations used for this series have proven themselves to be extremely effective on many of the steelhead and salmon streams of the Northwest, British Columbia, and Alaska for years. 

Hoh Bo Spey Fly, Black/Blue

This is a great bet for steelhead on any river. It is especially good when the the light levels are low. This fly can be fished any time of year, under most water conditions. If you only have one fly to fish glacial origin streams, this might be the one.

Hoh Bo Spey Fly, Black/Blue

Item Description Size Price To Top
ST0705BB Hoh Bo Spey Fly, Black and Blue 2 3 for $10.50 Sale Ended

Hoh Bo Spey Fly, Green Butt

Try this fly when fishing on the Deschutes when water color is a little off, or when the water levels are a little high. Can be fished with a sinking tip or floating line.

Hoh Bo Spey Fly, Green Butt

Item Description Size Price To Top
ST0705GB Hoh Bo Spey Fly, Green Butt 2 3 for $10.50 Sale Ended

Hoh Bo Spey Fly, Orange Butt

This wispy fly is a good bet for summer steelhead on the Umpqua and any of the coastal streams. Try this pattern with a floating line and broadside swing under extremely light tension. watch it crawl, breath and pulsate as it comes across the river. Hang on!

Hoh Bo Spey, Orange Butt

Item Description Size Price To Top
ST0705OB Hoh Bo Spey Fly, Orange Butt 2 3 for $10.50 Sale Ended

Hoh Bo Spey Fly, Orange/Pink

This beautiful pink and orange fly mimics both shrimp and squid, two favorite foods for early winter steelhead as they traverse the shallower water over the Continental Shelf. Pink and orange flies are perfect during the tail end of winter spates, and show up well during "steelhead-green" water conditions.  Fish this fly on a slow swing using a sinking tip designed to keep your offering within a foot of the bottom.

Item Description Size Price To Top
ST0705OP Hoh Bo Spey Fly,
Orange and Pink
2 3 for $10.50 Sale Ended

Hoh Bo Spey Fly, Orange/Purple

You gotta' love this pattern. No short strikes with this one. This may be the most irresistible color combination for late steelhead returning to inland Columbia River tributaries.


Item Description Size Price To Top
ST0705PR Hoh Bo Spey Fly, Orange and Purple 2 3 for $10.50 Sale Ended

Hoh Bo Spey Fly, Wine

This is a sleeper pattern for any summer or winter steelhead river. Wine is a good early morning bet for the Clackamas or Sandy when the water is running clear. Has been proven throughout Washington, British Columbia and Alaska as well.

Hoh Bo Spey Fly, Wine

Item Description Size Price To Top
ST0705WN Hoh Bo Spey Fly, Wine 2 3 for $10.50 Sale Ended
Hoh Bo Spey Fly, Wine for steelhead any time of year, for any river in the Pacific Northwest!
Wine color Hoh Bo Spey Fly,  for steelhead any time of year,
for any river in the Pacific Northwest!

Fish long & prosper,
Mark, Patty & Crew

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