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Facebook Fish Picture Contest

Win a $25 Gift Certificate!

Have you noticed: Our facebook page features many pictures that were sent directly from the water? Many smart phones have high resolution digital cameras built in. All of these phones will send pictures by both email and text.
Because of that, we are starting a weekly photo contest.

You can enter by sending your smart phone pictures and commentary to:, he will then add it to our facebook page. The Picture with the most Facebook "likes" in that week wins.

1. Only fly caught fish with fly fishing gear can enter.

2. No dead fish pictures.

3. First six pictures each day gets in our contest.

4. All pictures must include where (doesn't have to be exact spot) fish was caught, fly that was used, and outfit (rod & reel) used.

5. Contest begins at 6:00 PM each Monday and ends at 6:00 PM the following Monday.

6. The photo with the most Facebook "Likes" during that week wins a $25.00 Gift Certificate.

7. This is a revolving contest which means that all photos that have not already won can win each week no matter how long the photo has been on our facebook page.

8. Only one picture per person and a picture can only win once. Once a picture wins it is no longer in the contest.

9. Contest will run from 07/23/12 to 09/24/2012

10. Picture must be of a fish that was caught withing the last three months, we will rely on the honor system for this rule.

11. No whining if you do not win!

On September 25th, 2012 all winning photos between 07/23/2012 and 09/24/2012 will be entered into a new album on facebook. These photos will compete for the most likes for a period of one week and on October 2nd, 2012 the photo with the most likes wins a new pair of Simms Freestone waders in the size of his/her choice.

*Rules and prizes are subject to change without notice.

One Day Floating Summer Steelhead Schools on the Deschutes River

Steelhead fly fishing is very practical if you know how. Being able to find fish and being able to present the fly properly are key factors. Save yourself five years of experimenting on your own.
We will show you how.

This school will cover a lot of water and fishing knowledge in one day. Length of the class is 12-hours on the water. These schools are conducted on the Deschutes River. Big, safe, roomy drift boats will enable us to cover 8-miles of river during the class. Two students per boat/instructor format. Learn how to locate steelhead water and how to approach it. Emphasis will be on giving you a foundation of skills to build on, with a high priority given to hooking fish during the class. We want to give you maximum advantage by having as many fish hooked during this class as possible. Nothing teaches you more about fishing than being where fish are being hooked and landed. Emphasis will be on Spey Rod use and both floating and sinking-tip line fishing. Students should at least have moderate Spey casting skills. This is a fishing class.

If you need basic knowledge or a brush-up on Spey Casting skills, we suggest signing up for a Spey Casting School and be ready to use these skills to catch steelhead.

What you need to bring:
Bring your own waders and rain gear. Bring your own rod/reel set up if you want to.
A variety of premium quality 2-hand rod/reel set-ups will be available for you to use at no extra charge. Flies are supplied.
A hot lunch will be served on the river.
There will be a very short rest period after lunch.
Meet at The Fly Fishing Shop at 6:00am for a half-hour orientation. Coffee and donuts will be served.
Watch an expert guide as he fishes and discloses the secrets and proven methods that put fish on the beach. Get a lot of hands-on help so that you too can be productive.

Arrive back at The Fly Fishing Shop at 10:00pm.

Item Description Price To Top
ST082412 One Day Floating Summer Steelhead School on the Deschutes River, August 24, 2013 $275 FULL Sale Ended-->

Johnson's Outlaw Steelhead Fly...don't fear the light!
Travis Johnson says of his Outlaw Fly: I like tying Steelhead Flies, a lot. I also love looking in peoples Steelhead fly boxes. I am not afraid to try something new for steelhead either. With all that in mind, I developed this fly for the purpose of minimal zing body materials to allow focus on the wing and the tail. In the case of the “Johnson’s Outlaw” I use arctic fox in a bit fuller wing with the idea that it would provide its own background. What really happened was the exactly that, but it worked in the exact opposite fashion. It ended up becoming the best fly in direct sunlight. In fact the wide full wing reflected the flash and bright body back to the eyes of the fish. I was not excepting that. You would think that the sun would kill the silhouette but this fly provides it own. Try it for your self and don’t fear the light.
Most anglers who fish for steelhead during the bright days of summer, do so with sinking tip lines. There is no doubt the these methods are proven to be successful. Steelhead will rise when there is direct sunlight on them. In the laws of nature, there seems to be many exceptions to to any rules. To give yourself the best advantages to fishing near-surface flies during periods of bright light, try to pick situations where the sun is behind the fish. The clearer the water, the more chance for success.

