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Custom Steelhead Flies
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Custom Steelhead Flies
For the Deschutes and other rivers east of the Cascades
Green Butt Skunk Surgeon General Green Ant
 This buck steelhead ate the fly... Photo: Josh Linn
Few rivers stir up steelhead fly fishing fantasy like Oregon's Deschutes. Big, brawly, wind swept and hard to wade, it tests the metal of "out-of-staters", and locals as well. Being the first deep, cold tributary east of the ancient Cascades of the Columbia, the Deschutes gets supercharged runs of Redband Steelhead. Many steelhead from upper Columbia tributaries summer-over in the Deschutes to escape the Columbia's warm flows. These grabby steelhead come aggressively to the surface for flies presented with floating lines in the classic fashion. Offered below are three of the top Deschutes steelhead flies custom tied on extra-strong Alec Jackson Steelhead Iron Hooks. These are the finest quality flies you can buy at any price. Our guides are on the Deschutes constantly this time of year. Call for the latest up-date on where the fish are and what they are taking. This year, the Deschutes is very clear and flies on gold and/or silver hooks are deadly.

Green Butt Skunk
Paul Franklin with a large steelhead caught on a Green Butt Skunk
This fly was originated by Dan Callahan on the North Umpqua River.  However the "Green Butt" is proven on all sizes of rivers and a wide range of water temperatures and conditions. It is one of
 the have-to-have flies no matter where you fish steelhead along the Pacific Rim. We have modernized this classic fly by having it tied with the latest materials on gold colored Alec Jackson Steelhead Iron hooks. Don't worry, this version is thoroughly proven.  We've been using Green Butt Skunks on various colors of hooks for years. The ones tied on gold hooks just seem to catch more fish, so we're passing the secret on to you. These flies are Super Premium Quality! Green Butt Skunk
Item Description Size Price To Top
ST270-03 Green Butt Skunk 3 3 for $8.55 SALE ENDED
ST270-05 Green Butt Skunk 5 3 for $8.55 SALE ENDED
ST270-07 Green Butt Skunk 7 3 for $8.55 SALE ENDED

Surgeon General

Listed as Surgeon General Dark in Trey Combs book, Steelhead Fly fishing and Flies, this pattern has caught Deschutes steelhead for us for at least 30-years.  t is believed to be originated by Dr. Robert P. Terrill of Gleneden Beach, in Oregon in honor of Dr. Herbert Bently, a highly regarded neurosurgeon. There are three other Surgeon General patterns in this series that were
 listed in this book that have disappeared from most fly boxes. This pattern was listed in Trey's book as one of the hottest new flies in 1976. It has stood the test of time by being one of the most reliable steelhead wet flies ever tied. We have modernized this classic fly by having it tied with the latest materials on Alec Jackson Steelhead Iron hooks. Don't worry, this version is thoroughly proven.  Super Premium Quality!
Item Description Size Price To Top
ST00105 Surgeon General 5 3 for $8.55 SALE ENDED
ST00107 Surgeon General 7 3 for $8.55 SALE ENDED

Green Ant

This somber fly has proven itself as a top producer of Deschutes steelhead for at least the past fifteen seasons. It is extremely effective on early season A-run fish and always a good bet for a come-back fly after you've moved a steelhead with a brighter fly. We have modernized this classic fly by having it tied with the latest materials on Alec Jackson Steelhead Iron hooks.
Super Premium Quality!
Green Ant
Item Description Size Price To Top
ST00205 Green Ant 5 3 for $8.55 SALE ENDED
ST00207 Green Ant 7 3 for $8.55 SALE ENDED

Alec Jackson Steelhead Iron Hooks
The Alec Jackson Steelhead Iron is by far the most popular hook with the most experienced Deschutes River steelhead guides in 2010. That is because of their total reliability. These hooks are sharp right out of the box, and they stay sharp, even after many steelhead are landed. These hooks are strong. Even the smallest size is strong enough to land the largest steelhead. Tie your flies on these hooks and you won't be sorry.  

Alec Jackson Steelhead Iron, Black

This shorter shank, heavier wire design is gaining popularity amongst Pacific Northwest steelhead guides.

Item Description Size Price To Top
SI-3-25 Alec Jackson Steelhead Iron Hook, Black 3 25 for $15.30 SALE ENDED
SI-5-25 Alec Jackson Steelhead Iron Hook, Black 5 25 for $15.30 SALE ENDED
SI-7-25 Alec Jackson Steelhead Iron Hook, Black 7 25 for $15.30 SALE ENDED

Alec Jackson Steelhead Iron, Nickel

Steelhead Irons are very rigid and tend to "hang-onto" fish after they are hooked.

Item Description Size Price To Top
NSI-3-25 Alec Jackson Steelhead Iron Hook, Nickel 3 25 for $15.30 SALE ENDED
NSI-5-25 Alec Jackson Steelhead Iron Hook, Nickel 5 25 for $15.30 SALE ENDED
NSI-7-25 Alec Jackson Steelhead Iron Hook, Nickel 7 25 for $15.30 SALE ENDED

Alec Jackson Steelhead Iron Hook, Gold

Steelhead Irons come in a full range of sizes to tie summer flies and up to medium size winter flies.

Item Description Size Price To Top
GSI-3-25 Alec Jackson Steelhead Iron Hook, Gold 3 25 for $15.30 SALE ENDED
GSI-5-25 Alec Jackson Steelhead Iron Hook, Gold 5 25 for $15.30 SALE ENDED
GSI-7-25 Alec Jackson Steelhead Iron Hook, Gold 7 25 for $15.30 SALE ENDED

Loreto, Mexico Fly Fishing 2010 Pargo Video for Windows Pargo Video for Mac Pargo Video

November 4 - November 11, Timing is for Roosterfish & Yellowtail fishing!

