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Spey Class
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News Flash
Deschutes Steelhead
If you haven’t heard, the week of August 12th brought three days of the highest fish passage over the Bonneville dam in recorded History. At this point fish counts are shaping up to be one of the highest in recorded history in the Columbia River. What does that mean, it means that fishing on the Deschutes and all tributaries of the Columbia should be Amazing. If you have been thinking about booking a Steelhead trip but can’t make up your mind this is going to be the year to get out there. If you would like to book a Steelhead trip on the Deschutes river or one of the other Columbia River Tributaries give us a call.


Sage Two-Hand Rods
Z-AXIS Spey 
TCX Spey
VT2 Spey
5126-4 Z-AXIS
8134-4 Z-AXIS
7120-4 TCX coming soon
7130-4 VT2
6126-4 Z-AXIS
9143-4 Z-AXIS
9140-4 TCX
8139-4 VT2
7136-4 Z-AXIS
10150-4 Z-AXIS
10150-4 TCX
9144-4 VT2
8129-4 Z-AXIS
10160-4 Z-AXIS
Jay Nicholas lands a Sandy River steelhead with a Sage 7136-4 Z-AXIS rod.
Order your new Sage Spey Rod completely rigged by us and it will perform to the highest standards.
Sage Rod Orders received Monday Through Friday prior to 2:00pm PST are shipped same day!

   Save time & Money!  Get a Free Line!   How to choose a trout rod.      
How to choose a steelhead rod.
       Sage Warranty

Smooth actions & improved balance for deadly fishability.
Rod Actions: Overhead and Spey

Materials: Graphite IIIe and Generation V.
These long rods allow you to roll cast, spey cast and overhead cast in areas with back cast or height limitations. Sage two-hand rods are available in modern fast action Z-AXIS, super-fast TCX models and economical VT2 models.

Sage IS the leader in two-hand steelhead rods.  This is because of their unique understanding of steelhead, steelhead rivers and steelhead fishermen.  Sage is also the leader in two-hand rods designed with King Salmon in mind.  One of the guys that leads this advisory committee is George Cook, pictured here fishing out of Alaska West Lodge on the Kanektok River, with an 8129-4 Z-AXIS. This rod has the butt strength to pressure fish that weigh over 50-pounds, yet incorporates enough sensitivity to be useful as a steelhead rod.  It's shorter powerful flex loads easy to throw very large flies without casting fatigue; a rod to fill the nitch. 
8129-4 Z-AXIS is proven.

Sage 2-Handed Z-AXIS Specifications & Prices
High-Gloss olive colored with gold trim. Highest grade cork handles with rubberized cork butts.  High gloss black anodized, machined & polished, double lock ring reel seats are standard.
Sage went back to the drawing board to create the incredible Z-Axis Series Fast Action Rods. By improving the entire rod-building process,
they created a rod that's significantly lighter, stronger and easier to cast for anglers of all skill levels. The Z-Axis offers an entirely new level of fishability with unprecedented line feel, response and performance.
These rods are medium-fast and have slightly stiffer butts.  They handle the full range of fly line types (long, medium, short heads) and will suite casters of all skill levels.  
Pictured: Patty Barnes, Klickitat River.

5126-4 Z-AXIS

Length: 12' 6"     Line: 5     Pieces: 4

Mark Bachmann, Deschutes River, Sage 5126-4 Z-AXIS

The Mighty Mouse of the Sage Z-AXIS Spey Series.  The new 5126-4 Z-AXIS is ideally suited for such rivers as the Rogue, Grand Ronde and Deschutes.  It is also very effective as a trout rod.
Line Match:
WindCutter 5/6, AFS 5/6, Skagit 400.
Sinking Tip Lines:
Use: 15’ 109 grain tips in type 3 and 6.  Type 8 in 150 grains.  T-11 in 9’ and 11’ lengths. Spey VersiLeader 10'.
Reel Match: Sage 6080, Tibor Everglade, Ross CLA 5, Nautilus 8.
Rod weight: 6 1/8 Ounces