Click for larger image.

Item Description Size Price To Top
37-0810 Johnson's Outlaw Steelhead Fly 6 3 for $7.49 Sale Ended

48-Hour Deschutes Summer Steelhead School, Entry Level

I will be glad to net your fish...  Photo by: Dean Finnerty

Take a jet boat ride on the Deschutes River with: Mark Bachmann
This school will cover a lot of water, and fishing knowledge in 48-hours.
Summer Steelhead will bite any time of day on the Deschutes River,
however odds go way up during the low light hours of morning and evening.
That is why this school will start and end in the middle of the day,
(actually: 1:00pm, August 6 to 1:00pm, August 8).
Classes will be during the middle of the day and, you go fishing during the four "low-light" periods.
I want to give you maximum advantage
by having as many fish hooked during this school as possible.
Nothing teaches you more about fishing than being where
fish are being hooked and landed.
Emphasis will be on floating line fishing,
but will also cover sinking tip fishing during mid-day periods.
Emphasis will be on two-hand fly rod casting and fishing.
Learn how to locate steelhead water and how to approach it.
Watch an expert guide as he fishes and discloses the secrets
and proven methods that put fish on the beach.
Get a lot of hands on help so that you too can be productive.
Save yourself five years of experimenting on your own.
There will be a small, quiet generator in camp and electric lights in the screened-in dining tent.
Some "class-room" type classes will include PowerPoint projections and/or video.
Many classes will be conducted on the water
Several classes in two-hand fly rod casting and fishing will will also include wading and working fishing areas with limited room.
It would be very helpful if each student had already attended a Basic Spey Casting School.

Day 1: Arrive, Brunch, Scandinavian Spey Class, Knots & Leaders, Fish Until Dark.
Day 2: Fish The Morning, Brunch, Skagit Spey Class, Fish, Dinner, Fish Until Dark.
Day 3: Fish The Morning, Brunch, Back To Mack's Canyon At Noon.

ents, cots with pads and full accommodations will be provided.
The camp will be based on double occupancy in each roomy sleeping tent.
Be sure to bring a sleeping bag, change of clothes & camp shoes.
Lunch, dinners and brunches will be served.
The basic format is two meals per day with lots of munchies available.

Bring your own waders, or Rent Wading Gear from: The Fly Fishing Shop.
Bring your own tackle. Two hand rod/reel outfits will be available for trial.

Deposits (non-refundable) must be received by shopping cart no later than 07/01/12.
Phone orders will not be taken.
5 students per class only!
First come, first served.

Price includes Deschutes Boaters Pass.
Does not include Oregon Fishing License (available from The Fly Fishing Shop
Meet at Mack's Canyon: 1:00pm, August 6
Depart for Mack's Canyon: 1:00pm, August 8.
Transportation from Mack's Canyon to Camp will be in a big, roomy, safe jet boat.
This boat will make many miles of water available to you and
will transport you back to your car at Mack's Canyon
How to get to Mack's Canyon

Item Description Price To Top
ST080612 Summer Steelhead 101 School with Mark Bachmann, Arrive August 6, Stay two nights and Depart August 8, cost $695 per student $695
per student,
one spot open
Sale Ended

Get access to all parts of the river, while travelling in style and comfort.

We be cozy, secure and pampered!

Summer Steelhead PhD School Featuring Al Buhr
Al Buhr
FFF Certified Master Instructor, Al Buhr is always one of the most popular presenters at the Sandy River Spey Clave. His casting & fishing talents are truly legendary. Al joins our team for a Summer Steelhead Fly Fishing School on the Deschutes River 9/16 - 9/19. Also instructing in this school are Mark Bachmann, Josh Linn & Ron Walp. Luxury river camp with two big jet boats. Six sessions on the water. Details same as above except for the dates.
This school dovetails into the school with Simon and you can sign up for it separately or take seven days of non-stop steelheading with the best guides and instructors you ever fished with.

Price: $1,895 per person. Non-Refundable Deposit: $1,000 Balance Due: $895 by July 1, 2012
Meet at Mack's Canyon Camp Ground at:
September 16 noon -19
First come, first served.

