Steelhead Reports

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Steelhead Reports
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Steelhead Reports

Guy Tarvin on the Dean River, B.C.
Guy Tarvin on a recent trip to the Dean River in British Columbia. George Cook photo.
Summer Steelhead Fishing is a key part of the activity around The Fly Fishing Shop. We keep our ears to the ground (water) and our fingers on the pulse of steelhead fishing in the Pacific Northwest. Phone calls and fishing forays are made weekly to keep us up-to-date with first hand proprietary information. This year's steelhead returns are strong in many rivers from Northern British Columbia to Southern Oregon. This could be a great time to limber up the old fly rod.
Randy Loftesness on The Deschutes in Oregon
Randy Loftesness with a steelhead caught last week from the Deschutes River.  Mark Bachmann photo.

Summer Steelhead/Salmon Run Predictions and Up-dates, by River!

Clackamas River Water conditions are good.  Still fair numbers of fairly bright summer steelhead.  An occasional bright Chinook is still available.  Fishing has been good for skilled anglers.  A few Coho are available. Because of recent rains the river is 70% higher than normal, which is excellent.
Clear Water River Steelhead are already there in good numbers.  The river is still running at 18,000cfs, which makes it pretty tough for fly fishing.  Best period for fly fishing October 1-15.  
Dean River B.C. Reports from the Dean have been outstanding.
Deschutes River Steelhead are in the river in good numbers.  The best concentration of fish are from Shearars Falls to the mouth of the river.  Seasonal water conditions are favorable.  White River glacial run-off is always the wild card.  Steelhead run is expected to exceed last ten year average.
Grand Rhonde River Steelhead are starting to show in good numbers.  The run appears to be early and strong.
Hood River There are still good numbers of fairly bright steelhead stacked up in the mile below Power Dale Dam.  Cool weather at high elevations on Mt. Hood has cleared the water. This can be a good bet for small stream steelhead fishing.
John Day River Not much steelhead activity yet.  A few fish are at the mouth of the river. Predictions of run size and water conditions are favorable for fall fishing.  Best period for fly fishing October & November. 
Klickitat River There are fair numbers of very bright steelhead.  The run will continue to build through the summer.  The problem is the Klick is in and out with glacial turbidity.  When it's clear it can be great.  Most predictable period for fly fishing is October. 
North Santiam River Water conditions are good.  Still good numbers of bright summer steelhead.  Fishing has been good for anglers willing to cover a lot of water.  Fishes well through October.
North Umpqua River Good numbers of bright fish are scattered in the fly-only water now.  This run will build throughout the summer. Seasonal water conditions should be favorable.  Steelhead run is expected to exceed last ten year average.  Best fishing period is August through October.
Rogue River Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife reports: The lower Rogue River is currently experiencing the largest run of steelhead half-pounders since 2000. As of Aug. 15, 179,364 fish have entered the river. Half-pounders are young steelhead returning to the river in the late summer of their first year in the ocean. So-named because of their size, they stay in the Rogue through the winter, providing a popular fishery before returning to the ocean in spring. The run is especially popular with fly anglers.
Sandy River Last weeks rain raised the river and brought fresh steelhead, Cohos and Chinooks. Cold weather at high elevations on Mt. Hood has cleared the water. Fishing could be excellent.
Skeena River B.C. Steelhead runs appear to be really strong in main stem Skeena, bodes well for tributaries such as the Bulkley, Kispiox & Babine.

The Fly Fishing Shop has one of the most divers and extensive collections 
of steelhead flies to be found anywhere!

Ken Sawada, May 2007
Warehouse Date: January 14, 2008
Subject Category: Fly Tying
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 For this book Ken Sawada dressed 300 patterns of tube flies, including new styles, new arrangements & his new original dressings, from small trout flies to big salmon & taimen flies. This book will appeal to Northwest steelhead anglers as well and salmon fishermen. Many tying techniques are photo illustrated. Individual flies are illustrated in large photo format. This is a beautiful book full of beautiful, practical flies. A must have book for any tyer wishing to perfect the fly crafters art. 500+ full color photos, 160 pgs.

This book is full of beautifully tied, unique tube fly patterns...
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