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World Trout
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2 World Trout Project Sponsored by Patagonia
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Identify the individuals and groups that protect native fish, tell their story, and support their conservation efforts.

Trout in this world are held at humanís mercy due to over fishing and destruction of habitat ranging from logging to war and an ever expanding population.

We are fortunate in our world to have special individuals and groups working tirelessly to preserve indigenous trout. Artist/Author James Prosek had illustrated this point with a story about his first trip to the Zeta River in Serbia-Montenegro to search for the rare softmouth trout. After 3 weeks of searching and finding absolutely nothing, they felt the trout was extinct. Reports from locals, including the President of the local fisheries club lamented the loss of the

softmouth trout. A tip about a single man protecting these fish in his local, spring fed tributary prompted a scientific team to return. Because of this single manís passion, the team discovered to their dismay, hundreds of fish. As a side note, with the commitment by the University of Lubjiana that is the recipient of revenues from World Trout, this scientific team has become a viable project with an official name Ė Balkan Trout Restoration Group.

This is one of many projects funded by World Trout which in turn is funded by Patagonia through sales by their dealers, such as The Fly Fishing Shop in Welches, Oregon.

There are special fundings for Steelhead and Cutthroat trout that are close to home.
We are offering two editions of Patagonia's World Trout T-Shirts because all wild trout are precious.

In 2005 World Trout generated $65,190 for the first 3 groups.
Thus far this year, they have generated $49,425!
Wearing one of these shirts will let everyone know you have helped too.

steelhead trout
cutthroat trout
Item Description Size Price To Top
51754-M Patagonia World Trout T-Shirt, Steelhead M $28.00 No Longer Available
51754-L Patagonia World Trout
T-Shirt, Steelhead
L $28.00

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51754-XL Patagonia World Trout
T-Shirt, Steelhead
XL $28.00

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51754-XXL Patagonia World Trout
T-Shirt, Steelhead
ANCHOR2 Custom 20 lb. River Anchor $62.00

ANCHOR3 Custom 30 lb. River Anchor $101.00


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