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Hottest Products
Rio Gold Line
Echo 7130-4TR
Korkers Guide Boots
Airflo Skagit Compacts
Shooting Head Wallet Temple Dog Hair All pictures are Mouse-over.

Hottest Products For First Half 2009!
If you own a shop, most tackle is ordered several months in advance. Picking the hot items in advance is like rolling dice. You never know for sure how the the general fly fishing public is going to respond, or what the season will bring for water flows, fish runs and hatches. Hindsight is nearly always 20/20, but not a great aid to staying in business. Seeing how the season plays out is a fascinating study. Normally our customers make practical decisions, and the trends they set, leads to the development of ever better tackle. We thought you would like to be brought up to date on what fly fishing products are hot this year. The top six were easy to pick because they clearly stand out in their class. Some are brand new for 2009. Others have finally caught on in 2009, and still others are new to The Fly Fishing Shop in 2009.

RIO Gold Fly Fishing Line
Slick in the guides. Floats like a feather. Rio Gold is definitely the hottest trout line in 2009!
Eric Gunter testing a Rio Gold fly line. Josh Linn photo.

Introduced in 2008     Buy Rio Gold
Proven in 2009!
The Ultimate Fly Line.
A revolutionary taper design allows tremendous loop stability at distance and a unique weight distribution loads a rod at close range for easy casting. The front taper delivers perfect turnover and presentation of flies between sizes #22 and #2, making this the best general purpose, all round fly line on the market.
The long back taper is excellent for mending and for roll and single handed spey casting and the color change between the head and the running line makes it easy to find the perfect load point for each cast.
Line Specifications

The lines features RIO's new Extreme Slickness Technology for an extraordinarily slick, dirt-repelling coating; in addition RIO's AgentX and Super Floatation Technologies ensure the line tip and running line remain floating high. As with all of RIO's premier trout lines a small, neat welded loop in the front end makes it easy to change leaders.

WF3F WF5F; Length: 90 ft (27.4 m)
WF6F WF9F; Length -100 ft (30.5 m)
Color: Moss head with Gold running line

Item Description Size Price To Top
21227 Rio Gold Fly Fishing Line WF3F $69.95 SALE ENDED
21228 Rio Gold Fly Fishing Line WF4F $69.95 SALE ENDED
21229 Rio Gold Fly Fishing Line WF5F $69.95 SALE ENDED
21230 Rio Gold Fly Fishing Line WF6F $69.95 SALE ENDED
21231 Rio Gold Fly Fishing Line WF7F $69.95 SALE ENDED
21232 Rio Gold Fly Fishing Line WF8F $69.95 SALE ENDED

Rio Gold Fly Fishing Line Specifications

Line Length
Running Line
Rear Taper
Front Taper
Total Head
30 Ft
WF3F 44 0.033 19 22 0.045 5 0.5 0.034 46 164 106 90 15
WF4F 44 0.034 19 22 0.048 5 0.5 0.035 46 193 126 90 20
WF5F 43 0.035 19 23 0.05 5 0.5 0.036 47 228 146 90 20
WF6F 52.5 0.036 19 23 0.054 5.5 0.5 0.037 47.5 266 168 100 20
WF7F 51.5 0.037 19 23.5 0.057 6 0.5 0.038 48.5 312 193 100 20
WF8F 50.5 0.038 19 24 0.06 6.5 0.5 0.039 49.5 359 218 100 25

Echo 7130-4 Tim Rajeff Signature Spey Rod
Outclasses everything in its class. User friendly, affordable, versatile and just plain fun to use.
Tony Barnes with a fresh Deschutes steelhead caught with an Echo 7130-4TR rod...
ECHO TR 7130 Length: 13'        Sections: 4       Line Weight 7
Grains: 510-620
This is a very popular size for summer steelhead and smaller salmon. This will prove to be a great rod for Deschutes steelhead. So far this model has attracted the most attention of any rod in this series. Tim's top picks in Airflo Lines that bring out the best performance with this Echo TR rod model are: Scandi Compact 540-grain, Delta 7/8 and Skagit Compact 570-grain. We fished a 460-grain Rio AFS head on this rod with a knotless 9' leader and it rocked.
Item Series Line Wt. Action Handle Price To Top
ECHO-TR7130 TR 7 medium fast Standard $349.95 SALE ENDED

Airflo Skagit Compact Heads
These guys snuck in and stole the whole game. You know something is up when reps from two larger competitive fly line companies are fishing with these lines. Hot, hot, hot !!!
Marcy Stone testing an Airflo Skagit Compact line...

Airflo lines are very smooth!

Spey casting is easier to learn with instruction...
Spey casting is more easily learned with instruction.

