Evening Hatch

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Evening Hatch
Umpqua Steelhead
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Evening Hatch
Caddis & Midges attracted by the light in the tent...

It's pretty easy to determine what is hatching when you are camped along a river. Any artificial light attracts many kinds of aquatic insects at night. Caddis & midges are are drawn in by the light.

Above is a picture of a small part of the outside of my screen house with a lit-up lantern inside.  There are a three  species caddis on the outside of the screen. The brown ones number in the hundreds. There are zillions of midges in several sizes & colors.  The next morning these midges are  laying big yellow gelatinous masses of eggs everywhere in the splash zone along the edge of the river. They especially seem to like the waterline of my boat; what a mess. This is the fuel for one of the most prolific native trout fisheries in the Pacific Northwest; our

mabe a hundred midges laying eggs...

Deschutes River. It is no wonder that the Deschutes Redsides can be hard to catch or that the anglers that pursue them carry vests bulging with fly boxes, just to match these hatches.

Umpqua River Steelhead (Continued from Insider Newsletter 08/26/07).
Dean Finnerty fighting a steelhead in the Boat Pool...

One tradition that is strictly adhered to on the North, which is unique to the river, is not having to share water with others.  When you begin to work a run on the North, no one will be stepping into the run below you.  If you’re the first vehicle to pull into the parking area for the run you wish to fish, no other vehicles will pull in to join you.  No one will encroach on your water, it’s your pool to cover.  The “camp water” area gets very busy in the summer and you can expect to see anglers working nearly every one of the nearly two dozen pools that make up this section near

the confluence of steamboat creek.  Even with this much pressure, anglers here will give you some space, stepping into a run above you and working their way along as they step, cast, step down through the run.  I wish that anglers visiting the North would take these traditions with them to other waters and start a revolution that would sweep our fly fishing community.  We’d all be the

better for it. When asked, I tell first time visitors to the North Umpqua that the very best time to ply these waters is mid-August through late October.  Water temps stay favorable for surface techniques some years clear into December.  By late summer and early fall, the run for that year will have mostly made their way into the fly water.  Fresh fish will continue to arrive everyday into the lower reaches of the fly water above Rock Creek clear up to the first big fall rains.  Crowds generally start to subside a bit after Labor day, kids get back to

The month of March at the "8 pull" run.

school, hunting season and fall salmon season all cause fly fishermen’s attention to be drawn elsewhere, making even more room for my clients and I. The North Umpqua has remained such an incredible fishery over the past 50 years, due in large part to the conservation efforts of men and women like Frank and Jeannie Moore, Dick Bauer and the many members of the Steamboaters. 

Williams Creek run in March...

Tireless stewards of the river who endlessly protect these incredible native steelhead.  Fly fishermen from around the world owe a debt of gratitude to these dedicated conservationists.  This past week the Oregon Game Commission recently voted to reverse a very controversial regulation adopted a few years ago that allowed the retention of one native Marabou steelhead per day, five per year on the mainstem Umpqua and the gear water section of the North Umpqua.  This very short sighted regulation had such an incredibly devastating effect on the entirely wild, Marabou steelhead run, that guides from around the area, with help from the “Steamboaters” were able to organize a grass roots effort which successfully reversed this regulation, making it illegal to harvest native steelhead on the Umpqua.  This Marabou season we can all look forward to having a great season swinging flies for these native fish that will now have

a chance of making it to the fly water section!  Thank you Dick Bauer, The Steamboaters and the Oregon Game Commission!  The North Umpqua is a challenging, incredibly beautiful steelhead river with a world- wide reputation for its quality steelhead fly-fishing experience.  Its never easy on the North and every fish drawn from its emerald depths to your dry fly will make a lifelong memory that will be cherished forever. 

