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Casting For Recovery
A Week Of Firsts
Deschutes Super Stix
Seeing In The Dark
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 Casting For Recovery
Cancer patients get help from Temple Fork Outfitters when your gal gets one of these new rods!

Billie Jean Bachmann models rod for Casting For Recovery.

Casting For Recovery, founded in 1996, is a national non-profit support and educational program for women who have or have had breast cancer. CFR provides an opportunity for women whose lives have been profoundly affected by the disease to gather in a beautiful, natural setting and learn fly-fishing, "a sport for life." Just as importantly, they offer an opportunity to meet new friends and have fun.

CFR offers free retreats throughout the country, incorporating counseling, educational services and the sport of fly-fishing to promote mental and physical healing. Fly fishing techniques provide a gentle exercise for joint and soft tissue mobility. The dynamics of fly fishing provide a healing connection to the natural world, relieving everyday stress, and promoting a sense of calm. These retreats also offer a forum for women with similar experiences to meet, learn a new skill, and gain a respite from their everyday concerns. Any woman who has experienced breast cancer is eligible to attend a retreat (with medical clearance from their physicians). Casting For Recovery relies on local volunteers and organizations to support their community based retreats. CFR is holding 34 retreats in 23 states this year.

Through the combined efforts of Wanda Taylor, Donna Teeny, and Lefty Kreh, Temple Fork Outfitters has created two unique fly rods built specifically to benefit "Casting for Recovery"; an 8'6" 5-weight and a 9' 8-weight. CFR rods are built on translucent purple blanks with pink lettering inscribed with the words "Supporting Casting For Recovery & Hope" and will include a distinctive pink rod sock. A $25 contribution will be made to Casting For recovery for every CFR rod that is

purchased through an authorized TFO dealer such as: The Fly Fishing Shop
Weches, Oregon.
Proud to help!


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Length:  8' 6"   Line: #5     Pieces: 4   

Very popular all-round trout rod. Is very lightweight, but is an authoritative casting tool at any normal fishing range.  Fishes all sizes of trout flies.
Rod weight:  3.8 Ounces.
Item Series Line Wt Action Handle Price To Top
TFO-05864 CFR 5 Med-Fast 1 $139.95



Length:      Line: #     Pieces:    

Very popular rod for big bass, steelhead, salmon & light saltwater fishing.  Is based on popular Pro Series rod.
Rod weight: 4.4 Ounces.
Item Series Line Wt Action Handle Price To Top
TFO-08904 CFR 8 Med-Fast 2 $149.95


A Week of Firsts, that was last week as I camped on the Deschutes.

Alex Carrillo with his first trout.

Guiding beginners offers emotional rewards that are often unobtainable in the hunt for big numbers or even trophies with more experienced anglers.  If you have never caught a fish, you just want to catch one, any one, any size, any specie.  You want to see what it feels like, through the rod, into your hand.  You just want to touch one.  If you are Alex Corrillo, you want to experience what your fly angler father has described to you in such glowing terms.  Alex is a man who is used to challenging experiences such as working on the cutting edge with, and such as running marathons against the Russians on their own turf across Siberia.  Sharp minded and physically fit, Alex had never caught a fish of any kind, or waded in a big river until we fished together last week.  His fly fishing experience had been a one hour casting lesson about a year ago.  He had recently moved from New Hampshire to Portland, Oregon.  His dad, Angel Carrillo, had taken up fly fishing about five years ago, right after retiring as chief bio-scientist for the Gillette Corporation.  They had booked three nights on Oregon's world

famous Deschutes River for a combined trout/steelhead trip.  July 20-24 is usually just before the summer's hottest time for blizzard caddis hatches.  This year the heat wave came

early, putting the hatches on hold.  The trout fishing got really tough.  To complicate matters, the wind blew gale force every afternoon.  There were few rising trout.  The few trout that came to the surface, were hard to see and even harder to put the fly in front of.  The wind was so fierce that nymph fishing was totally out of the question. On the second day, we found some good water  sheltered by trees from the wind. Still only a very few fish were rising.  In the interest of keeping the story short and subscribing to the code that "what is done on the river, stays on the river", it is suffice to say that pin points casts were made, epic battles won, and beautiful native trouts released unharmed.  Alex got his first trout ever; his second fish ever.  Angel caught his first Deschutes Redsides.  The next day each man made contact with a couple of Deschutes steelhead. Both the anglers and the fish enjoyed the encounters. 
Michael and Max Walker arrived a day after Angel and Alex left.  That afternoon we fished for steelhead. The wind howled. Presenting the fly properly was next to impossible. The next

