Paraleptophlebia Mayfly Hatches

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Paraleptophlebia Mayfly Hatches
Look for these hatches in Oregon's McKenzie and Deschutes, Idaho's Henry's Fork, Montana's Rock Creek and Gallatin, Wyoming's Yellow Stone, Colorado's South Platte and Frying Pan, and Alberta's Bow River. You can be assured there are many more lesser known streams in the west that have equal hatches of Mahogany duns.
If you live in the Pacific Northwest, this fall mayfly hatch can bring enough big trout to the surface to distract you from steelhead fishing. The best thing is, that they hatch during a period of the day when steelhead fishing is normally slow. Look for hatches of Mahogany duns when water temperatures rise to 50-degrees in the spring and decrease to 50-degrees in the fall. Hatches are usually mid-day from around 10:00am-3:00pm.
Paradun Parachute Soft Hackle Nymph

Mahogany Dun nymphs can live in faster water, but migrate to calm water to hatch. This can be quiet water along the shore or larger slicks behind mid-stream boulders or trailing weeds.  The trout know this and often move with the insects providing some great dry fly fishing.  Hatches occur in early spring and late fall and often provide surface fishing when no other 

hatches are available.  Mahogany Duns are of the genus Paraleptophlebia. The following is encapsulated from Western Mayfly Hatches: "There are 39 North American species, 25 Western species, of which 5 species are very important to the fly fisher.  Some western species, for example Paraleptophlebia gregalis, begin to emerge as early as March, with hatches common in April and May.  These species grow through summer as nymphs, overwinter as nearly mature nymphs before hatching in spring. Other species, such as P. debilis and the largest specie of all, P. bicortuta, hatch in the fall, starting in early September and continuing through October and even early November. Hatches usually begin in late morning and continue through mid-afternoon.  Emergence in spring is prompted when water temperature reaches 50-degrees for several days. Emergence in the fall is prompted when water temperature cools to around the 50-degree mark."
Western Mayfly Hatches is required reading if you really want to become familiar with this hatch.

Paraletophlebia Emergence Table

Mahogany Dun, Paradun
Colors may vary between watersheds and time of year.  Probably several different sub-species might be involved.  This is a darker version as tied by Bob Quigley.  It has been a good producer on both the Deschutes and Yakima Rivers.
Item Description Size Price To Top
Q229-14 Mahogany Dun, Paradun 14 3 for $5.25 SALE ENDED
Q229-16 Mahogany Dun, Paradun 16 3 for $5.25 SALE ENDED
Q229-18 Mahogany Dun, Paradun 18 3 for $5.25 SALE ENDED

Mahogany Dun, Parachute
This is a slightly lighter colored fly.  It has been a very good producer on both the Deschutes and Yakima Rivers for both spring and fall hatches.
Item Description Size Price To Top
2009-14 Mahogany Dun, Parachute 14 3 for $5.25 SALE ENDED
2009-16 Mahogany Dun, Parachute 16 3 for $5.25 SALE ENDED
2009-18 Mahogany Dun, Parachute 18 3 for $5.25 SALE ENDED

Pheasant Tail Nymph Pheasant Tail Nymph
The original Pheasant Tail Nymph was tied and fished by Frank Sawyer, who was the river keeper on the Wiltshire Avon, a chalk stream in England. The fly at left is an American modification of the original fly and best imitates various species of mayfly nymphs, especially members of PMD, Mahogany Dun and Callibaetis families. This is one of the most popular trout flies in the U.S.
Item Description Size Price To Top
12260-12 Pheasant Tail Nymph 12 3 for $5.25 SALE ENDED
12260-14 Pheasant Tail Nymph 14 3 for $5.25 SALE ENDED
12260-16 Pheasant Tail Nymph 16 3 for $5.25 SALE ENDED
12260-18 Pheasant Tail Nymph 18 3 for $5.25 SALE ENDED