Line Wt
Action Handle Price To Top
5126-4 Z-AXIS 5 Fast F $760 SALE ENDED

6126-4 Z-AXIS

Length: 12' 6"     Line: 6     Pieces: 4

The lightest of the Euro spey rods is ideal for a multitude of steelhead, light salmon and big trout duty.  Deschutes and Bulkey Steelhead, Tierra Del Fuego Browns and outsized Alaskan Rainbows are all ideal targets for this “small but mighty” performer.  Sink Tip Use: 15’ 109 grain tips in type 3 and 6.  Type 8 in 150 grains.  T-14 in 9’ and 11’ lengths.  Reel Match: Sage 6010, Ross Momentum 5, Ross CLA 5, Tibor Everglade, Nautilus 10

Line Match:.
Rio WindCutter 6/7/8:  Solid all around prefomer.  Better on Z Axis version than old 6126-3 version.
Rio Skagit 350 + 15’ Sink tip for a really developed spey caster.  This is a sweet line with “Hidden Speed”.
Rio Skagit 450 + 15’ tip:  Slightly (very slight) better load than Rio Skagit 350.
Rio AFS 6/7:  The load emphasis floating line choice.
Rod weight: 6 3/8 Ounces

Line Wt
Action Handle Price To Top
6126-4 Z-AXIS 6 Fast D $770 SALE ENDED

7136-4 Z-AXIS

Length: 13' 6"     Line: 7     Pieces: 4

Marcy Stone, Sandy River, Sage 7136-4

A perfect summer run rod that can see duty for big Alaskan rainbows and TDF Sea Run Browns as well.  Designed specifically for rivers such as the Deschutes, Rogue, Umpqua, Grande Rhonde and John Day, for swinging flies or nymphing, this is the ideal Oregon rod. It has also been recognized as a premier winter rods for rivers such as the Sandy and Clackamas. This rod excels at casting Skagit heads and heavy sinking tips. It has an action that makes throwing larger flies to fishable distances easy.
 lengths.  Reel Match: Sage 6010, Tibor Riptide,
Ross Momentum 6, Ross CLA 6, Nautilus 12.

Line Match:
Rio Skagit 500 or Air Flo Skagit Compact 510, no Cheater:  with Rio 9-weight, 129-grain tips
This makes a 42', 629-grain head. My favorite line for this rod is a 510-Compact, 15' Rio tip, Rio Powerflex® Core Shooting Line. Rio 500-grain Skagit & 510-compact are nearly impossible to tell apart. 
Rio WindCutter 7/8/9:  Sweet, the all around choice for pure floating and sink tip work.
Rio Skagit 450 with 5’ Cheater + 15’ tip:  The line speed “performance” choice.
Rio AFS 7/8 For floating line work can't be beat.
Sink Tip Use:
15’ 129 grain in type 3, 6 and 150 grain in type 8.  T-14 in 9’, 11’ and 13’
Rod weight:  7 1/8 Ounces

Line Wt
Action Handle Price To Top
7136-4 Z-AXIS 7 Fast D $800 SALE ENDED

8129-4 Z-AXIS

Length: 12' 9"     Line: 8     Pieces: 4

Super tactical spey rod.  From Kings in Alaska to winter steelhead in the Pacific Northwest, don't be fooled by the short length.  Long casts come surprisingly easy with minimum effort.
Line Match:
8/9/10 WindCutter, AFS 8/9, Skagit 600 w/out Cheater.
Sinking Tip:
15' 150-grain type 3, 6, & 8 as well as T-14 in 9' to 13' lengths.
Reel Matches: Sage 6112 ,Tibor Riptide, Nautilus 12, Ross CLA 6, Ross Momentum 6.
Rod weight:  7 3/8 Ounces

Line Wt
Action Handle Price To Top
8129-4 Z-AXIS 8 Fast F $785

8134-4 Z-AXIS

Length: 13' 4"     Line: 8     Pieces: 4

Clackamas River, 8134-4 Sage

Fast action spey rod.  This is a longer brother to the 8129-4. New for 2009, will be a favorite stick for Kings in Alaska to winter steelhead in the Pacific Northwest. Long casts come surprisingly easy with minimum effort. George Cook says he likes a Rio 550 Skagit for this rod the best. Some casters like a 540-grain Airflo Skagit Compact even better. I guess I liked the feel of the rod better when it was bent deeper, so a 600-grain Skagit felt better to me. I was using a Rio 15' type-6, 11-weight tip for a total of 766-grains. This combination generates an incredible burst of energy at the end of the cast. However, lighter heads of 669 to 709-grains gave plenty of line speed and offered more finesse.
Line Match: 8/9/10 WindCutter, AFS 8/9, Skagit 500 to 600 w/out Cheater.
Sinking Tip:
15' 150-grain type 3, 6, & 8 as well as T-14 in 9' to 13' lengths.
Reel Matches: Sage 6112, Tibor Riptide, Nautilus 12, Ross CLA 6, Ross Momentum 6.
Rod weight:  8 3/4 Ounces