Review the June trip report:   2009   2008   2007  Billfish Video for Windows Billfish Video for Mac Billfish Video
Book Now !   No Price Increase for 2010 !!!                 Dorado Video for Windows Dorado Video for Mac Dorado Video
Once A Year Is Not Enough! - Trip Report: November 2009
Mark Bachmann with a Roosterfish estimated at 28-pounds...
Roosterfish are one of the great inshore species in the Sea of Cortez. 
Join Mark Bachmann and Patty Barnes for an adventure in bluewater fly fishing.  Loreto, Mexico has long been regarded as one of the best Dorado ports in the world. Striped Marlin and Pacific Sailfish compliment your fly fishing menu along with Pacific Bonito and highly prized Rooster Fish.  The scenery is spectacular, featuring a starkly rugged desert contrasting with dark blue water.  The weather will be hot and your clothing will be skimpy.  Fishing periods start at daylight and end in the early afternoon, allowing for lots of leisure time around the pool or walks into town.  There is also plenty of time for what may be the best of all Mexican traditions, the siesta.  As with any trip of this nature, the "destination operation" has a great deal of influence on your enjoyment. 

Patty Barnes with a Roosterfish, caught June 26, 2009...
Roosterfish average 5-30 pound, but 50 pound roosters are available at times.

We have chosen the most practical accommodations and the most experienced fly fishing guides in the area.  You will be provided with a spacious air conditioned beach front "Villa Class" room at Hotel La Pinta.  Guides, boats and fishing logistics are provided by Baja Big Fish Company.  In this trip all of the bases have been covered and all of the tricky details are dealt with.  
Yellowtail in the 8-12 pound range are hungry...
Last November Yellowtail in the 8-12 pound range were common.
Items such as Mexican Fishing License, bait for chum, lunches, water in the boat, are covered in the package price.  You show up at the Loreto Airport with your fishing gear and luggage and a nice lady will be waiting with a couple of very large vans and and a crew to transport you to your hotel and your room.  Mark and Patty will be there to help you get settled in and show you around. That evening there will be a group meeting to orient you for the fishing that will occur the next morning.     Loreto Weather Report.

The 2010 Dorado Quest group having a family style dinner out of doors at Hotel Pa Pinta Desert Inn.  As is our tradition, each member kept a fish for the chef to prepare.

To give you as much individual freedom as possible, ground based meals are not provided in the packages.  Hotel La Pinta has an excellent restaurant and bar on the property.  There is also a wide variety of other restaurants within easy walking distance.  Cab service is secure and inexpensive.  Shopping, sight seeing  and diving is available for the non-fisher.

Bruce & Laura Hampton with their guide Fidell landing a dorado, June 30, 2009...
Big, roomy 26' Super Panga boats with Bimini tops are provided.

What can you realistically expect for fishing?  Many of the fish in the Sea of Cortez are very large and can be challenging. If you bring only one outfit make it a #12 weight with 300 yards of backing.  Take the time to learn how to cast it with flies that range from 3" to 9" long.  If you haven't fished bluewater before, expect that there may be a learning curve.  Also expect that your guide will be coaching you during your entire trip.  Your guide shouldn't have to teach you how to cast.  He should spend his time teaching you how to make practical presentations.  The rewards can be incredibly large.  This is a big boy/big girl arena.  Hope you can join us.  This group is limited to 12 anglers. 
Loreto Equipment List Up-to-date Fishing Report
La Pinta Desert Inn at Loreto, MX on the Sea Of Cortez...
Hotel La Pinta Desert Inn as seen from the Sea of Cortez offers large rooms and convenient access to the ocean. It is only a 50-yard walk to your boat each morning.
Roosterfish/Yellowtail Trip: November 4 - November 11, 2010
7-nights, 6-days fishing

Arrive: Thursday, November 4
Fish: November 5, 6, 7 ,8, 9, 10 = (6) days
Depart:  Thursday, November 11, 2010
Stay At: Hotel La Pinta Deluxe Rooms, 6 days 7 nights 
Includes: all ground transfers, bait for chum, licenses, lunches with beers and water in each boat.
Not included in the price are: on-shore meals, tips to guides, airfare, or items of a personal nature.
Fishing: days are 8-hours on the water.   Usual 6:30am - 2:30pm
Boats are large, modern 26' Super Pangas rigged for fly fishing.

Check your connection time in LAX. 
You will want a layover of at least 2-hours to clear customs and make connecting flights.

This trip is based on double occupancy in rooms and boats.  It is designed to accommodate fishing couples or fishing pairs.  This trip will only be booked for two people fishing together and rooming together.  Single anglers may apply, but will only be booked if a suitable fishing/room partner can be found.

Description Price To Top
Loreto, Mexico - Hosted Trip - November 4 - November 11, 2010 Trip: 7-nights, 6-days fishing deluxe package: Full price is $1850 per person, a deposit payment of $850 holds your dates, an additional final payment of $1000 is required by October 1, 2010. Deposits are not refundable after October 1, 2010. Deposit!

Sumo Rod Carrier
Labor Day Sale Regularly $164.95  Now $149.95
 SUMO's cutting edge design offers the ultimate in versatility and performance far exceeding anything in its category.
  Adhesion:  Four independent "lever-lock" suction mounts adhere to any smooth non-porous material.
  Adaptability:  Ball and socket connections and vertical pivots provide unequaled flexibility to mount to any passenger vehicle.
  Leveling:  An additional ball and socket connection in the rod rest allows rods to be level.
  Rod Security: Double shock cords "lock" into place. Portability:  Breaks down and weighs 2 pounds.
Description Price To Top
Sumo, Suction Cup Rod Mount For Your Car Set of 2 Regularly $164.95
Sale $149.95


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