Soft Hackle Pheasant Tail Soft Hackle, Pheasant Tail
This fly imitates many different species of emerging mayflies and is equally effective in lakes and streams. In moving water, this fly can be fished upstream on a slack line and allowed to sink with the weight of the hook. Then as the fly passes you on its down stream path, allow the line and leader to come under tension. Slowly raise the rod tip and bring the fly to the surface as if it were an emerger rising from the bottom of the river. Don't fish this fly on lightweight tippet. Strikes can be smashing.
Item Description Size Price To Top
12368-14 Soft Hackle, Pheasant Tail 14 3 for $5.25 SALE ENDED
12368-16 Soft Hackle, Pheasant Tail 16 3 for $5.25 SALE ENDED
12368-18 Soft Hackle, Pheasant Tail 18 3 for $5.25 SALE ENDED

Fly Tying Foam
Soft foam made from polymers and synthetic rubber are very popular for tying modern flies. Because of air bubble trapped within the material, foam floats because it is lighter than water. All manner of foam materials are used for trout, salmon, steelhead, bass and saltwater flies.
Foam Cylinders Thin Fly Foam Sheets Sheets

Foam Cylinders

Foam Damsel
These are perfect for tying dry damsel flies. Use the olive cylinders for newly hatched damsels and the blue cylinders for flying adults. Black cylinders are great for small ant bodies. Yellow cylinders are perfect for low floating, unsinkable Yellow Sally stoneflies. Various colors make perfect wing posts for parachute dry flies. These foam posts are more visible and float more reliably than any hair or feather post.

Ten 1/16" diameter, 1 1/4" long pieces in each package.

Foam Posts

Item Description Color Price To Top
FCX11 Foam Cylinders, Extra Small, 1/16", Black   $2.15 SALE ENDED
FCX23 Foam Cylinders, Extra Small, 1/16", Blue   $2.15 SALE ENDED
FCX54 Foam Cylinders, Extra Small, 1/16", Chartreuse   $2.15 SALE ENDED
FCX263 Foam Cylinders, Extra Small, 1/16", Olive   $2.15 SALE ENDED
FCX271 Foam Cylinders, Extra Small, 1/16", Orange   $2.15 SALE ENDED
FCX377 Foam Cylinders, Extra Small, 1/16", White   $2.15 SALE ENDED
FCX383 Foam Cylinders, Extra Small, 1/16", Yellow   $2.15 SALE ENDED

Lemon Drop Sally

Winter Baetis Emerger

Thin Fly Foam Sheets Sheets, 2mm Thick

Trout eat foam flies...
Buoyant closed-cell foam offers maximum flotation on large bulky dries that can't be floated well with hackle. Examples include hoppers, stoneflies, cicadas, hexes, and wasps. Great for dry fly bodies and gurglers. These materials are incorporated into many modern steelhead waking flies. Try gluing strips together for stacked body hopper/attractor patterns. Can be laminated for larger popper bodies.

Thickness: 2mm.

Two 3" X 4.5" sheets in each package. 

Thin Fly Foam 2mm

Item Description Color Price To Top
2FF11 Thin Fly Foam Sheets, 2mm, Black   $1.05 SALE ENDED
2FF23 Thin Fly Foam Sheets, 2mm, Blue   $1.05 SALE ENDED
2FF40 Thin Fly Foam Sheets, 2mm, Brown   $1.05 SALE ENDED
2FF54 Thin Fly Foam Sheets, 2mm, Chartreuse   $1.05 SALE ENDED
2FF92 Thin Fly Foam Sheets, 2mm, Dark Gray   $1.05 SALE ENDED
2FF153 Thin Fly Foam Sheets, 2mm, Gold   $1.05 SALE ENDED
2FF193 Thin Fly Foam Sheets, 2mm, Insect Green   $1.05 SALE ENDED
2FF210 Thin Fly Foam Sheets, 2mm, Light Gray   $1.05 SALE ENDED
2FF212 Thin Fly Foam Sheets, 2mm, Light Olive   $1.05 SALE ENDED
2FF263 Thin Fly Foam Sheets, 2mm, Olive   $1.05 SALE ENDED
2FF271 Thin Fly Foam Sheets, 2mm, Orange   $1.05 SALE ENDED
2FF310 Thin Fly Foam Sheets, 2mm, Red   $1.05 SALE ENDED
2FF320 Thin Fly Foam Sheets, 2mm, Root Beer   $1.05 SALE ENDED
2FF369 Thin Fly Foam Sheets, 2mm, Tan   $1.05 SALE ENDED
2FF377 Thin Fly Foam Sheets, 2mm, White   $1.05 SALE ENDED
2FF383 Thin Fly Foam Sheets, 2mm, Yellow   $1.05 SALE ENDED

