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Tactics for Mid-Summer Trout Stream Fishing

Roosterfish On The Fly

By: Mark Bachmann

The fire burned up many miles of our favorite summer steelhead habitat, thousands of acres of unharvested crops, and at least some of the Deschutes camps we have groomed for forty years. It does make me sick to my stomach. We are going to survey the situation with our own jet boat Wednesday and see just how bad it is. In the meantime, there are lots of hungry trout closer to home that you might want to investigate...

Choosing a Saltwater Fly Rod

Fishpond Summit Sling Bag

The Summit Sling bag is exceedingly well made for durability, practicality and organizational excellence. This sling will help you stand out in a crowd when you are feeling social, and yet blend into the background when you are in the predatory fishing mode...

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Loop Cross S1 Saltwater Series Rods

RIO InTouch Extreme Indicator Line

RIO Products makes the connection to fish easier for anglers through its lines, leaders and tippet. Adding another line using ConnectCore technology, RIO introduces an advanced new line for nymphing – the InTouch Xtreme Indicator...

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Fishpond Thermometer

Caddis Flies (also spelled caddisflies)

In the Pacific Northwest, caddis fly hatches are a major food source for stream trout from spring to late fall. Having the right caddis fly patterns can make the difference between catching a few fish, or many fish...

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Loop Roll Top Stuff Sacks

Fluoroflex Plus Tippet 30yd Spool

This exceptional leader and tippet material is made from 100% fluorocarbon (PVDF). Fluoroflex Plus is the strongest, thinnest fluorocarbon on the market with an incredible strength. It is a slightly softer material than Fluoroflex and ties excellent knots...

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