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G. Loomis Pro4X Speys Squidro
Teeny Landing Hand

G. Loomis Pro4X Spey Rods     13' #7/8     13' #8/9

This series of rods has been a long time in the making. They have lots of time on the water, and have been tweeked and retweeked until the actions are perfect. There has been much use of NRX blank technology to develop the NEW Pro4X series of two-handers. A new taper design along with a noticeable weight-reduction in the upper half of the blank allows us to make a fly rod that is incredibly light, recovers quickly and casts with unbelievable precision. It's the G. Loomis way... reduce as much weight as possible, take total advantage of the materials and create a taper that is dynamic, efficient and user-friendly. They are as beautiful to look at as they are to cast. A rod any flyfisher would be proud to own!!
PRO 4X 1567/8-4 FR Length: 13'     Line: #7/8     Pieces: 4

This is you all around 30-06 Spey rod for the lower 48 States. Summer fishing on The Deschutes, or winter fishing on the Sandy, this is your rod.

Compatible Lines:
Scandi: 30-grams, 460-grains
Skagit:  34-grams, 520-grains

Item Series Line Wt. Action Power Price To Top
12287-01 Pro4X 7/8 Moderate Fast Medium-Stiff $525 Sale Ended

PRO 4X 1568/9-4 FR Length: 13'     Line: #8/9     Pieces: 4

This rod will handle big intruder style flies, or delicate dries. It is best in arenas where the average fish is ten to thirty pounds.

Compatible Lines:
Scandi: 34-grams, 520-grains
Skagit:  38-grams, 580-grains

Item Series Line Wt. Action Power Price To Top
12273-01 Pro4X 8/9 Fast Medium-Stiff $525 Sale Ended

The Squidro
The Squidro Series was created by legendary steelhead guide, Scott Howell. They are Intruder style flies tied with special silicone leg material. 
Scott says:
"Once you get past the fact that the Squidro stems from the same branch on the family tree as the bass jig, you can’t help but see its sex appeal.  This fly brings so much to the table that just simply can’t be achieved with the standard feather sporting Intruder.   For starters - simply put - what fish doesn’t love the action of rubber legs?  The rigidity of the rubber also creates a large squid-like silhouette with minimal body materials, maximizing sink rate and castability.  And, even the craftiest Berkley student schooled in the art of tie dying couldn’t mimic the color combos offered by silicone.  Purple tipped black with blue sparkly flakes -  I couldn’t dream up a better steelhead color recipe!!!   To top it all off, the cherry on top for any sleep deprived guide, is the fact  that they are indestructible.  Since its conception, the Squidro has been an integral part of my sink tip program for both winter and summer fish.
I have always been intrigued by the ocean phase of a steelhead’s life.  It’s not the river-born juvenile bug eaters that keep us Intruder swinging junkies up at night.  I dream of white bellied blue backed carnivores roaming the ocean for a BIG meal!  One of the biggest misconceptions in steelhead fishing is the idea that steelhead prey largely on shrimp and prawns while at sea.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  A steelhead’s diet in the salt consists mainly of squid.  It’s almost laughable to think of the flies that have evolved out of the falsity that steelhead eat prawns.  If I’m hoping to tune into those feeding instincts ingrained during the ocean phase of a steelheads life, it only makes sense to swim something that mimics what they were actually feeding on.  When I’m in pursuit of fresh fish just off the tide, I am swinging a seafood series Squidro.   As with each series of Squidro, the fly’s label doesn’t limit when and where I fish them.  Even on the inland rivers, when the fish are bored of the “same old” black silhouette and I find myself searching my box for that “something different”, it’s a pink or white Squidro that often gets called to duty." 

Squidro, Black/Chartreuse
Scott says:
Black is the “old stand-by” steelhead color and for good reason - it works!  If I could only have one color in my box, it would be black!  Add a little chartreuse color contrast with fire tips/flakes and an old favorite only gets “fishier”.  This is one of those color patterns that proves effective for species outside the realm of steelhead.  Alaskan rainbows and Argentine browns both crush these things!
Item Description Size Price To Top
ST289BC Squidro, Black/Chartreuse 2 3 for $13.50 Sale Ended
Squidro, Black/Blue
Squidro, Black/Blue
There was a time with steelhead flies that purple was the “new” black.  Well, we have nearly come full circle and now black & blue is the “new” purple.  The B & B is just one of those color combos that I can slap on and always feel confident using.  This pattern has proven equally as effective in clear, as well as, colored water from California to BC
Item Description Size Price To Top
ST289BL Squidro, Black/Blue 2 3 for $13.50 Sale Ended

Squidro, Purple
Purple has long been widely accepted as one of the best dark water steelhead colors when rivers are bank full.   I am now finding that as the flows drop, I am no longer taking the time to change flies.  This color pattern is proving equally as effective for me once the water clears.
The one fly in my box that covers all the bases is the black with purple fire tips.  This fly simply has it all!  It is everybody’s favorite steelhead colors all mixed into one fly.    Start with black, throw in some purple contrast, add some blue flake highlights, top it all off with a bright green butt and you have the ultimate “all purpose” steelhead fly.  I fish this fly with complete confidence in just about every scenario where I find myself chasing steelhead.  It is very simply my favorite steelhead fly!!!
Item Description Size Price To Top
ST289PR Squidro, Purple 2 3 for $13.50 Sale Ended

Squidro, Salmon Pink
Squidro, Salmon Pink
Scott says:
"When I am fishing close to salt, I like swimming a fly with a hint of ocean food flavor.  As with each Squidro in the “Sea Food Series (SFS)”, the salmon/white is my best effort to mimic the very squid the steelhead were eating just prior to entering the river.  This is my “go-to” when I am hoping to trigger those predator chase instincts that are still fresh on a chrome steelhead’s mind.  
Even though I designed the “Sea Food Series” Squidro with fishing for fresh steelhead low on a river system in mind, they have proven to be a great clear water option when subdued colors are the answer.  When chasing the “pink loving” steelhead of the North, the softer pink tones offered by the SFS Squidro became my preferred option even when higher in the system once the river lost its grit."
Item Description Size Price To Top
ST289PK Squidro, Salmon Pink 2 3 for $13.50 Sale Ended

Teeny Landing Hand
"The Landing Hand is an extremely useful and user-friendly tool. But I think it does the greater favor for fish. By providing more control during the landing process, my Landing Hand helps me protect and release them safely. Everyone who fishes should have one of these, for both fresh and saltwater." JimTeeny
"This is the most convenient, best designed fish grabber I've ever used. Every angler should carry one. Helps subdue and release fish quickly." Mark Bachmann

The Teeny Landing Hand is shock-corded, which makes it easy to be attached to you.
I fold mine and tuck it under my wading belt.

The Teeny Landing Hand is easy to use. Slip your hand inside and grab large large fish by the tail.

Hold your fish securely and remove the hook for catch & release.
This soft, structured mesh bag improves your grip on trout, salmon, steelhead, bonefish and all other game fish. You'll land fish more quickly while exerting less pressure and reduce the mortality rate of the fish you choose to release.
Item Description Price To Top
721013 Teeny Landing Hand $21.95 Sale Ended

Fish long & prosper,
Mark, Patty & Crew

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