Line Wt
Action Handle Price To Top
8134-4 Z-AXIS 8 Fast F $795 SALE ENDED

9143-4 Z-AXIS

Length: 14' 3"     Line: 9     Pieces: 4

The ideal winter steelhead, King Salmon combo rod has arrived (for those traveling to the Kola Peninsula this is your stick).   The Clackamas to the Skagit, the Kispoix to the Kanketok, this is the rod to “get-er-done”.  Sink Tip Use: 15’ 166 grain type 3, 6 and 8.  T-14 in 11’ 13’ and 15’ lengths.  Reel Match: Sage 6112, Tibor Riptide, Ross Momentum 6, Ross CLA 7, Nautilus 12S.

Line Match:
Rio WindCutter 9/10/11:  If you’re in the WindCutter Club-this is your line.
Rio Skagit 600 with 5’ Cheater + 15’ tip.  Spot on, nuff said.
Rio Skagit 550 with  7.5’ cheater: pretty nice.
Rod weight: 8 7/8 Ounces

Line Wt
Action Handle Price To Top
9143-4 Z-AXIS 9 Fast E $845 SALE ENDED

10150-4 Z-AXIS

Length: 15'     Line: 10     Pieces: 4

A focused specialty rod.  B.C.’s Thompson River, B.C. & Alaskan Kings, Norwegian and Kola Atlantic Salmon.  Sink Tip Use: 15’ 190 grain type 3, 6 and 8.  T-14 in 13’ and 15’ lengths.  Reel Match: Sage 6112, Tibor Gulfstream, Ross Momentum 7, Ross CLA 7, Nautilus 12S

Line Match:
Rio Skagit 750 with 5’ Cheater + 15’ tip: Spot on-Hold on! 

Can try a 7.5’ Cheater if you like.
Rod weight: 9 7/16 Ounces

Line Wt
Action Handle Price To Top
10150-4 Z-AXIS 10 Fast E $885 SALE ENDED

10160-4 Z-AXIS

Length: 16'     Line: 10     Pieces: 4

The lightweight and core attributes of G 5 Technology make this the most useable long rod in history.  Usage and match ups are the same as 10150-4 with the addition of a 10’ Cheater.

Line Match:
Rio Skagit 750 with 5’ cheater + 15’ tip.  Big time bomb shot casts.
10’ Cheater probably plays here.  7.5’ Cheater should be great.
Rod weight:  9 15/16 Ounces

Line Wt
Action Handle Price To Top
10160-4 Z-AXIS 10 Fast E $920 SALE ENDED

Sage Two-Hand VT2 Rods
High-Gloss "Blue Ribbon" colored with navy trim. Highest grade cork handles with Hyplon butt.  High gloss pewter anodized, machined & polished, double lock ring reel seats are standard. The VT2 Series rods are designed for maximum versatility, smooth performance and great value. Throughout the entire line, Sage created tapers and actions that best fits each specific line weight. VT2 Series rods provide a light, sensitive feel and an incredibly smooth power curve for faster line speed and easier casting.
VT2 Series incorporates the latest graphite technology and manufacturing techniques to bring you light swing weights and high line speed at affordable prices.  With three models that combine to fit nearly all of the salmon/steelhead circumstances available, the VT2 Series will become the standard by which other spey rods are compared to.
Pictured: William Brownlee and Sandy River winter steely.
Free Rio WindCutter Spey Line.

7130-4 VT2

Length: 13'     Line: #7     Pieces: 4

Rod weight: 7 3/4 Ounces.