morning was calm.  However, a big water release at Pelton Dam brought the river up 2000 cfs and every fish went on the move.  Mike and Max got plucks and pulls, but no solid hook-ups. That afternoon and evening the wind blew hard enough to break a 150-pound limb that came down while we were away from camp. When we landed the boat back in camp at the end of the day, the limb was around two sides of my brand new cook tent.  It never touched anything and nothing was damaged.   The wind had blown so hard that evening, we were unable to fish one honey-hole even though there were steelhead rolling in it.  We moved across the river where it was calmer, but no steelhead came to the fly.  The next morning was calm and the water was at normal level.  We went upstream with the boat a couple miles. After we landed,  Mike walked downstream, and I watched Max's 

white wing fly from a high bank.  Suddenly, a ghosty grey steelhead appeared behind the fly and took it on the turn and headed to the middle of the river.  Max was tight to his first spey rod steelhead.  Unfortunately, the fish snagged the dropper fly on an under water obstruction and after a while broke free.  Meanwhile, Mike came packing his first ever steelhead; a small hatchery fish.  He had landed it all by himself.  He and Max had had a double hook-up.  Shortly after that Max got pulled on by another steelhead.  Repeated presentations failed to bring it back.  We took the boat and moved to another run.  Both men  moved steelhead in the new water.  Max had one take line into the backing and then it went free. The fish won the final rounds, but it was still exciting.  Knowing that wild steelhead still chase flies in wild rivers, sometimes is enough.
Thanks to all you guys for a great camp-out on the river.
Looking forward to see each one of you again,

Deschutes Super Stix

Deschutes River steelhead like flies that are small and easy to cast (most of the time).  The majority of the fish are small to medium size.  But, the river is more than 150' wide in many places and can literally hold fish bank to bank.  Long casts can give a strong advantage.  During much of the season, the wind blows (nearly every afternoon).  Fishing the Deschutes for

steelhead offers a fair amount of distinctive challenges.  Starting in 1965, I have caught Deschutes steelhead with many different sizes, actions, and brands of fly rods.  In that period of time, both the fishery and fly rod technology have changed immensely.  Livestock being removed from the lower Deschutes riparian zone about 20-years ago has resulted in more densely vegetated banks and less back cast room for the fly fisher.  However, even in the old days a long roll cast was a powerful weapon.  Today the two-handed fly rod is the most popular tool for coping with this river and it's anadromous fish.  Some two-handers fit this river and its fish better than others and at the risk of stirring controversy, I am offering to you my top six picks in the current order of choice.  I have fished extensively with every one of these rods and have caught at least a half dozen steelhead with each of them. 

Winston B2X78133

Length: 13' 3"       Line: #7/8     Pieces: 4   

An extraordinary lightweight medium-action two-hand rod that will make effective fly presentations at all distances.  At the 2004 Fly Tackle Dealer Show in Denver, I challenged Sam Druckman head designer for R.L. Winston to build the ultimate Deschutes River steelhead rod.  I said it would be a 13' to 13 1/2' #7/8/9-weight with a medium-fast progressive taper.  It had to be easy to load, but be able to fire enough line speed to cope with big winds.  Sam said he was interested and would devote some time and energy to produce such a rod.  He wasn't kidding.  Lightweight, perfect action & balance, combined with blazing line speed make this rod my overwhelming choice for the 2006 season.  Floating line, sinking tip, long belly, short belly, shooting head, big flies, small flies, it does everything well.
Favorite reel for balance: Nautilus 12
Favorite lines for this rod: Rio Skagit Floater 600 grains.  Rio Skagit Spey 450 with 5' Cheater & 10-weight sinking tip or 9-weight floating tip. 

