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Korkers Fisherman's Moc
Echo Ion Reels
Steelhead Glasses

Korkers Fisherman's Moc
Slip into comfort after a long day on the river – durable enough for camp, comfortable enough for hanging out at the lodge. Kling-On rubber pressed with Jute outsole provides environmentally low impact traction. Waterproof Nubuck upper leather dries quickly. Unique felt midsole for comfort and support reflects Korker's fishing heritage. Collapsible heel turns shoe into clog for easy on/off. Rippled EVA sock-liner conforms to the foot and improves airflow.   1 lb 9.6 oz
Korkers Fisherman's Moc
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OS-4100-08 Korkers Fisherman's Moc 8 $69.99 SALE ENDED
OS-4100-09 Korkers Fisherman's Moc 9 $69.99 SALE ENDED
OS-4100-10 Korkers Fisherman's Moc 10 $69.99 SALE ENDED
OS-4100-11 Korkers Fisherman's Moc 11 $69.99 SALE ENDED
OS-4100-12 Korkers Fisherman's Moc 12 $69.99 SALE ENDED
OS-4100-13 Korkers Fisherman's Moc 13 $69.99 SALE ENDED
OS-4100-14 Korkers Fisherman's Moc 14 $69.99 SALE ENDED
OS-4100-15 Korkers Fisherman's Moc 15 $69.99 SALE ENDED
Korkers Fisherman's Mocs are great camp shoes, or for any casual use.

Echo Ion Reel
Ion 4/5 Ion 5/6 Ion 8/10 Ion 10/12
The tiny somber colored fly cut a fine wake across the smooth water aided by the riffling-hitch behind its up-turned eye. A tiny bulge in the liquid surface engulfed the fly and the tension on the line increased with maddening slowness. Finally the shock loop inched from between my fingers and the spool in the reel began to turn, first slowly and then accelerated until the handle on the reel disappeared into a blur. The clicker in the reel purred as the shooting line left the reel in a rush followed by seventy five yards of backing. The steelhead rocketed into the air near the far bank of the river. The fish was not large, but was extremely vigorous as is the tendency of the native Deschutes "Redband" gene pool. This kind of scene is repeated many times during the fall in the Pacific Northwest. The only unique part of this story is that the reel worked perfectly even though it had been under water most of the morning, and it cost slightly less than one-hundred dollars.
The Echo Ion Reels are the best fly fishing reels we have seen in the less than $100 category. They are a hybrid design, in that they are injection molded cast aluminum, then they are machined to very exacting tolerances. This operation gives many of the benefits associated with reels that are machined from bar-stock, but with a huge reduction in manufacturing costs. This results in massive savings to the consumer (you). 
These reels contain ball bearings and a cork disc drag system, all of which are encapsulated in a waterproof carrier. The drag is smooth and fully adjustable. The reels are pained matte black. Internal parts are stainless steel.
These reels are strong enough for light saltwater use, but they are not anodized with anti corrosion coating. Extra care would be required in cleaning and lubricating all surfaces that come in contact with saltwater. Therefore we recommend these reels for freshwater use only. There are four sizes, two trout reels and two steelhead/Spey reels. For the two Spey size reels there is an optional one-and-a-half ounce solid brass drag knob sold as an accessory to add weight to allow these lightweight reels balance heavier two-hand rods. Ions will be popular for beginning anglers, guides who provide tackle and experienced anglers who need back-up tackle. There is great probability you will not be able to find a better deal on a reel unless you steal it.

Ion 4/5

Arbor diameter: 1.7"  Outside diameter: 3.4"  Width: 1.2"
Capacity: WF4F line with 175 yards of #20 backing
Capacity: WF5F line with 150 yards of #20 backing
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ION-45R Echo Ion 4/5 Reel Matte Black $79.99 SALE ENDED
ION-45S Echo Ion 4/5 Spool Matte Black $39.99 SALE ENDED

Ion 6/7

Arbor diameter: 2.1"  Outside diameter: 3.7"  Width: 1.2"
Capacity: WF6F line with 150 yards of #20 backing
Capacity: WF7F line with 135 yards of #20 backing
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ION-67R Echo Ion 6/7 Reel Matte Black $79.99 SALE ENDED
ION-67S Echo Ion 6/7 Spool Matte Black $39.99 SALE ENDED

Ion 8/10

Arbor diameter: 2.0"  Outside diameter: 3.9"  Width: 1.5"
Capacity: WF8F line with 250 yards of #30 backing
Capacity: WF10F line with 200 yards of #30 backing
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ION-810R Echo Ion 8/10 Reel Matte Black $99.99 SALE ENDED
ION-810S Echo Ion 8/10 Spool Matte Black $49.99 SALE ENDED

Ion 10/12

Arbor diameter: 2.4"  Outside diameter: 4.7"  Width: 1.5"
Capacity: WF10F line with 250 yards of #30 backing
Capacity: WF12F line with 200 yards of #30 backing
Item Description Size Price To Top
ION-1012R Echo Ion 10/12 Reel Matte Black $99.99 SALE ENDED
ION-1012S Echo Ion 10/12 Spool Matte Black $49.99 SALE ENDED