Item Series Line Wt. Action Handle Price To Top
7130-4 VT2 7 Medium-Fast S $560 SALE ENDED

8139-4 VT2

Length: 13' 9"     Line: #8     Pieces: 4

This is your mid-priced Winter Steelhead Cannon. It casts big flies long distances. You won't feel under-gunned when you mix it up with spring Chinooks or Chums either. For the average good caster, a 600-grain Rio Skagit Line, combined with a Rio #10 type-6  Density Compensated Sinking Tip is the perfect match for searching massive amounts of water.
Rod weight: 8 5/8 Ounces.

Item Series Line Wt. Action Handle Price To Top
8139-4 VT2 8 Medium-Fast T $585 SALE ENDED

9144-4 VT2 Length: 14' 4"     Line: #9     Pieces: 4

Rod weight: 9 13/16 Ounces.

Item Series Line Wt. Action Handle Price To Top
9144-4 VT2 9 Medium-Fast T $610 SALE ENDED

The Sage Lifetime Warranty
Every Sage Rod, reel and blank is covered by our lifetime, original owner warranty.  Regardless of cause of damage, Sage will repair or replace the Sage Product while it is still owned by the original owner.

Sage Reels
Sage Fly Lines

Spey Lines for Two-Handed Rods
Large Arbor Spey Reels. Comparison. 

Woman’s Steelhead Spey Casting Clinic
Whitney Gould Mia Sheppard

Join Mia Sheppard and Whitney Gould for 2 nights and 3 days of fishing for Steelhead on the John Day River November 14th-16th 2009. Or goal is to introduce you to practical applications for catching summer and winter Steelhead in a fun, friendly environment. We will share our knowledge of Steelhead fishing with you and build your confidence as an independent angler. We stress confidence, enthusiasm, and fun in the outdoors.

We will teach you how to read the water, line management, what flies to use, knots to tie for catching steelhead and how to safely release a wild fish.  During the day we will work with you to improve your spey casting techniques or teach you a new cast with a double handed rod. In the evening enjoy dinner and learn to tie flies for winter and summer Steelhead fishing and make new friends to fish with in the future.

Lodging will be in a rustic cabin, on a private ranch with shared rooms, enjoy a 360 degree view of wheat fields and an endless horizon. We will fish 6 miles of private water 2 days and float the 3rd day.

Mia Sheppard is the co-owner of Little Creek Outfitters with her husband Marty and has been fishing for Steelhead 8 years with a double handed rod on the John Day River and other rivers throughout Oregon. She is a river steward for the John Day River with NFS. She recently attended Spey-O-Rama where she placed 4th. Whitney started fly fishing at the age of 11. In the last 3 years she has focused on mastering Steelhead fishing with a double handed rod. This year she placed first in Spey-O-Rama and she is in the process of getting her FFF certification for being a casting instructor. Mia and Whitney are pro staffers for CF Burkheimer.

This clinic is open to beginners and experienced anglers. Cost is $950.00, this will include lodging, meals, flies. Rods are available if needed. Price does not include gratuity, fishing license or alcohol beverages. Limit is 4 anglers.  3 OPENINGS AVAILABLE

Steelhead Reports

Gene Granzow with a Deschutes River steelhead.
Gene Gramzow  with a steelhead caught last week from the Deschutes River.  Mark Bachmann photo.
Summer Steelhead Fishing is a key part of the activity around The Fly Fishing Shop. We keep our ears to the ground (water) and our fingers on the pulse of steelhead fishing in the Pacific Northwest. Phone calls and fishing forays are made weekly to keep us up-to-date with first hand proprietary information. This year's steelhead returns are strong in many rivers from Northern British Columbia to Southern Oregon. This could be a great time to limber up the old fly rod.
Doug Dragoo on the Deschutes River
Doug Dragoo with a steelhead caught last week from the Deschutes River.  Mark Bachmann photo.

Summer Steelhead/Salmon Run Predictions and Up-dates, by River!

