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G-3 Waders
Waking Flies
Favorite Spey Outfits

G3 Waders
David Boxberger with his third steelhead of the morning 08/23/10.
David Boxberger getting his G3's tested..................................................................................................................!
According to our count, six out of seven clients wear Simms Gore-Tex Waders. Nearly all of them wear G3's. There is no doubt why. Simms G3's are the most proven waders you can own.
G3 Guide Stockingfoots
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Tested by the professional fly fishing guides at The Fly Fishing Shop.
August 30,2010. "I now have a full season and a half on my latest pair Simms G3 Chest High Waders without a leak or malfunction of any kind. There have been many hard working days, wading deep in frigid water, or hiking through willow bars complete with beaver-stobs. Days have also been spent walking the banks of my favorite desert river where every bit of streamside vegetation has thorns and stickers. Gee-threes are the best fitting and most comfortable waders I've ever owned, and that includes the more expensive models from the same company", Mark Bachmann

According to the guides in the field, these new model G3s are exceeding all expectations for comfort and durability.



An updated version of Simm's top selling wader now with GORE-TEX Pro Shell fabric - and at a great new price.

  • 5-layer and 3-layer GORE-TEX® Pro Shell fabric technology
  • Patented front and back leg seam construction for enhanced articulation, comfort and durability
  • Patented built-in Guide Model Gravel Guards
  • Exterior chest pocket with zippered closure holds large fly box
  • Fleece-lined hand warmer pocket with DWR treatment
  • Flip-out Tippet Tender pocket includes patented built-in retractor
  • Low profile belt loops accommodate 2" wading belt
  • Easily convert to waist highs
  • DEET & saltwater resistant
  • Nylon wading belt & repair kit included

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WGP1084327 Simms G3-08 Men's Stocking Foot Waders SK $429.95 SALE ENDED
WGP1084330 Simms G3-08 Men's Stocking Foot Waders M $429.95 SALE ENDED
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WGP1084337 Simms G3-08 Men's Stocking Foot Waders MK $429.95 SALE ENDED
WGP1084338 Simms G3-08 Men's Stocking Foot Waders ML $429.95 SALE ENDED
WGP1084339 Simms G3-08 Men's Stocking Foot Waders MKS $429.95 SALE ENDED
WGP1084340 Simms G3-08 Men's Stocking Foot Waders L 9-11 $429.95 SALE ENDED
WGP108434012 Simms G3-08 Men's Stocking Foot Waders L 12-13 $429.95 SALE ENDED
WGP1084346 Simms G3-08 Men's Stocking Foot Waders LS $429.95 SALE ENDED
WGP1084347 Simms G3-08 Men's Stocking Foot Waders LK $429.95 SALE ENDED
WGP1084348 Simms G3-08 Men's Stocking Foot Waders LL 9-11 $429.95 SALE ENDED
WGP108434812 Simms G3-08 Men's Stocking Foot Waders LL 12-13 $429.95 SALE ENDED
WGP1084349 Simms G3-08 Men's Stocking Foot Waders LKS $429.95 SALE ENDED
WGP1084350 Simms G3-08 Men's Stocking Foot Waders XL $429.95 SALE ENDED
WGP1084356 Simms G3-08 Men's Stocking Foot Waders XLS $429.95 SALE ENDED
WGP1084358 Simms G3-08 Men's Stocking Foot Waders XLL $429.95 SALE ENDED
WGP1084360 Simms G3-08 Men's Stocking Foot Waders XXL $429.95 SALE ENDED
WGP1084366 Simms G3-08 Men's Stocking Foot Waders XXLS $449.95 SALE ENDED
WGP1084367 Simms G3-08 Men's Stocking Foot Waders XXLK $449.95 SALE ENDED
WGP1084370 Simms G3-08 Men's Stocking Foot Waders 3XL $474.95 SALE ENDED
WGP1084376 Simms G3-08 Men's Stocking Foot Waders 3XLS $474.95 SALE ENDED
WGP1084380 Simms G3-08 Men's Stocking Foot Waders 4XL $549.95 SALE ENDED

Waking Fly Time!
Waking Flies
for Steelhead & Salmon, best quality available at any price!
Bombers Grease Liners Ska-opper
Bulkley Mouse Moose Turd Top Spot Skaters
Caddis Muddlers Waller Wakers
Waking flies are designed to bring Steelhead and Atlantic Salmon to the surface.
Surface fishing for anadromous fish is exciting and can be very productive. Waking flies are most productive when water temperatures are 50 to 65 degrees especially, through the summer and fall months. These conditions happen on most rivers during the summer months when water temperatures and flows are moderate. Rivers which contain a high percentage of wild steelhead from June through October are the best bet. Wild steelhead seem more prone to rise to the surface than do hatchery fish.
In steelhead vernacular, "Dry Flies" are fished up-stream and dead drifted, much like fishing for trout. Some steelhead have been taken by this method. However, flies which are fished down-stream (under tension from the line and current), have proven more productive under most conditions. All of the flies listed below can be fished "dry". However, bushy flies are best.     

