Golden Demon Steelhead Fly, RIO Scandi Short VersiTip Line, Frog Hair Shooting Lines

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Golden Demon
Developed in New Zealand in the early 1930's, The Golden Demon found it's way to eastern Canada for use on Atlantic Salmon rivers.  It was discovered by Pacific Coast Steelhead anglers in the early 1950's, and became a favorite of famous fly tier C. Jim Pray of Eureka, California.  The golden Demon is a popular and productive fly for summer steelhead on the lower Deschutes River in Oregon. Fresh steelhead like this fly and it often moves fish during warm water periods better than other patterns. We prefer The Golden Demon flies tied on gold plated Alec Jackson Steelhead Irons for durability, heavier weight, and more flash.
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RIO Scandi Short VersiTip Line
As A Floating Line
The RIO Scandi Short VersiTip delivers blazing line speed and crisp turn-over for precise the fly placement, which makes waking flies perform at their best. This line is also a great choice for fishing traditional greased line and wet fly swing methods. It handles a two fly cast with authority, even in smaller lightweight sizes, and even on shorter Switch and Single-Hand rods.
As A Sinking Tip Line
What really makes the RIO Scandi VersiTip Line so outstanding is that it gives the angler a vast array of parts to adapt to a wide variety of fishing conditions. This line comes with four 10' tips: Floating , Clear Intermediate, Type 3 sinking, and Type 6 sinking. Combined with any of the 10' sinking tips, this line is able to handle very strong wind because of the firmer grip where the anchor meets the water, providing for a deeper load on the rod. With the clear intermediate tip, shorter leaders can also be used, because the 10' tip is clear, and leaders of 6' can be used effectively, even when fishing to spooky fish. The higher density of the sinking tips stores more energy for faster turn-over of heavier flies, and to some degree can take the place of a Skagit style line for smaller to medium weight flies, which are often perfect for summer fishing. For really large and/or heavy flies, nothing beats a Skagit Head.
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Frog Hair Shooting Lines
Frog Hair Shooting lines are incredibly durable and tangle-free. They have a lack of memory and are easy on your hands. This is because of the GAMMA Process, which "Molecularly Alters" the monofilament line. We carry these shooting lines in three sizes: .019" rated at 40-pound test, .022" rated at 50-pound test, and .024" rated at 58-pound test. The tarpon pictured here was caught at the mouth of the Belize River. Tarpon were rolling occasionally, but none were caught with floating line. Mark finally went to a fast sinking shooting head, which was attached to .024" Frog Hair shooting line. This fish took a Mark's Sardina presented with a deep broad-side swing. Sometimes fishing deep is the answer. Measurements estimated the tarpon at 103-pounds, not huge, but good enough to be very satisfying. The next week this same line was attached to a Skagit Head and was landing winter steelhead. Buy Frog Hair Shooting Line

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