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The First Second Line For Lakes

The First Second Line For Lakes

By: Mark Bachmann

Most of the devoted lake anglers that we know have two rods rigged up when they are fishing from a floating device...

Children's Polarized Sunglasses

Children's Polarized Sunglasses

Help them see the fish better while protecting their eyes from rapidly moving projectiles...

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RIO Powerflex Plus Leaders 2-Pack

RIO Powerflex Plus Leaders, 20% Stronger

These are the strongest trout leaders ever made...

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Dyed Deer Body Hair

Dyed Deer Hair

13 different colors available so you can match nearly every hatch!

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Cortland 444 Classic Clear Camo Intermediate Fly Line

Cortland 444 Classic Intermediate Fly Line

One of the most popular intermediate lines because of it's ability to not spook those trout, it virtually dissapears while it slowly sinks in stillwater...

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