Steelhead Glasses
Every fly fisher needs polarized glasses for eye protection from fly in objects and the harmful effects of certain rays of the sun. Polarized glasses enable every angler to see better,  which means that if you are on the water with out them you are at a serious disadvantage. I place a high priority on eyewear.
Those that know me the best would say that in apparel, style isn't a big priority. Comfort, safety, and practicality are paramount in my mode of dress. I'm a fly fishing guide for about a hundred plus days a year, which means I'm exposed to the natural elements a lot, an enviable position. I camp-out about sixty days a year, which means even more severe exposure. Anything that breaks or fails in any way while your are camping out in a wilderness, and you will do without it until the trip is over. Stuff either works and lasts, or it doesn't. If it fails, it is eliminated from my guide-gear.
Having the world's most popular fly fishing web site allows me to cherry pick the world for the best gear. All the world's best producers of fly fishing tackle vie for a chance to get their products on www.FlyFishUSA.com. It's a tremendous advantage.  My guide service is by far better equipped than any of my competitors, because of all of the support we get from the world's best manufactureres. I get to pick and choose a lot. I keep and use the best stuff and give away or sell the equipment that didn't quite make it. The products that failed completely, wind up un the garbage can at the take-out. The stuff that worked goes home with me to be re-organized for the next trip. Some things are so good that they remain in the mix for years. Most of the winners created  immediate excitement upon introduction.
The Action Optics glasses pictured above are at least eight season old. the frames were called Lochsa after a river in Idaho. The lenses are light brown glass bifocal in what they called "All-Hour" color. Smith Eyewear bought Action Optics and continued to make the Lochsa frame for a couple of years. They have now been discontinued in favor of more stylish and lighter-weight frames. No problem. They are displayed here on my grizzled face only to emphasize that some polarized glasses are just so good that they transcend the fickle world of fashion. There is just nothing better than being able to clearly see the bottom of the river you are wading in, or the fish you are hunting. With a bi-focal prescription ground into the glass lenses, the retail price was listed at about $260. In their eight seasons of use that pencils out to about $32.50 per year.
Three years ago this pair of Guideline Rogue model glasses arrived within the same week as similar models from several other companies. If memory serves me right there were five different pair of new polarized glassed in that week's duffle. All were ground with my prescription. Some of the other models are scattered around in various boats and vehicles, in case I need them, but the rogues are the ones that have accompanied me from Belize, to Mexico, to the Deschutes and the Sandy. In regular bifocal glass lenses of 2.00 or 2.50 power, a pair of Rogues cost $69.95. With custom  prescription, they of course will cost a little more...a real bargain.
 Six months ago Oakley Rep Jon Covich gave me a pair of Flak Jacket XLJ polarized glasses. These super lightweight frames feature interchangeable lenses. About a month ago a new pair of clear changeable lens glasses arrived and these glasses made a stir around the shop. A week later a pair of polarized brown lenses arrived with Patty when she joined me in camp. We were camped on a famous steelhead run which features some of the most tactical wading on the Deschutes River. I snapped the new lenses into the XLJ frames. WOW! These glasses gave me a better view of the bottom than any other glasses I have ever worn. Both sets of lenses feature my "no-line" progressive bi-focal prescription. What a difference that makes, being able to have everything in focus at all ranges. Oakley is one of the few makers of fishing glasses that is capable of adding a progressive prescription (there is an extra charge of course).
Oakley Flak Jacket XLJ
You’ve seen “made for angling” sunglasses before, but if you take a close look at their technology, something smells fishy. They probably give you a lens color that nudges up contrast, along with some bold claims about landing the big one. Don’t take the bait. Oakley put real technology in their Angling Specific eyewear. Some say it’s overkill. The pros say it’s essential gear.

For starters, High Definition Optics® (HDO®) gives you unbeatable clarity and precise, accurate vision. The lenses are optimized with a Hydrophobic™ coating that prevents water sheens from corrupting your point of view. The permanent coating also maintains a smudge-resistant barrier against skin oils, lotions and sunscreens. An interchangeable lens design lets you adapt to changing light, and sized nose pads provide a custom fit. But the real eye-opener is how much innovation Oakley poured into the optics.

Oakley polarization eliminates the blinding rays of glare with greater than 99% efficiency, and their manufacturing technique eliminates the haze and visual distortion that comes with ordinary polarized lenses. These polarized lenses are designed to boost contrast and depth perception so you’ll have a more accurate view of the trophy pursuing your lure. All are made of Plutonite® to filter out 100% of all UV.
  • Interchangeable lenses to optimize performance in any environment
  • Durability and all-day comfort of lightweight, stress-resistant O Matter® frame material
  • Optimized peripheral vision and side protection of 8.75 base lens curvature
  • Comes standard with Oakley Hydrophobic/Oleophobic anti-smudge lens coating on all lens options
  • Comfort and performance of Three-Point Fit that holds lenses in precise optical alignment
  • Metal icon accents
  • Optical precision and performance that meets ANSI Z87.1 standards
  • Impact resistance that meets ANSI Z87.1 standards for high-mass and high-velocity impact
  • UV protection of Plutonite® lens that filters out 100% of UVA / UVB / UVC & harmful blue light up to 400 nm
  • Minimized glare via technology that produces the best polarized lenses on the planet
  • Glare reduction and tuned light transmission of Iridium® lens coating (optional)
  • Multiple interchangeable Unobtainium® nose pad options for customizable and comfortable secure fit
  • Protective sports-specific Oakley Soft Vault included with capacity for extra lenses
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    24-016 Oakley Flak Jacket Polarized Glasses With Shallow Blue Lens $210 SALE ENDED

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