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Abel Reels
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Abel Reels mid-year up-date!
Aluminum Handles Double Pawl Optional Colors Optional Engraving FREE Backing!
Abel Super Series
Super Series Reels
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Abel Arm

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Super QC Reels
I got my first Abel Reel in about 1992. My ex-partner got his first Abel Reel in 1988, and kind of held it over me that he had one and I didn't. His was a shiny black Big Game #2, which held a nine weight line and about 8-million miles of backing...the perfect steelhead/bonefish/permit reel. He bought the "Abel #2", shortly after he fired a froze-up competitive brand reel out into the middle of the Deschutes River. It had cost him a very nice steelhead. Being the blue-collar guy that I am, Abels seemed pretty expensive. Through the years it was brought to my attention many times that his Abel #2 was giving him flawless performance and total reliability.  My first Abel was a T/R #2. I was doing a lot of back-eddy fishing at the time and wanted a reel that had very low inertial start-up to protect fine tippets. The T/R reels seemed to have the least amount of drag pressure of any reel in the shop. The size I thought I needed was a T/R 1. They were out of stock. The only one in stock was a T/R 2, which at first seemed somewhat large for my five-weight rod. Turns out I got very lucky because internal dynamics in the larger diameter reel allows it to turn much smoother than a reel of more traditional size. That started my love affair with Abel Reels. My Abel trout reel collection has grown to three T/R 2's, one Creek 2, and five spools. They are the reels I use for my three five weight trout systems. Rods and lines rotate through the systems. The reels have remained constant for the last three years. Patty uses a Platinum color Creek #2 as the core reel for her five weight system. She and I have assembled a collection of two #8, two #11 and two #12 Abel Super reels. They form the core of our saltwater tackle. Abel Supers are beyond a doubt the best reels we have used in that arena. Once again, rods and lines tend to rotate. The reels remain constant.
Mark Bachmann uses Abel reels
Abel Reels without built-in obsolescence!
That within our trout and saltwater systems, our rods and lines are continually changing, but we continue to use the same sets of reels is revealing. The biggest thing that separates Abel Reels from the rest of the herd is no built-in obsolescence. Abel Reels were proven before they went to market and in all these years very few improvements have been necessary.  If you bought an Abel in 1987, it is still totally reliable today.  That is because instead of adding glitzy du-das to the mechanism, Abel concentrated on simplicity and craftsmanship.  The fewer parts involved, the fewer parts to break down.  Abel Reels run very smooth and are are hell for stout. 
In the end, nothing beats reliability...
which results from superb design and  fine craftsmanship.

Click for more information on Abel Aluminum Handles.

New in 2008! Proven in 2009!
Abel 6061 aluminum reel handles are 1/8th inch longer than the standard wooden handles. They feature knurled finger grip and are fitted with a hand-pressed DelrinÆ insert for the absolutely smoothest feel this side of vanilla ice cream. Their weight precisely matches the weight of the counterbalance. They won’t chip, fracture, splinter or snap no matter the temperature or conditions. They are, in a word, forever. In Small, Medium and Large sizes for various sizes of Abel Reels.     Abel Aluminum Handles
Available in any solid color finish, $25 on a new reel, $40 on a used reel.
Double your chances!
A significant change at Abel in 2007 was a new "Double Pawl" system in the internal mechanism of Super Series reels #7 and larger reels.  We never knew any of the old single pawl reels to break down.  So this insignificant change becomes very significant in the way that the folks at Abel think, "Eliminate problems before they happen!"  We have tested several Abel reels that were built with double pawls. You're going to like the sound they make.
Abel Colors             Solid Colors          Artistic Colors          Fish Colors
Abel offers an astounding array of custom colors and art work. Reel designs are done individually by hand. The designs are applied to the reels individually using  Abel's own artistic metallurgical process. The colors are actually inside the metal for extreme durability. Click on any of the beautifully anodized colors below to add that color to your Abel Reel purchase.
A distinctive reel color can add much to the picture...
Artistic Colors
These are abstract designs that are anodized into the metal parts of the reel. Every reel is slightly different, but patterns run consistently like the pictures below. These colors are very durable. Pattys's good old Super-12 in Artistic Color 11 has given flawless performance. Click on any artistic color below to add that color to your Abel Reel purchase.
Patty Barnes uses Abel Reels...
Abel Color Skull & Cross Bones Abel Color Baseball ...lookin' good is part of the deal...
Fish Colors
This stuff is off the chart!!! Click any picture in this chart to select the options available for that color. James Prosek, who has authored and illustrated: Trout an Illustrated History, Trout of the World, Joe and Me, Fly Fishing the 41st Parallel,  Early Love and Brook Trout...has been called the James Audubon of fish.  He has created the distinctive fish motifs offered here.  Click on the fish motif below to add that color to your Abel Reel purchase.
a rainbow trout design inspired by wildlife artist James Prosek
Abel color Tarpon Abel color Redfish Two Abel color New Striper Abel Color Dolly Varden Abel color Tigerfish
Abel Color Peacock Bass Abel Color Pike Abel color Bluefin Tuna
Abel Color Carp Abel fish color Von Behr the guy who dies with the most machined from bar stock reels...wins Abel color Copper John Abel color Serendipity

