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Design your own Custom Reel with Abel's Reel Builder Tool

Design your own Custom Reel with Abel's Reel Builder Tool
Abel Reels are very cool. They are made entirely in USA and can be customized in a nearly endles variety of colors and patterns. The best part is, they are exceedingly durable fish catching equipment for practical anglers. When purchased from The Fly Fishing Shop/www.FlyFishUSA.com, they come loaded with a free RIO fly line (up to $100 value) (and backing, up to 300 yards/meters) + FREE SHIPPING in USA ($500 Intenational Orders Ship Free).
You can build your Custom Abel Reel using Abel's exclusive Reel Builder Tool. They will send you and us a confirmation that your custom reel is being built. We will send you a request for the type and size of fly line you wish us to install. Then Abel will ship your reel to us so that we can install your free backing and fly line, then we will ship the reel to you. It is all easy!

Classic Coachman Bucktail Steelhead Fly

The Coachman wet fly may be one of the oldest surviving flies. It appeared in the early 1800's dressed with a wing of white duck quill sections. A chap by the name of Tom Bosworth gets credit for coming up with the pattern. He was coachman to King George IV, William IV, and Queen Victoria. Who added a bucktail wing or first fished it for steelhead is hard to tell? We have our Coachman Bucktails tied on nickle plated heavy duty Steelhead Irons for extreme durability..
Bucktail Coachman have landed many species of salmonid fishes. Often it is my point fly of choice when fishing a "two fly dropper setup". For me a small size seven has been the best for mid-summer steelhead, but all sizes work and a size five is a good bet when fishing only one fly. Why is this fly so effective? Who knows what transpires inside a steelhead's tiny little brain. Fact of the matter is, many larger than average steelhead have fallen for this unobtrusive pattern.

Simms Summer Gear

Yes, we know that you think that Simms only makes the best apparel to protect you from wet and cold. It is true that they do that.
Simms also makes the best apparel to protect you from sunburn and heat exhaustion.

BUY Simms Hyalite Rain Shell
A great waterproof windbreaker and fishing jacket. Incredibly lightweight, packable, windproof & waterproof! Whether you are targeting spring creeks, tropical flats, or your local steelhead river, a summer shower can get you mighty wet. A Hyalite jacket can be your best protection.

BUY Simms Solarflex Guide Gloves

$49.95 pr.
Whether rowing, poling or casting, these gloves protect your hand from the sun and abrasive surfaces. Why get a blister?

BUY Simms Neoprene Wading Socks
$24.95 pr.
Inexpensive protection for your feet whether wading the flats or a summer hike up your favorite trout stream in your shorts and wading shoes. Soft and self-draining, easy to maintain...an absolute necessity when you are wading wet.

Simms Clothing...the first choice of professional fishing guides, worldwide!

Hopper Time

Six NEW unsinkable grasshopper patterns to make your summer trout fishing easier!!!
Happiness is a Morell Fly Box full of unsinkable hoppers.

Mohawk Hopper

Thunder Thighs Hopper, Yellow

Thunder Thighs Hopper, Tan

Donkey Kong Hopper

Carnage Hopper, Olive

Carnage Hopper, Tan
Grasshoppers, though a bane of agriculture are the late summer feed of many trout, especially in desert or farmland streams. When fishing the hopper hatch while wading or from a moving boat, target the water close to the grass. Hoppers are most active during the warmest part of the day. You can keep banker's hours and be very successful during peak hopper activity. Use short, stout leaders to enhance target casting. No need for delicate casting in this game, hoppers hit the water with a plop. The sound of a heavy fly hitting the water is often what attracts a trout. Bass in ponds also are tuned into hoppers. Hopper flies constructed from closed cell foam never need dressing, and they land and float low like a natural grasshopper.

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