Rod weight: 6 3/4 Ounces.
Item Series Line Wt Action Handle Price To Top
78133 B2X 7/8 Medium Spey $795

C.F. Burkheimer 8139-3

Length: 13' 9"    Line: #8     Pieces: 3


Still hard to beat, maybe impossible to beat.
Tom Larimer & Jeff Mishler stopped by my camp the other day. After casual conversation about the general shape of the Deschutes steelhead fishery, front-steer vs. center-consol jet boats, and other important stuff, Jeff picked his Burky out of the rack and proceeded to demonstrate the art of forming long straight casts with Scandinavian heads and shooting line.  I tried it and had to admit it was mighty sweet. Luckily I don't have to make a choice between a Burkheimer and a Winston, as I have both.
Description:  All around summer/winter steelhead rod for medium to large rivers and average size fish and flies. Handles sinking tips with authority.  Matches up well with lines from 550-700 grains. 
Personal favorite line: Skagit 450 + 10' Cheater + 117 gr. tip = 693 grains.  This line is used with both floating and sinking tips from a 7/8/9 WindCutter.  Balances best with a reel that weighs from 9 to 9.5 oz.
Rod weight: 8 1/4  Ounces
Item   Length Line Wt. Price To Top
CF8139-3 C.F. Burkheimer Fly Rod 13 ft. 9 in. 8 $795


Echo 8136-4X

Length: 13' 6"     Line: #8/9     Pieces: 4


This may be one of the friendliest fly rods ever made!
The Echo 13'6" #8/9 fly rod was designed as a workhouse rod that can handle all but the largest rivers and toughest conditions.   At 13'6" it can cast far and can manage heavier sink tips as well as the usual "Spey" lines most people use. This rod is 6-inches shorter than the average 8/9-weight rod that is in used today in the Pacific Northwest.  What results is a rod that balances perfectly with reels that have exactly the right capacity of line to suite the job at hand.  You will be amazed at how well this rod fishes, because of its unique balance.  It is a medium stiff, medium action rod. It is designed for Steelhead and Atlantic salmon using any of the family of "Spey" casts. Tim Rajeff says, "this rod can handle a wide range of lines but feels good with a "standard" Windcutter type line that has a head length of about 50-54 feet and a head weight of about 575 grains. If a Skagit type head is used the rod should be loaded with about 90 grains more than you would use with a "standard" floating line (approximately 660 grains)."  I tried this rod with two lines: a 550 Skagit with a 5-foot Cheater & 13' of T-14 for a total of 804-grains and a 450 Skagit with a 5-foot Cheater and standard 9-weight type-8 tip for a total of 640-grains.  This rod handled both lines, but was much nicer with the lighter line.  With this line the performance of the 8136-4X was very impressive.  The head on a standard WindCutter 8/9/10 is 585-grains.  It should fit this rod well.
Line Wt
Action Handle Price To Top
Classic Spey 8136-4X 8/9 Med-stiff 6 $269.95


Sage 8139-4 VT2

Length: 13' 9"     Line: #8     Pieces: 4

The new Sage VT2 Series is nearly as fast actioned as their TCR Series.  It should be a big hit with the Shop-Rats.  It should also become popular with Europeans anglers who generally prefer faster action rods.  Because of its ability to man-handle sinking tip lines the 8139-4 VT2 will appeal to many winter-steelheaders as well as summer-steelheaders.  With its high performance, beautiful finish and moderate price, it is bound to be a financial success for Sage and their supporting shops.  I used this rod a full six months before it was available to any other fly shops.  That doesn't mean that I exerted any influence on its design.  I merely caught 13 steelhead with it during the two months it was in my possession.  It is an effective tool; maybe even labeled a deadly-weapon.  Possibly one of the reasons I never fell in love with it, was that it was always forcing me to be a better caster than I am.  This rod could take you to the next level.
Rod weight: 8 5/8 Ounces.

Item Series Line Wt. Action Handle Price To Top
8139-4 VT2 8 Medium-Fast R $525


FR1658/9-4 GLX

Length: 13' 9"     Line: #8/9     Pieces: 4   

This is a "go to" rod for Deschutes steelhead under a wide range of river conditions, lines and flies. Rod action is moderate with a positive feel, allowing the angler to use a bit more authority lifting heavier sinking lines with heavily weighted flies, resetting the anchor, then delivering a long cast. Expect effortless 50 to 90 feet casts, with short belly head and running monofilament. This rod is at home on larger western rivers where continuous longer casts are needed to cover the run and battle big fish when they decide to nail your fly.
Item Series Line Wt Power Taper Handle Price To Top
11472 GLX 8 - 9 Med Med-Fast 1008 $810.00


