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Subject: Re: Champion!
Date: Tue, 30 Jul 2002

Once again the British clothing giant  Musto sponsored the International Open Spey Casting Championship at Broadlands on the river Test.   It brought high drama to the climax of The CLA Game Fair.  The capacity grandstand crowd was joined by hundreds, who lined the banks 
Steve Choate and Way Yin at The Sandy River Spey Clave 2002. Click for more information.

as the excitement mounted.  With six finalists having achieved casts measuring in the high 40s (yards) during heats over the 3 day weekend, Steve Choate of Kalama,  State of Washington, USA, thrilled the crowd with an staggering 50 yard cast to win the competition. Sealing the Championship was no easy feat: Steve and Ian Gordon from Speyside (2001 Musto Champion) had tied for first place with 48 yards and competed in head-to-head in a 'cast off'.

Accepting the £1000 cheque for first place and a handsome trophy depicting a leaping salmon, Steve Choate said: "This is our first time at the CLA championships and it's been a wonderful and warm experience. The good fellowship of the anglers we have met has been a keynote of our visit and I very much look forward to returning next year to defend the Musto championship title." 

His fellow caster, also from Washington state, Way Yin, who was placed third in the final, nodded in agreement: "It's been an awesome experience for us. Believe me, the States has nothing to offer in comparison. We love it!" 

Musto champion, Steve Choate, and his fishing companion, Way Yin, fish the Columbian Snake River watersheds, whose snow-fed rivers support a fine population of steelheads, the migratory rainbow trout of the US Pacific coast. 

Final Results:
Steve Choate - 50 yards
Ian Gordon - 48 yards
Way Yin - 46 yards
Bill Drury - 42 yards
Bob Wellard - 41 yards
Clive Mitchellhill - 39 yards

From: "Aline"
Subject: Champion!
Date: Tue, 30 Jul 2002

Dear Steve
Phew! What a weekend! What a final! Aline, David and I and the rest of the Musto team trust that you and Way arrived home safely. We attach a copy of a press release we are sending out to all UK fishing and country media - you might like either to send it on to your local media plus national magazines like Field & Stream or give us a list of titles (with addresses preferably) and we'll do the donkeywork.  Everyone is still talking about the event over here and, modest or not, your name is going to become significant in salmon fishing circles around the globe.  Our congratulations to you, of course, and also to Way. We think of you as the Dynamic Duo and, as soon as I've got dates of next year's show, we'll be in touch because we'd like our local talent to have the opportunity of taking you on again.  With very many best wishes and thanks for being such wonderful competitors.
Brian & Aline Pilcher

From the editor of "Insider": 
"Dear Steve and Way, Congratulations! You earned it.  May you find fortune & glory!"

Summer Steelhead/Salmon Run Predictions and Up-dates!

Clackacraft Northwest 17' in front of our camp, 07/23/02.

Mamma's got another one.

Summer Steelhead Fishing is a key part of the activity around 
The Fly Fishing Shop.  Fishing forays are made weekly to keep us up-to-date with first hand proprietary information.  The best part is that Patty and I have to collect much of this information in person. Well that's just the way it is.  It's dirty dangerous work, but someone has to do it.

Summer Steelhead/Salmon Run Predictions and Up-dates, by River!

Clackamas River Water conditions are good.  Still fair numbers of fairly bright summer steelhead.  An occasional bright Chinook is still available.  Fishing has been good for skilled anglers.  Expect a very large run of Coho Salmon September/October. 
Clear Water River No steelhead activity at present.  Will start fishing in September/October.  Best period for fly fishing October 1-15.  
Deschutes River Steelhead are in the river in good numbers.  The best concentration of fish are from Shears Falls to the mouth of the river.  Seasonal water conditions should be favorable.  White River glacial run-off is always the wild card.  Steelhead run is expected to exceed last ten year average.
Grand Rhonde River No steelhead activity at present.  Will start fishing in October/November.  Best period for fly fishing is October 15 to November 15.  
Hood River River There are still good numbers of fairly bright steelhead stacked up in the mile below Power Dale Dam.  The rest of the river from from the dam to the mouth has sparser numbers of fish. The problem is water color from glacial silt.  Only on the coolest days is the river fishable. Best period for fly fishing May & June.
John Day River Not much steelhead activity yet.  A few fish are at the mouth of the river. Predictions of run size and water conditions are favorable for fall fishing.  Best period for fly fishing October & November. 
Klickitat River There are fair numbers of very bright steelhead.  The run will continue to build through the summer.  The problem is the Klick is in and out with glacial turbidity.  When it's clear it can be great.  Most predictable period for fly fishing is October. 
North Santiam River Water conditions are good.  Still good numbers of bright summer steelhead.  Fishing has been good for anglers willing to cover a lot of water.  Fishes well through October.
North Umpqua River Good numbers of bright fish are scattered in the fly-only water now.  This run will build throughout the summer. Seasonal water conditions should be favorable.  Steelhead run is expected to exceed last ten year average.  Best fishing period is August through October.
Rogue River A few half-pounders in the lower river now. This run will build throughout the summer. Adult steelhead run will start in August.  Seasonal water conditions should be favorable.  Steelhead run is expected to exceed last ten year average.  Best fishing period is August through October.
Sandy River There are still good numbers of fairly bright steelhead stacked up below Marmot Dam.  The rest of the river from from the dam to the mouth has sparser numbers of fish. The problem is water color from glacial silt.  The Sandy went out early this year and is expected to be out much of the summer.  Only on the coolest days is the river fishable. Best period for fly fishing April, May & October. Expect a very large run of Coho Salmon September/October. 

The Fly Fishing Shop has one of the most divers and extensive collections 
of steelhead flies to be found anywhere!

