G. Loomis NRX 5/6 Spey, Happening Locally, Tippet Ring Dropper

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G. Loomis NRX 5/6 Spey
Happening Locally
Tippet Ring Dropper

G. Loomis NRX 1445/6-4 Spey/Switch
The first thing you will notice about the new G. Loomis 12' #5/6 rod is how lightweight it is. The second thing that will impress you is how much line it will throw, and how little effort it takes to throw it. Labeled as a "Switch Rod", it is a true "Spey" that can be cast easily with one hand or two. Because of tendonitis in my right elbow, I use two hands for casting rods longer than ten feet. NRX 1445/6-4 is perhaps one of the best waking fly rods I have ever used. Coupled with a Rio 350 Scandi and good old reliable LiteSpeed 3.5 reel this has become my go to outfit for fishing "dry-line" fishing on the Deschutes in 2013.
NRX 1445/6-4 Length: 12'     Line: #5/6     Pieces: 4

Two-Hand steelhead rods are getting lighter and lighter. Where anglers fished 9-weights a few years ago, now they are fishing 7/8-weights and even 5/6-weights. A rod that entered the stable as an early-summer rod for the Deschutes, now finds favor as a high-water rod for "winter-runs" on the Sandy.  Check out this video.

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12156-01 NRX
Fast D $1,100 Sale Ended
12161-01 NRX
Fast A $1,100 Sale Ended
Free Custom Skagit Shooting Head with Josh's Spey Swivel, and Varivas Airs shooting Line and Custom Sinking Tip Sale Ended
Free Custom Scandi Shooting Head with Josh's Spey Swivel, and Varivas Airs shooting Line and VersiLeader Sale Ended
Free Rio Unispey Line Sale Ended

Happening Locally

Terry Mulvihill got the skunk off of the 48-Hour Deschutes Summer Steelhead School II with this 8-pound native in the camp water. His fly of choice a Fly du Jour, of course.

Sue Safford caught this steelhead within thirty feet of the boat in the middle of the day using a sinking tip line.

Jerry Noe with a wild chromer caught with a tiny dark fly in the shade of morning.

Native Deschutes steelhead seem to be prospering. Of the last 27 fish landed, only two were of hatchery origin.

Mark Bachmann seen restoring faith after couple of tough sessions. This fish was hooked on the third cast of the morning with only about ten feet of line past the rod tip, plus a twelve foot leader. Always start close in.

Anglers ImageŽ Tippet Rings
Sometimes you discover solutions to problems where you least expect to find them. Tippet rings used in trout leaders can become the perfect connection for droppers used in steelhead fishing. These tiny stainless steel rings are very strong. To build a very efficient "two-fly-cast" for fishing tandem wet flies, start with a Rio 6' - 16 lb. leader and attach your tippet ring to it with an improved clinch knot. To this ring attach 30"-36" of ten pound test Maxima tippet. To the same ring attach a length of 15 pound test Maxima tippet. This will become your dropper. This dropper should be about four inches long when the fly is attached with a non-tightening loop knot. Usually the largest fly is attached to the dropper and a smaller fly is attached to the tippet. This is a deadly rig when fishing rivers such as the Deschutes.
These Extra Strong Fine Diameter Tippet Rings can be used for many types of fishing.
Allows for faster tippet changes and longer leader life. Tippet rings are only 2.25 mm in diameter. The use of tippet rings originated in Europe. During a fishing match, competitive anglers valued a fast and easy system to change the size of their tippet. Our Anglers ImageŽ Tippet Rings allow the angler to simply knot the tippet end of their leader to the ring (using their favorite knot).
Unlike a blood knot or a double surgeons' knot, the use of a tippet ring allows the angler to connect a tippet that is significantly different in diameter than the end of the leader. For example, it is difficult to connect a 3X leader to a 7X tippet via a knot, but, with the use of a tippet ring, it is possible. The advantage to the angler is that they can rapidly change tippet diameters without the need to drastically rebuild or restructure their leader.

Aside from making tippet changes fast and easy, here are some tricks to employ while on the water:
1: Pinch on your split-shot above the tippet ring so that it will not slide down to your fly.
2: To create a dropper, extend a short section of tippet material off of the ring and connect a fly to it. A split-shot sinker can also be added in the same way.
3: To keep stick-on strike indicators in place, stick them on the tippet ring. The added benefit is a level tippet between your indicator and fly. This will sink the fly faster and make for a natural dead-drift.
4: 9 to 12 ft. leaders that taper down finer than 5X usually have long tippet sections. Knowing this, it is a good idea to cut back the leader 18 to 24 inches before adding the tippet ring and new tippet section.
Anglers ImageŽ Tippet Rings come 10 per pack and are CNC spot welded in Germany.
Item Description Price To Top
ACCTPR Anglers ImageŽ Tippet Rings,
10 per pack
$5.95 Sale Ended

Fish long & prosper,
Mark, Patty & Crew

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