Do to the logistical nature and the demand on these schools,
deposits are transferable to other students, but not refundable.
Click for a report from 2011 Summer Steelhead Spey Schools.
Item Description Price To Top
SPEY-SCH-091619-12 4-day Deschutes steelhead school with Mark Bachmann, Josh Linn, Ron Walp and Al Buhr, Deposit
Non-Refundable, transaction will be processed after 01/02/12
Sale Ended

Aquatic Moths happening now!

This Deschutes Redside undoubtedly mistook this Elc Caddis for an adult Aquatic Moth.

Throughout the summer months you will see many tannish colored, delta wing insects perched in the vegetation at the waters edge on the lower Deschutes River. These are adult aquatic moths. They swarm and regroup as you disturb them while walking or wading along the edge of the river. They especially like shoreline grasses along splashy riffles. Here they pass the days in gregarious communities. Gatherings of Aquatic Moths can be very dense, often numbering in the hundreds per cubic meter. Adult Aquatic Moth populations will often be mixed with one or several species of caddisflies. You can tell the moths from the caddis. Moths have delta shaped wings while at rest. Caddis profiles are much narrower. If you catch a moth, it will leave some of its shiny wing dust on your hand. Caddis don't do this. It seems Aquatic Moths are always at play, fluttering to and fro. They are often more active than caddis through the warmer parts of the day. Knowing this can extend your dry fly fishing period. Trout will key on these moths and snuggle right up to the edge of the river and wait for a moth to land on the water. Strikes are usually authoritative. Moth underside color can vary from tan to cream. Sizes vary from #14 to #16. Early season insects are larger that later ones. It seems that every location will produce hatches of large, medium and small moths. Hatches start at the mouth of the river in June and progress to Pelton dam. There they will trail of in August. Fish can be very selective to the size and color you are presenting. Check the adults thoroughly. The Cream Colored Elk Caddis flies offered here have proven themselves to be convincing Aquatic Moth counterfeits. While the egg laying habits of these insects are not completely understood at this time, it does appear to happen in late morning and early evening when air temperatures are moderate. At least during these periods moths are observed on the water and dry fly fishing can be outstanding. Look for rising fish and place your fly 4' to 5' upstream in the exact center of its feeding lane and success is nearly automatic.
These flies are easy to see and track. This makes drag easier to control.

Aquatic Moths collect in the safety of the jet boat cabin, 07/25/10.
Aquatic Moths seek cover along the edges of the river in the vegetation or on boats, or anything that will shield them from the sun or wind. You can always tell when you are in Aquatic Moth habitat, even before they hatch, because the larger rocks of the stream bottom will be covered with white or yellowish discs made from silk. These discs average about one half inch in diameter.

Aquatic Moths pupate inside these silken discs attached to submerged rocks.

Aquatic Moths provide consistent mid-day dry fly fishing.
Elk Hair Caddis, Cream
Aquatic Moths as well as several species of caddis spend the hot parts of the day in the grasses at the edge of fast moving water. Here there is shade and the cooling effect of the water its self make a comfort zone for insects that would otherwise die from dehydration. Some of the prime areas become crowed with insects vying for position. This translates to fluttering movement that often attracts trout right to the waters edge. Many of these insects are tanish/brownish in color. Fish upstream along the banks.
Item Description Size Price To Top
5015-14 Elk Hair Caddis, Cream 14 3 for $5.85 Sale Ended
5015-16 Elk Hair Caddis, Cream 16 3 for $5.85 Sale Ended
Silvey's Aquatic Moth Emerger
Designed by popular Deschutes River fly fishing guide, Brian Silvey, this is probably the best Aquatic Moth pupa pattern available. Aquatic Moths hatch at many times of the day, and night. There is still much research left to be done. These insects have been observed hatching in the middle of the day, but are believed to be mostly nocturnal. Dawn and dusk are good times to try this fly. It can be fished wet, as a dropper off a dry fly. An easy-to-see dry fly is the Cream Colored Elk Caddis above. These flies fished in this way form a one-two punch that is hard to beat during Aquatic Moth time.
Item Description Size Price To Top
CCECAD2929 Silvey's Aquatic Moth Emerger 16 3 for $5.85 Sale Ended

Fish long & prosper,
Mark, Patty & Crew

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