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Utilizing Crayfish Patterns

Sage 590-4X Rod Test

By: Jacob Noteboom

Did you know that most trout take the majority of their food (possibly 80%) below the surface of the water. These little freshwater crustaceans are a vital food source for many lake trout throughout the United States.

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Lake Lines

The type of line you use on lakes is determined by the temperature of the water, the depth of said fish, and the type of fish you are fishing for. Here is our experience.

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Beulah Platinum Spey Rods

Not only do we use Beulah Platinum spey rods on a consistent basis, our customers and guide clients love them just as much we do!

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20-20 Magnetic Tippet Threader

Limited Edition Hatch Reels

Very few of these are being produced and we have already sold one before it was even available. Don't miss out and order it before they are gone!

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Simms Waypoints Sling Pack

Swing The Fly & Steelhead Journal Magazines

Two great magazines latest volumes are now on the shelf and ready to ship!

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