SCA-OPPER tied with foam sheet.

Parachute Salmon Fly Tied with foam sheet

GP Spey
The next time Glacial silt puts your favorite steelhead river out of shape, tie one of these on.
Black Orange Purple
Charles St. Pierre  

The classic versions of the Spey and General Practitioner flies are as effective and legendary as they are beautiful.  If a steelhead and salmon angler had to make a choice between the two of these flies and could fish only one, the process of choosing might take the better part of a fishing day and require a Tylenol chaser.  Innovative Northwest steelhead, salmon, and spey-casting angler Charles St. Pierre has created a another unique fly by combining the best attributes of two legendary flies to form a blended version of the classic General Practitioner and Dee style Spey flies called “The GP Spey”.
With the addition of a spey length marabou collar and a longer spey style hackle instead of the classic saddle hackle of the General Practitioner, the fly has a slightly longer and larger profile to increase its action and its ability to attract fish. The tinsel ribbed rear half of the fly along with the bright synthetic dubbed body creates a subtle glow and flash to the core of the silhouette.
  The tail, eyes, and shellback are classically set and add to the overall natural appearance and appeal of the fly. It is dressed lightly to increase its ability to sink and be cast easily for both single hand and two handed casters using either floating or sinking lines. 
The “GP Spey” and the color variations used for this series are standards for anadramous fly fishing and have proven over the years to be extremely effective on many of the steelhead streams of the Northwest and British Columbia.  This is a personal favorite fly for summer and fall with low water conditions and one of the best all around “Go to” flies in the angling business for nearly any salmon or steelhead fishing situation and season.

GP Spey Fly, Black

A good bet any time, in any water condition. Scores best in river that have larger fish.

GP Spey Fly, Black

Item Description Size Price To Top
STO58BK GP Spey Fly, Black 1.5 3 for $8.25 SALE ENDED

GP Spey Fly, Orange

This fly will often move fish in the bright sunlight when nothing else will.

GP Spey Fly, Orange

Item Description Size Price To Top
STO58OR GP Spey Fly, Orange 1.5 3 for $8.25 SALE ENDED

GP Spey Fly, Purple

When the Deschutes or Klickitat goes out from glacial intrusion, try this fly.

GP Spey Fly, Purple

Item Description Size Price To Top
STO58PR GP Spey Fly, Purple 1.5 3 for $8.25 SALE ENDED

Fly Line Cleaners
...a clean fly line is a happy fly line...An angler with a clean line is happy too!
Clean fly lines shoot further with less tangles than dirty fly lines.  To maximize your performance, clean your lines each evening after fishing.  Guaranteed you will perform better than if you don't.

    Scientific Anglers Fly Line Dressing

Special Delivery Fly Line Dressing
PooGoo Russ Peak's Glide Sink Fast
Rio AgentX Line Dressing Kit Glide Line Dressing Box

AgentX® Line Dressing
The AgentX Line Dressing is specifically formulated to enhance the performance of all modern fly lines. Treated lines will cast farther, remain clean longer and float higher than untreated lines. RIO’s proprietary AgentX formulation features lubricants used in the new AgentX lines that will keep the line slick and clean longer than competitors’ dressings. Easy to apply with a soft cloth. Allow 30 minutes or so to dry before buffing off.
This kit comes with four Wonder Cloths and a One oz. bottle of AgentX line dressing. Wonder Cloths are specifically designed to scrub and clean fly lines.

