Flightless Stonefly

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Flightless Stonefly
Booking For '07 & '08
Dr. Way Yin At Clave
S.A. C&F Fly Patch
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Flightless Stonefly Zapada wahkeena (Jewett, 1954)

Also apparently called Wahkeena Falls Flightless Stonefly because of its identification near Wahkeena Falls in the Columbia River Gorge. This insect (or a closely related specie) is very

Male Flightless Stonefly Zapada wahkeena

common along the Deschutes River from late July through mid-September.  They are about the same size as the Golden Stones that hatch with the Salmonflies in the spring.  However, they are nocturnal and while the female can fly, the males are flightless. As with most stoneflies, the males are much smaller than the females. The insect pictured here is an adult male, which not counting tails and feelers is about 1-inch long.  He has fully developed vestigial wings that only reach to middle of his abdomen.  They are too short to allow flight. Instead this critter has long, well developed legs and can run very fast, even across the surface of fast moving water. some anglers believe that the disturbance of these insects running across the water is the basis fro the steelhead waking fly.  There seems to be very little information about this insect published on the world wide web. I have never located it in any angling publications either. Even though it is fairly common on several river that I have fished, it is comparatively unknown by most of the angling community, probably because it is nocturnal and reclusive in the daylight hours.  How important are hatches of this insect to fly angler or fish?  It is hard to say.  Certainly nymph migration should garner some attention from trout.  And then there is this waking fly thing with steelhead... 

The Merit of PolyLeaders
Josh Linn with Deschutes steelhead caught during bright sunlight using sinking PolyLeader! Josh Linn with Deschutes steelhead caught during bright sunlight using sinking PolyLeader!

You ever notice how many people say you can't catch Steelhead in the mid day sun. I bet last season I caught at least 15 Deschutes steelhead between noon and 3:00pm, not to mention my first one this season. You know the secret to my success, two things, one is keep fishing when the sun is on the water and the other is using a sinking PolyLeader. When I go out fishing I want to get as much time on the water as possible, to give me the opportunity to catch fish. There is an extreme advantage in being on the water early, staying late and fishing all day. You can only catch a fish when your fly is in the water.
Some people think that using sinking tip type lines is less sporting than using full floating lines.  Thank God for that, because most of them are sitting in the shade during the middle of the day.  During the bright light hours I want my fly down deeper in the water column so fish don't have to look up as much into the sunlight. The nice thing about PolyLeaders is that they are actually a leader that they coat with some type of dense material like tungsten and they don't weigh all that much so you can cast them pretty easily. Most of the time I fish a 10-foot fast sinking PolyLeader with about 3-4 feet of 10 or 12-pound tippet. I just attach the PolyLeader to the tip of my fly line with a loop to loop connection.  For more information on PolyLeaders

New Alumaweld 22' Jet Boat Fully Ready To Go
10-Hour On the Water Steelhead Fly Fishing Schools

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Old fishing guide with new boat.

It has taken most of the spring and summer, but our 22' Alumaweld  jet boat is finally fully rigged and ready to go.  Snap-on removable carpet sections have been installed fore and aft to facilitate entry and exit of anglers wearing studded sole wading shoes.  The engine is past the break-in period.  In every respect this boat is superior to the boat I used for the past three seasons.  It is roomier, faster, more fuel efficient and more comfortable.  The steelhead run seems strong this year and water conditions are excellent.  I have open dates October 16-31 as well as the two new steelhead schools offered below.  These provide a unique opportunity to learn steelheading.
My 2008 Calendar is booking as well. Rates will stay at 2007 prices for 2008.

The Fly Fishing Shop, baby!
Welcome Aboard.

