Teeny Bonefish Fly, RIO InTouch Level "T", Simms Hyalite Rain Shell, NRX Rods Making Friends

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Teeny Bonefish Fly
Jim and Donna Teeny have done a lot of bone-fishing. More importantly they have don a lot of Bonefish catching. Donna lived in the Bahamas for several years and managed on of the more prestigious Bonefish camps. She became acquainted with many Bonefish guides and learned their secrets. She studied the marine life on the flats, and became aware of the many Bonefish moods. Her husband Jim is one of the revolutionary fly tiers of our time, creating flies that are so simple that many anglers don't realize how deadly they are. Jim and Donna have many disciples, many of them land unbelievable numbers of fish from public water.
Jim gave me a hand full of his Bonefish flies several years ago, and they became buried in one of my fly boxes...what a pity. On a recent foray into Cuba, many of the flats were very light colored. We had many light colored flies, and we caught fish. But, it was when I tied on the Teeny fly that things really picked up. For the next several days we caught many large bones on the Teeny Bonefish Fly. These flies proved to be very durable each one landed many fish. I don't know why this fly is so effective, maybe because mimics the appearance of many critters the Bonefish feed on. I would highly recommend that you carry an ample supply if you are going anywhere Bonefish feed over light colored flats. Get More Information or BUY teeny Bonefish Flies
Simms Hyalite Rain Shell (an unsolicited testimonial)

A year and a half ago we received a pair of Simms Hyalite Rain Shells. They have gone with us on trips to Florida, Mexico, Cuba, Belize, and summer steelhead fishing on local rivers, such as The Deschutes. We use them more and more all of the time. Even during the summer in the desert it can rain hard. In the tropics you are guaranteed to get showers nearly daily. It pays to be prepared for participation. Even when the air temperature is 80-degrees, you can get cold if you get wet.

Wind is a constant factor in many of the "big-fish" environments. Micro fibers, which breath and keep water out, also block wind, even it they are very thin. The membrane employed in the Hyalite Rain Shell Series remarkably thin and lightweight, yet the Hyalite has proven to be very reliable under a wide range of conditions. They breath very well when they are hot or cold.
Get More Information or BUY Simms Hyalite Jackets

If you are going to guide anglers in Alaska, this probably isn't the primary jacket you would rely on, but it will make a great back-up, look good in camp. If you are going where the weather moderate, take one of these jackets with you. Hyalites are very easy on space in your luggage. Any protection you have with you is better than no protection. Patty loves her Hyalite, and her Hyalite loves her. As the video discloses, she looks very comfortable and confident while she is wearing it. The color suits her as well. It cleans up well after a day of scales and slime.

Me, I just started wearing it during camp-out trips on the Deschutes. It is a good hedge against a hot afternoon thunder shower. It totally defeats the afternoon wind. Rods should do as well. If you have to dunk your arm to tail a fish, the Hyalite dries very quickly. Mine id Dark Gunmetal in color, which become as shadow against nearly any back ground. Dark Gunmetal has turned out to be very stealthy. Right not this jacket is an indispensable part of my gear. Sometime in October, the temperature will drop and I will dig out my trusty G4, but for now, my Hyalite is the perfect selection. M
Get More Information or BUY Simms Hyalite Jackets
Get More Information or BUY Simms Hyalite Jackets
NRX Making Friends

We got this email with attached photo from the lovely lady pictured here. Apparently she really likes her new G. Loomis NRX fly rod:
"I have to tell you that I love that rod.  Took it to WY and fished the Green River (near Pinedale) and the Salt River (near Thayne) and it worked great.  My arm was not exhausted.  I caught 18 - 21 inch browns, cutthroat, and rainbows.  The guide checked it out.  It was everything I was hoping for.  Here is a pic:))  Thanks guys!!"

Keep the good vibes coming. We love fly fishing too! M

Get More Information or BUY G.Loomis NRX Fly Rods

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