Thomas & Thomas DH1307-3

Length: 13'     Line: #7     Pieces: 3   

Written in August 2002:  More Info
This is a very fast action rod designed for casters with sharp skills.  It delivers incredibly tight loops and allows the angler to ignore all but the strongest wind.  One of the things that makes this rod so appealing is it's low center of gravity.  The short lower handle and three piece blank makes this rod feel very light in the tip.  The stiff butt gives tremendous lifting power when playing fish.  However, this stiff, fast action doesn't cover mistakes.  It isn't forgiving while casting either.  The DH1307-3 will deliver amazing line speed, but you better be on your game.
How I felt about this rod (2) years later in 2004:
I have put a lot of hours on the water with this rod.  Because it is, over all, the most comfortable Deschutes & John Day rod I own.  It throws about any kind of 6/7, 7/8 line comfortably.  It launches full floating lines with pointy-end bullets and loves any appropriate size sinking tip.  It is very adaptable.  After a couple of trips to the river I finally settled on a Waterworks ULA Force #3.4 reel as the best match for a complete outfit.  This reel offers a very high rate of retrieve. To this was added a 6/7/8 WindCutter with tips.  When Simon Gawesworth and I worked together during the PHD Class last year, he showed up with a totally identical outfit.  The only way we could tell them apart was that I had colored my loop to loop connections green.
How I feel about this rod in 2006:
My DH1307-3 has landed a couple of Deschutes steelhead of more than 15-pounds.  After trying a lot of lines, I still like a 6/7/8 WindCutter the best.  T&T's have a balance and feel all their own.  They are wickedly accurate and generate blinding line speed for really good casters.
Rod weight:  Ounces. 8.7 oz.
Item Series Line Wt Action Handle Price To Top
DH1307-3 Double Hand 7 very fast tapered $780


Seeing In The Dark
Angel asked, "My goodness what is that thing?"
The single bulb spot light in my tiny Black Diamond
620586T Head Lamp illuminated the whole huge camp.  I swung the beam across the big river.  There was enough light to see the key features 75-yards away. "It's my head lamp".  He stared in amazement and said, "I brought something like that, but it doesn't put out light like that. What makes it so bright? Who Made it?" 
"Black Diamond", I replied.

Spot Cosmo Ion

Black Diamond Head Lamp, Spot Model

Focus your attention on what's ahead with the new Spot. The only batteries-in-front headlamp available with a one-watt HyperBright Bulb and three SuperBright LEDs, the Spot's compact exterior disguises its powerful punch, providing far-reaching illumination for climbers, skiers and backcountry travelers. We've refined our reflector to increase the HyperBright Bulb's spotlight beam and clustered it with three SuperBright LEDs for bright proximity lighting. Powered by three AAA batteries and with a tiltable housing, the sleek Spot has intelligent circuitry that gives three brightness settings and includes strobe illumination in either mode. The Spot is a lightweight, dependable and powerful option for serious users when success is on the line.
  • Batteries-in-front design
  • Improved reflector for better spotlight capability
  • Intelligent circuitry for 3 brightness settings & strobe
  • Item Description Model Price To Top
    620586P Black Diamond Head Lamp Spot, Pearl $42.95

    620586T Black Diamond Head Lamp Spot, Titanium $42.95


    Black Diamond Head Lamp, Cosmo Model

    • Low profile & super compact with tiltable head
    • 3 brightness settings & strobe illumination
    • SuperBright LEDs provide good proximity lighting
    Item Description Model Price To Top
    620585A Black Diamond Head Lamp Cosmo, Argent $29.95

    620585M Black Diamond Head Lamp Cosmo, Marigold $29.95


    Black Diamond Head Lamp, Ion Model

    If you need to leave most of the “ten essentials” behind, make sure you keep the Ion on the short list. This emergency backup headlamp provides you with two SuperBright LEDs for close- range lighting—stash it in your pocket, keep it in your first-aid kit or throw it in your pack. The Ion is the ultimate light for when you don’t think you’ll need it. Weighs less than an ounce. Comes in assorted colors.
    Item Description Model Price To Top
    620575 Black Diamond Head Lamp Ion $19.95


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    Fish long & prosper,
    Mark Bachmann, Patty Barnes

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