Fly Fishing: “SPEY” Casting / Beginning – Intermediate
Need help learning to spey cast. Call us now!

Spey casting can be learned quite easily with the assistance of a professional instructor. This class starts with the most basic fundamentals so that you will have a solid foundation on which to build your "Spey Casting Skill Set". Our approach allows you to easily understand the scientific principles of how a rod and line work together to propel your fly to the target.
This crash course starts in a nice warm class room where the necessity of acquiring good casting skills becomes apparent. Here rod and line theories are discussed in detail so that before you get to the water, you have an understanding of the principles you are going to use. Then you will ride to the river with your instructors. There your instructors will demonstrate the theories you have already explored. Then you will take a rod into your own hands and be able to practice what you have learned. You will be amazed at how easy it is. All the major Spey Casts will be explored. Both floating and sinking tip lines will be learned. This class is centered on developing casting skills that will make you a better fisherman.

Time: 8 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (Lunch is provided).

Meet at: The Fly Fishing Shop - Instructors: Josh Linn and Cullen Wisenhunt

Cost (8 hrs.): $150.
You will need the following equipment:  Waders, boots, rain coat, hat and polarized glasses. You may bring your own rod and reel if you want to. Properly balanced Spey Outfits will be provided.
(6) Students total.
First come, first served.
Deposits are payments in full.
Deposits are non-refundable unless water/weather conditions prohibit class.        

Item Description Price To Top
SPEY-CL-082909 Spey Casting Class, Saturday, August 29, 2009 $150 SALE ENDED
Where Anglers Stay in Welches, Oregon
The Cabins at CreeksSide where anglers stay in Welches  Beat the heat and enjoy your stay in our community while learning the finer points of Spey Casting and Steelhead Fishing. For your convenience, The Fly Fishing Shop in Welches, Oregon can now integrate your lodging with your fly fishing school or guided trip fee. Late August brings warm days and cool nights. After your Spey Casting School you might want to relax with a massage before you check out the local restaurants. If given enough advance notice we can arrange for your massage and make
recommendations and reservations for your evening meal.

Single Occupancy or Couple (one queen size bed).
Summer Rates until October 1.
All rates listed include county and state lodging taxes of 7%.
Please include your dates in the Comments section of the order form.
Dates will be confirmed by email.

Item Description Nights Price To Top
CABINS-01S Stay at The Cabins Creekside in Welches, Summer Rates 1 Base: $109
with tax: $116.63
CABINS-02S Stay at The Cabins Creekside in Welches, Summer Rates 2 Base: $218
with tax: $233.26

Roll, Perry Poke and Skagit casting.  This film also teaches the viewer the most common faults to recognize and avoid and has superb bio-kinetic footage so you and study the hand, arm and body movement of each cast.  There is also great information on casting sinking lines, saltwater spey casting and trout fishing spey casts with single hand rods.ItemDescriptionPriceTo Top260695Rio's Modern Spey Casting, 3-DVD set$49.95 Rio's Modern Spey Casting,
(3)-DVD Set, 4-hours

Cast of Characters: Simon Gawesworth, George Cook, Mike McCune, Scott O'Donnell, Dana Sturn, Ed Ward. All these guys have been star performers at the Sandy River Spey Clave. This is the most comprehensive film on spey casting ever made.  Not only learn from these masters the classic Single Spey, Double Spey, Switch cast and Roll cast, but also the modern spey casts such as the Snake roll, Circle Spey, Snap-T, Snap-Z, Wombat cast, Underhand cast, Spiral Spey, Spiral Double Spey, Jelly Roll, Perry Poke and Skagit casting.  This program also teaches the viewer the most common casting faults to recognize and avoid. There is some superb bio-kinetic footage so you can study the hand, arm and body movement of each cast. 
There is also great information on casting sinking lines, saltwater spey casting and trout fishing spey casts with single hand rods.
Item Description Price To Top
260695 Rio's Modern Spey Casting, 3-DVD set $49.95 SALE ENDED

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