10-Hour On the Water Steelhead Fly Fishing Schools

Take a jet boat ride on the Deschutes River with: 
Mark Bachmann
This is a school that will cover a lot of water and fishing knowledge in one day.
Summer Steelhead will bite any time of day on the Deschutes River, 
however odds go way up during the low light hours of morning and evening.  
That is why we are starting early and are staying late.  
I want to give you maximum advantage 
by having as many fish hooked during this class as possible.  
Nothing teaches you more about fishing than being where 
fish are being hooked and landed.
Emphasis will be on floating line fishing, 
but will also cover sinking tip fishing during mid-day periods. 
Emphasis will be on two-hand fly rod casting and fishing.
Learn how to locate steelhead water and how to approach it. 
Watch an expert guide as he fishes and discloses the secrets
 and proven methods that put fish on the beach.  
Get a lot of hands on help so that you too can be productive.
Save yourself five years of experimenting on your own. 
Bring your own waders & rain gear.  Dress for cold mornings & evenings.
Bring your own tackle if you want to.
Rods, reels, flies & tackle are supplied.
A barbequed lunch will be served on the river.  
There will be a one hour rest period during lunch. 
Price includes Deschutes Boaters Pass.
Meet at Mack's Canyon at 8:00am arrive back at 6:00pm.
How to get to Mack's Canyon
All fees (non-refundable) must be received by shopping cart no later than 10/20/07.
Phone orders will not be taken.
There will be two classes in consecutive days!
Date: October 27 & 28, 2007 - 4 students per class only!
You may stay over-night and take classes both days.
Dinner and breakfast will be served for over-night guests. 
Be sure to bring a sleeping bag, change of clothes & camp shoes.
Tents & cots will be provided.

First come, first served.

Item Description Price To Top
ST-BACH-1027 10-hour steelhead class with Mark Bachmann, Saturday, October 27 $225
per student

ST-BACH-1028 10-hour steelhead class with Mark Bachmann, Sunday, October 28 $225
per student

ST-BACH-1027-28 2-day steelhead class with Mark Bachmann, October 27 Stay overnight fish 28 $400
per student


Dr. Way Yin

Dr. Way Yin To Perform
at the 2008 Sandy River Spey Clave, May 17-18.
In recent correspondence Way said he is working on Greg Pearson & Topher Brown to join him for a
Spey to Z program for the Clave.  Of course Way had to send along the picture at left just to try and persuade me to come to Russia with him.  For a salmon like that and to spend some quality time with Way is mighty tempting.  That is a big fish.  Way Yin is a very large man and the fish still looks big. Speaking of big fish, we've decided to try the Spring Chinook Contest again at the 2008 Clave. We've extended it to four days May15-18.  The top prize will be a Winston 15' #9/10 BIIX rod and a lot of prestige to the angler that lands the first verifiable fly caught Chinook during this four day period.

Scientific Anglers C&F Design Fly & Chest Patches

10-Row Chest Patch Threader 5-Row Chest Patch

10-Row Chest Patch

  • Fly size #10-16
  • Slots for 175 flies
  • Positions flies right in front of you, unlike conventional fly patches
  • 5 rows of Micro-Slit Foam on each side
  • Large side gates for ventilation

Size: 4.30" x 3.22" x .59" (11.0cm x 8.2cm x 1.5cm) Color: Dark Gray
Model No:
C&F Product No: CFA50MSF

10-Row Chest Patch

Item Description Price To Top
020813 Scientific Anglers, C&F Design, 10-Row Chest Patch $34.95


Threader 5-Row Chest Patch

  • Fly size #10-16
  • Slots for 85 flies
  • Includes standard, midge, and ultra midge threaders
  • Positions flies right in front of you, unlike conventional fly patches
  • 5 rows of Micro-Slit Foam on one side
  • Other side with 3 custom-fit threader slots
  • Integrated tippet slot enables fast tippet threading without removing threader from holder
  • Includes three neodymium magnets for secure, temporary fly storage during fly change

Size: 4.30" x 3.22" x .59" (11.0cm x 8.2cm x 1.5cm) Color: Dark Gray
Model No:
 (C&F Product No: CFA50THR)

Threader 5-Row Chest Patch

Item Description Price To Top
014850 Scientific Anglers, C&F Design, Threader 5-Row Chest Patch $34.95


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