Introduced mid-season 2008, the Skagit Compact heads were designed to make fishing in tough places with heavy level sections of sink tip easier than you thought possible. The heads were developed with the help of serious line nerds and Skagit guides like Dec Hogan, who made their living being able to get the fly down to the fish with limited room to make a "D" loop. These lines increment every 30 grains from 420 to 720, ensuring you will never need to cut and splice a line ever again. The heads range from 23 to 27 feet, come with the toughest loop design in the industry, and are color coded so you will never need to confuse one line from another."
Complete Skagit Compact Head
Item Description Size Price To Top


Airflo Skagit Compact Head, Loop Color - Gray 4/5


Airflo Skagit Compact Head, Loop Color - Brown 5/6


Airflo Skagit Compact Head, Loop Color - White 5/6
SKC450MG Airflo Skagit Compact Head, Loop Color - Tan 6/7
SKC480MG Airflo Skagit Compact Head, Loop Color - Yellow 7/8
SKC510MG Airflo Skagit Compact Head, Loop Color - Pink 7/8
SKC540MG Airflo Skagit Compact Head, Loop Color - Orange 8/9
SKC570MG Airflo Skagit Compact Head, Loop Color - Light Green 8/9
SKC600MG Airflo Skagit Compact Head, Loop Color -  Dark Green 9/10
SKC630MG Airflo Skagit Compact Head, Loop Color - Light Blue 9/10
SKC660MG Airflo Skagit Compact Head, Loop Color - Dark Blue 9/10
SKC720MG Airflo Skagit Compact Head, Loop Color - Purple 10/11
Airflo Skagit Compact Kit
This is the kit for the serious fly fisher who owns a set of spey rods and likes to fine tune their tackle for exacting presentations. This kit contains a full set of Airflo Skagit compact heads: 420, 450, 480, 510, 540, 570, 600, 630, 660 and 720 grain, and both 20lb. and 30lb. Ridge Shooting lines. Everything is organized in a sassy Airflo Line & Reel Case. There is plenty of extra room for a couple of Spey reels and an extra spool or two. There are pockets for extra shooting lines, leaders and tips. Everything is enclosed in a compact padded case. When you show up at the lodge with this outfit, everyone will know you are serious.
Airflo Skagit Compact Kit
Item Description Price To Top


Airflo Skagit Compact Kit $450.00 SALE ENDED
Airflo Skagit Compact

Temple Dog Hair  Light, airy and consistently straight, use on any size steelhead or salmon fly.
This fish got temple-dogged...
This could be the canine version of marabou the way it moves and swims in the water. This fur is typically three inches long including the finely tapered guard hairs. This is the fur which gave rise to the popular series of Atlantic Salmon tube flies developed by Swedish tier Hakan Norling. Temple Dog flies are often fairly large, averaging 2"-3" long. Northwest winter steelhead anglers have adopted the Temple Dog style of fly tying largely through the efforts of Jack Cook.
Temple Dog Hair
Orange Temple Dog Fly
Item Description Color Price To Top
9000TD RE Temple Dog Hair, Large, Red   $9.95 SALE ENDED
9000TD SU Temple Dog Hair, Large, Sunburst Yellow   $9.95 SALE ENDED
9000TD FB Temple Dog Hair, Large, Fiery Brown   $9.95 SALE ENDED
9000TD OL Temple Dog Hair, Large, Olive   $9.95 SALE ENDED
9000TD DB Temple Dog Hair, Large, Dark Brown   $9.95 SALE ENDED
9000TD BL Temple Dog Hair, Large, Black   $9.95 SALE ENDED
9000TD BU Temple Dog Hair, Large, Blue $9.95 SALE ENDED
9000TD FL Temple Dog Hair, Large, Fluorescent Lime   $9.95 SALE ENDED
9000TD GR Temple Dog Hair, Large, Green   $9.95 SALE ENDED
9000TD PU Temple Dog Hair, Large, Purple   $9.95 SALE ENDED
9000TD OR Temple Dog Hair, Large, Orange   $9.95 SALE ENDED
9000TD HP Temple Dog Hair, Large, Hot Pink   $9.95 SALE ENDED
9000TD WH Temple Dog Hair, Large, White   $9.95 SALE ENDED
Black & Blue Temple Dog Fly

Mangrove Outfitters Shooting Head Wallet
This item is a copy of wallets that have been around for a while. It's just that Mangrove Outfitters has built them better and less expensive than ever before...and they are hot! It proves that good ideas are ageless.

The Mangrove Shooting Head Wallet is the real deal for keeping your shooting heads organized. Measuring 5.5" x 6", and made from nylon pack cloth for extreme durability, it allows you to carry five shooting heads without tangles. This unit is large enough to fit five Skagit or Scandi Spey Heads or five large saltwater shooting heads. The Mangrove Outfitters Shooting Head Wallet is unbeatable for value.

  Mangrove Shooting Head Wallet

Mangrove Shooting Head Wallet

Item Description   Price To Top
MA SH WALLET Mangrove Outfitters Shooting Head Wallet   $9.95 SALE ENDED

A water boatman comes ashore on the Deschutes River...
A water boatman comes ashore in front of camp on the Deschutes River.

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