A damp fly often ducks under the water, only to climb above the surface as the line tension changes.
A "Damp Fly" rides in the surface film. It is often cast slightly upstream and then lead across the current under light tension down-stream of the angler. The fly will come sideways to the fish (broadside to the current). This method is called "Greased Line Fishing". Flies that are best suited for this approach incorporate semi-buoyant materials in their dressing. Muddlers, Greased Liners and Caddis lend themselves well to this presentation.
Pay close attention to the new "Top Spot Skaters" as they can be fished with or without a riffle hitch and will wake on many different current speeds.  They are flies that fish a wide variety of conditions very well.

A waking fly slides across the surface of the river leaving a wake behind it.
A "Waking Fly" is usually presented down stream so that it will make a V-shaped disturbance in the surface film. Waking flies are often "Riffle Hitched". A riffle hitch is a series of knots, which changes the attitude of the fly/leader connection so that the fly pulls at an angle to the current. In this way the fly will always seek the path of least resistance which is the surface. The most commonly used riffle hitch is made when the fly is tied on in the conventional manner and then two half hitches are added behind the eye of the hook. However, these half hitches can be placed behind the head of the fly or even behind the wing to change the angle. In this manner even very slender flies can be riffled…if you have fast smooth water and can cast a very straight line. Flies, which are constructed from buoyant materials and shaped to resist the flow of the water, are easiest to use where the surface is textured. These flies tend to ride higher. Often the entire fly is visible above the surface. All of the flies listed in Waking Fly section are commonly riffle hitched. The shape of the fly will determine which is best suited for a particular water type.
You should carry a complete selection.
The Ska-opper is a skating/popping pattern that has gained popularity on many rivers of the Pacific Northwest.

Favorite Spey Outfits!
We are lucky! The industry rains Spey tackle on us. Here are our favorite Spey Outfits.
In one rear corner of my jet boat is a large waterproof bag.  Within this bag resides my five top picks in Spey Outfits for fishing the Deschutes River. Each outfit is organized in individual Harding Rod/Reel cases. There are three green Harding cases, which are numbered 1-2-3. There is also a red one, a maroon one and a royal blue one. The royal blue one belongs to Patty, my able partner & camp host. The other five are working rods with working reels and lines. In essence they are outfits that I fish with, do research with and loan to clients and friends who are fishing with me. The selection of the rods in the waterproof bag can vary from river to river and with the time of year. Sometimes I carry another waterproof bag with an equal number of outfits (ten outfits in the boat) for large groups or special occasions. The five outfits in the primary bag have been there since last December and will likely be in my boat next December. They have been proven, refined and then proven again. Reels were moved from rod to rod until until exact balance was found. As many as five different reels have been tried on some of these rods.
Sage 7136-4 Z-AXIS with Hardy Demon 9000
This is a very comfortable and adaptable outfit. The 7136-4 Z-AXIS rod is perfectly suitable to most steelhead fishing situations. It will handle the full range of fly line types. It works equally well with longer belly lines, such as Rio's PowerSpey 550-grain or WindCutter 525-grain, Skagit and Scandi heads in the 450 to 550-grain weight. This rod is also the best of all Spey Rods for nymph fishing and is perfectly balanced with Airflo's Speydicator Line 7/8. The Demon Reel is fairly new. So far it has preformed perfectly and the cassette feature is very handy for a guy like me who is always testing new fly lines. My three cassettes are loaded with lines that match the 7136-4. The first cassette is loaded with a .035 Rio PowerFlex Core Shooting Line so various shooting heads can be attached. The most popular heads are a 460-grain AFS and a 500-grain Skagit Flight. The second cassette is loaded with a Royal Wulff 500-grain Ambush Line to which are attached various floating and sinking tips. The Ambush works very well with all of Rio's new M.O.W. Tips. This is a very good setup for hikers who need a lightweight setup that will cover a lot of different fishing conditions. The third cassette carries an Airflo 7/8 Speydicator Line for fishing nymphs with strike indicators.
Winston 7133-3 BIIX with Nautilus 12
Winston's 13' 3" 7/8 weight rod could certainly be everyone's favorite steelhead stick. It achieves perfect balance with a Nautilus 12 Reel, which is totally proven under field conditions. The 7133-4 BIIX uses all of the same lines as the 7136-4 Sage.
Sage 7126-4 TCX with Sage 6010
This rod is known as the "Death Star" for good reason, it may be the most adaptable super-fast spey rod available. It handles everything from small steelhead to very large Kings. I casts large and small flies. Because of its shorter length it handles shooting heads better than longer belly lines. I have used it with both 460-grain AFS and 520-grain AFS. Most anglers prefer the 520-grain head. This rod really rocks with a 525-grain Skagit Flight and 13' of  T-11.
Winston 6126-4 BIIX with ULA 3.4
We nicknamed this rod the "Mighty Mouse" because it handles small but fishes big. Teamed up with Lamson's ULA 3.4 reel (reel: 8 oz.) (rod: 5.5 oz.) this is an extremely light, but very high performance outfit. On the Deschutes, I use this as a floating line rod with a 400-grain AFS. However, you might want to read Josh Linn's in-depth study and view the video in The Legend of Mighty Mouse.
G. Loomis 7130-4 VersiSpey with Nautilus 12
This is the newest addition to my Deschutes arsenal. Tests are ongoing. This rod was tested by Josh & Marcy extensively last winter, and has just found its way to the Deschutes. It is rigged with a Nautilus 12 loaded with a 460-grain AFS line. It has landed steelhead for three different clients and everyone seems to like it.

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