Clackamas River     The river flows are at summertime lows. Still fair numbers of fairly bright summer steelhead available. The low river flow is keeping jet sleds off most of the river. Summer steelhead angling has been slow.
Clear Water River A few steelhead are in the river.  The river is still running at 12,900 cfs which makes it tough for fly fishing.  Best period for fly fishing Sept 15th  to Oct 15th
Dean River B.C. Reports from the Dean have been outstanding.
Deschutes River Steelhead are in the river in good numbers.  The best concentration of fish are from Sherars Falls to the mouth of the river.  Seasonal water conditions are favorable.  White River glacial run-off is always the wild card.  This year’s steelhead run will be the biggest since 2001
Grand Rhonde River Steelhead are expected in good numbers.  Best time is October

Steelhead are starting to show in good numbers.  The run appears to be early and strong.

Hood River There are still good numbers of fairly bright steelhead stacked up in the mile below Power Dale Dam. Glacial Runoff from Mt Hood has made visibility low.
John Day River Not much steelhead activity yet.  A few fish are at the mouth of the river. Predictions of run size and water conditions are favorable for fall fishing.  Best period for fly fishing October & November. 
Klickitat River There are fair numbers of very bright steelhead.  The run will continue to build through the summer.  The problem is the Klick is in and out with glacial turbidity.  When it's clear it can be great.  Most predictable period for fly fishing is October. 
North Santiam River Water conditions are good.  Still good numbers of bright summer steelhead.  Fishing has been good for anglers willing to cover a lot of water.  Fishes well through October.
North Umpqua River

Bright fish are scattered in the fly-only water.  The steelhead run is below the last ten year average, but the run should build throughout the summer.  Best fishing period is August through October.

Rogue River Summer steelhead and half pounders are scattered throughout the Lower Rogue.  Early on some of the best fishing will be around the Agness area.  The Rogue estuary is full of chinook and a handful of coho. Half-pounders are young steelhead returning to the river in the late summer of their first year in the ocean. So-named because of their size, they stay in the Rogue through the winter, providing a popular fishery before returning to the ocean in spring. The run is especially popular with fly anglers.
Sandy River The Sandy is at summertime lows. There are steelhead available throughout the river. The next rains will start to bring cohos into the river. As summer temperatures start to drop the cold weather at high elevations on Mt. Hood will clear the water. Fishing could be excellent.
Skeena River B.C. The sockeye run is expected to be less then one million fish which means no gillnetting in areas 4 at the mouth of the Skeena river. The Skeena river Tyee test fishery indicates a steelhead run 34% greater then the cumulative average. Early summer steelhead are present in good numbers in the Copper river and Kalum rivers. The strong return of steelhead to the Skeena bodes well for tributaries such as the Bulkley, Kispiox, and Babine rivers. Best fishing time September through October

The Fly Fishing Shop has one of the most divers and extensive collections 
of steelhead flies to be found anywhere!

Fly Fishing: “SPEY” Casting / Beginning – Intermediate
Josh Linn teaching on the Sandy River 

Spey casting can be learned quite easily with the assistance of a professional instructor. This class starts with the most basic fundamentals so that you will have a solid foundation on which to build your "Spey Casting Skill Set". Our approach allows you to easily understand the scientific principles of how a rod and line work together to propel your fly to the target.
This crash course starts in a nice warm class room where the necessity of acquiring good casting skills becomes apparent. Here rod and line theories are discussed in detail so that before you get to the water, you have an understanding of the principals you are going to use. Then you will ride to the river with your instructors. There your instructors will demonstrate the theories you have already explored. Then you will take a rod into your own hands and be able to practice what you have learned. You will be amazed at how easy it is. All the major Spey Casts will be explored. Both floating and sinking tip lines will be learned. This class is centered on developing casting skills that will make you a better fisherman.

Time: 8 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (Lunch is provided).

Meet at: The Fly Fishing Shop - Instructors: Josh Linn and Cullen Wisenhunt

Cost (8 hrs.): $150.
You will need the following equipment:  Waders, boots, rain coat, hat and polarized glasses. You may bring your own rod and reel if you want to. Properly balanced Spey Outfits will be provided.
(6) Students total.
First come, first served.
Deposits are payments in full.
Deposits are non-refundable unless water/weather conditions prohibit class.        

Item Description Price To Top
SPEY-CL-082909 Spey Casting Class, Saturday, August 29, 2009 $150 SALE ENDED

 The Fly Fishing Shop, Welches, OR

1(800) 266-3971

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Fish long & prosper,
Mark & Patty

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