Anyone interested in booking a trip with Dean, please contact him via his website at www.5riversguideservice.com or call him anytime at (541) 942-2535 or (541) 731-9649

Marabou Spey Flies 
Klickitat River steelhead... The name "Spey Fly" comes from the origin of this style on the Spey River in Northern Scotland.  In the early 1800's local Scottish anglers started using flies dressed with low set wings and long flowing palmered hackles. Their use, development and popularity has continued through modern times. Spey-style flies are used on most waters where anadromous fish are caught with fly rods. The flies in the Marabou Spey assortment are working flies, but all would look good in a shadow box for display in your home.   Fished slow and deep, flies of these
proportions assume a very "Prawn-like" appearance.  Spey flies are productive  for Marabou Steelhead, Summer Steelhead and Atlantic Salmon. The flies in our Marabou Spey Selection are tied on size 1.5 Alec Jackson Spey Hooks and are hackled with select marabou for maximum life like action. They are sized to bridge the gap between larger Marabou Tube Flies and smaller traditional steelhead flies.  They are useful for those days when the water is cold, and just a lower and clearer than perfect.
Expression Spey Jack O'Lantern Spey
Green Butt Spey Sunkist Spey

Green Butt Spey Green Butt Spey
The perfect fly for many water conditions.  Works best in softer flows presented with a sinking tip line.
Item Description Size Price To Top
21614-1.5 Green Butt Spey 1.5 3 for $7.25


Jack O'Lantern Spey Jack O'Lantern Spey
A great fall and Marabou pattern.  Dresses up any fly box.  Is especially effective in cold water.
Item Description Size Price To Top
21615-1.5 Jack O'Lantern Spey 1.5 3 for $7.25


Sunkist Spey Sunkist Spey
A bright red and white pattern for bright days.  May be on of the best Marabou searching flies.
Item Description Size Price To Top
21618-1.5 Sunkist Spey 1.5 3 for $7.25


Expression Spey Expression Spey
This pattern can be productive all times of the day and in most water conditions.  A great early spring and late fall pattern.
Item Description Size Price To Top
21620-1.5 Expression Spey 1.5 3 for $7.25


C&F Big Game Waterproof Boxes
Tarpon Box Permit Box Bonefish Box
Big Game box full of Speys...

What's your big game? Just because it's called a Permit fly box doesn't mean you can only store Permit flies in it.  As you might note from the picture above, steelhead spey flies also fit this box very well.  The Waterproof Tarpon Fly Box will help you organize any flies that are 3" to 4".  The Waterproof Bonefish Box is meant to carry flies in the 1" to 1 1/2" lengths.

CFGS3500 Waterproof Tarpon Fly Box
Two facing Micro-Slit Foam faces for large saltwater streamers and tarpon flies

Size: 7.75" x 4.48" x 1.65" (19.7cm x 11.4cm x 4.2cm) Color: Sky Blue

Tarpon Fly Box

Item Description Model Price To Top
020806 Scientific Anglers, C&F, Waterproof Tarpon Fly Box CFGS3500 $49.95


CFGS3544 Waterproof Permit Fly Box
4 rows of Micro-Slit Foam per side for small- and medium-size saltwater flies and heavy-wire hooks

Size: 7.75" x 4.48" x 1.65" (19.7cm x 11.4cm x 4.2cm) Color: Emerald Green

Permit Fly Box

Item Description Model Price To Top
017394 Scientific Anglers, C&F, Waterproof Permit Fly Box CFGS3544 $49.95


CFGS3555 Waterproof Bonefish Fly Box
5 rows of Micro-Slit Foam per side for smaller flies. Great for Crazy Charlies and Gotchas.

Size: 7.75" x 4.48" x 1.65" (19.7cm x 11.4cm x 4.2cm) Color: Sand

Bonefish Fly Box

Item Description Model Price To Top
020790 Scientific Anglers, C&F, Waterproof Bonefish Fly Box CFGS3555 $49.95


Goose Shoulder Feathers
Goose Shoulder Feathers
Goose Shoulder Feathers
Many classic built-wing Atlantic Salmon flies were originally tied using swan shoulder feathers. Swans are now protected and nearly unavailable to most fly tiers. Goose Shoulder  feathers are an inexpensive substitute for swan as a wing material. Many modern spey flies use wings of goose shoulder sections. Per half dozen.
Item Description Color Price To Top
SGS011 Goose Shoulder Feathers, Color Black   $3.50

SGS023 Goose Shoulder Feathers, Color Blue   $3.50

SGS063 Goose Shoulder Feathers, Color Claret   $3.50

SGS137 Goose Shoulder Feathers, Color Fluorescent Orange   $3.50

SGS169 Goose Shoulder Feathers, Color Green   $3.50

SGS188 Goose Shoulder Feathers, Color Hot Pink   $3.50

SGS310 Goose Shoulder Feathers, Color Red   $3.50

SGS377 Goose Shoulder Feathers, Color White   $3.50

SGS383 Goose Shoulder Feathers, Color Yellow   $3.50


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