Waking Flies for Steelhead & Salmon
Fish on! NEW! Top Spot Skaters
Bombers Grease Liners
Bulkley Mouse Muddlers
Caddis Waller Wakers
These flies are designed to bring Steelhead and Atlantic Salmon to the surface.

Surface fishing for steelhead is exciting and can be very productive during certain water conditions. These conditions happen on most rivers during the summer months when water temperatures and flows are moderate. Rivers, which contain a high percentage of wild steelhead from June through October, are the best bet. Wild steelheads seem more prone to rise to the surface than do hatchery fish.

In steelhead vernacular "Dry Flies" are fished up-stream and dead drifted, much like fishing for trout. Some steelheads have been taken by this method. However, flies, which are fished down-stream (under tension from the line and current), have proven more productive under most conditions. All of the flies reached by the links above can be fished "dry".  However, bushy flies such as the Royal Wulff, Greased Liners, Bombers and Wally Wakers fish best.

A "Damp Fly" rides in the surface film. It is often cast slightly upstream and then led across the current under light tension, down-stream from the angler. This method is called "Greased Line Fishing". Flies that are best suited for this approach incorporate semi-buoyant materials in their dressing. Muddlers, Bombers, Greased Liners and Caddis lend themselves well to this presentation.

…a waking fly grooves the surface…

A "Waking Fly" is usually presented down stream so that it will make a V-shaped disturbance in the surface film. Waking flies are often attached to the leader with a "Riffling Hitch" or are "Riffle Hitched". A riffling hitch is a series of knots, which changes the attitude of the fly/leader connection so that the fly pulls at an angle to the current. In this way the fly will always seek the path of least resistance which is the surface. The most commonly used riffling hitch is made when the fly is tied on in the conventional manner and then two half hitches are added behind the eye of the hook. These half hitches can also be placed behind the head of the fly or even behind the wing to change the angle. In this manner even very slender flies can be riffled…if you have fast smooth water and can cast a very straight line. Flies, which are constructed from buoyant materials and shaped to resist the flow of the water, are easiest to use where the surface is textured. These flies tend to ride high. Often the entire fly is visible above the surface. All of the flies listed in this section are commonly riffle hitched. The shape of the fly will determine which is best suited for a particular water type. You should carry a complete selection of waking flies.
Pay close attention to the new "Top Stop Skaters" as they can be fished with or without a riffle hitch and will wake on many different current speeds.  They are flies that fish a wide variety of conditions very well.

Steelhead Fly Fishing Etiquette
This is written at the request of several readers of the "Insider".  With another summer steelhead season getting under way on the Deschutes River it seems an appropriate subject.  The waters where large fish can be caught are our most cherished places.  These places naturally attract numerous anglers.  It is a physical law, the more moving bodies in an area the more friction they create.  Some anglers seem to forget that fishing is supposed to be a recreation and that the other guy is entitled to have a good time too.  

"The New Lexicon Webster's Encyclopedic Dictionary" defines et-i-quette as: the rules of behavior standard in polite society.   In this letter they are simple rules to help avoid conflicts while fishing.   Most fly fishermen don’t want onstream conflicts, which are most often caused by someone’s ignorance or lack of fishing etiquette.
Rule #1: Do unto other fishermen only what you would have them do unto you.  
It only stands to reason.
Rule #2: Give other anglers their space.
Solitude can be an important part of angling. Be quiet.
Rule #3: Communication can solve a lot of problems.  
Talking to other angler can stop conflict before it happens. 
Rule #4: The angler who gets there first has first rights to a piece of water.
If he doesn't want to share, leave!  
Rule #5: Don't cut the other guy off.
Never get into a run ahead of an angler who is fishing.  Some anglers can cover a lot of water in a hurry. Ask if you can follow or go to the next run.
Rule #6: Leave nothing but your tracks.  
Leave nothing. If you have to go potty, bury it.
Rule #7: Don't hog the water.
Fish through a piece of water in a reasonable length of time and then let someone else fish.

16-Hour On the Water Steelhead Fly fishing School
Take a drift boat ride down the Deschutes River with: 
Mark Bachmann and Brian Silvey 
This is a school that will cover a lot of water and fishing knowledge in one day.
Summer Steelhead will bite any time of day on the Deschutes River, 
however odds go way up during the low light hours of morning and evening.  
That is why we are starting very early and are staying late.  
We want to give you maximum advantage 
by having as many fish hooked during this class as possible.  
Nothing teaches you more about fishing than being where 
fish are being hooked and landed.
Emphasis will be on floating line fishing, 
but will also cover sinking tip fishing during mid-day periods. 
Both single-hand and two-hand rods will be demonstrated.
Learn how to locate steelhead water and how to approach it. 
Watch an expert guide as he fishes and discloses the secrets
 and proven methods that put fish on the beach.  
Get a lot of hands on help so that you too can be productive.
Save yourself five years of experimenting on your own. 
Bring your own waders & rain gear.  Rods, reels, flies & tackle are supplied.
A barbequed lunch will be served on the river.  
There will be a long rest period after lunch.  
Cots will be supplied and we urge that you consider napping along the river for a couple of hours to re-charge your batteries for the evening fishing and the long ride home. 
Price includes Deschutes Boaters Pass.
Meet at The Fly Fishing Shop at 4:30am arrive back at 11:30pm.
Because of the demand we are going to do a second summer steelhead class!
Date: August 16, 2002 - 6 students only!
First come, first served.

Item Description Price To Top
ST-CLASS-6 8-hour steelhead class with Mark Bachmann, Brian Silvey, August 16, 2002.  Sold Out August 5, Sorry! $195   -->SALE ENDED

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Fish long & prosper,
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