Item Description Size Price To Top
26075 Rio AgentX Line Dressing Kit With Wonder Cloth 1 oz. $8.95 SALE ENDED

Scientific Anglers
Fly Line Dressing & Cleaning Pad

No one understands fly-line chemistry like Scientific Anglers -- so who better to design a dressing that stays on your line longer. It contains the same lubricants as the latest S.A. fly lines, which decreases friction as it promotes higher flotation for easier casting, pickup and mending.

The cleaning pad, designed to work with all fly lines, uses patented 3M micro-polishing technology to remove dirt and line contaminants, which build up during fishing or practice casting. The cleaner the line, the faster it goes.

Item Description Price To Top
543218 Scientific Anglers, Fly Line Dressing with Pad $6.95 SALE ENDED
543232 Scientific Anglers, Fly Line Cleaning Pad $3.99 SALE ENDED

Special Delivery

Special Delivery Fly Line Dressing
"The perfect on the water quick-fix fly line dressing", says Flip Pallot.

To use: Reel up your fly line until it is all on the reel.  Then shake the reel to rid the line of water. Spray "Special Delivery" fly line dressing directly on the fly line while in the reel.  Let dressing set for 30 seconds, shake reel of excess dress.  The fly line will cast like new.

This dressing will improve the casting and shooting performance of any fly line.  Helps prevent tangles.

Now in an eco friendly pump spray bottle.

Item Description Price To Top
581014 Special Delivery aerosol fly line dressing, 2 oz. $7.95 SALE ENDED

POO GOO Fly Floatant

Exclusive to RIO from Fly Fishing's Grand Kahuna & member of the Fly Fishing Hall of Fame, Andre Puyans. 1/2 ounce bottle of superbly viscous 100% pure silicone. Use as a fly floatant and for greasing all floating fly lines. Apply sparingly as floatant on your dry fly.  Apply to a fly line and leave it on or wipe it off.  I works either way as a lubricant, conditioner and cleaner.



Item Model Price To Top
26030 Rio Poo Goo Dry Fly Floatant and Fly Line Dressing $4.95 SALE ENDED

Russ Peak's Line Dressing
1 oz.
This is one of the most proven fly line dressings out there.  It is the original formula buy legendary fly rod maker, Russ Peak.  Russ Peak's Fly Line Dressing will reduce friction and add distance. Made with pure silicone which is highly recommended new  high-tech fly lines. We have used this dressing while saltwater fishing on all the latest mono core lines.

Item Model Price To Top
30499 Russ Peak's Line Dressing $6.95 SALE ENDED

Glide Line Dressing
1 oz
Use of Glide Line Dressing will help you to cast your lines with greater ease at all distances. It can be used on all types of fly lines and protects lines so they will last longer. Glide dries with a hard slick finish that will not accumulate unwanted debris and is long lasting. 

Item Model Price To Top
30495 Glide Line Dressing $5.95 SALE ENDED

Sink Fast
Sink Fast fly line cleaner designed specifically for sinking and saltwater lines. Sink Fast is a non-toxic water based silicone product that cleans, lubricates and protects fly lines from UV damage. Unlike other cleaners, Sink Fast is not hydrophobic and will actually improve sinking line performance. Simply spray on a clean cloth and wipe the line down. No buffing or time is required to set and the product can be used directly on the water.
2 oz. pump-spray bottle

Item Model Price To Top
00411 Loon Sink Fast Fly Line Cleaner $5.50 SALE ENDED

Glide Line Dressing Dressing Box & Pads
Glide Line Dressing Box has four replaceable felt pads to which you can apply any brand of liquid fly line dressing, run your line through the grooves, close the lid, and pull your line through.  Pull your line through several times for the best results.  Turn pad over or replace them when they are dirty.

Item Model Price To Top
30630 Glide Line Dressing Dressing Box $3.95 SALE ENDED
30631 Glide Line Dressing Dressing Box & Pads $1.95 SALE ENDED

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