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Hex Mayfly Hatches in the Pacific Northwest

Hex Mayfly Hatches in the Pacific Northwest

Happening now: Timothy Lake, Lost Lake, Clear Lake (some evenings), and Merrill, Washington...

Scientific Anglers Frequency Magnum Glow Line

Royal Wulff Triangle Taper Fly Line

Think of this as the best line for fishing the nocturnal Hex hatch...

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Mark's Tan Damsel Nymph

TFO Axiom II Fly Rods

Built to be high perfomance for all fly fishing...

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Hexagenia Dry Flies

Hexagenia Dry Flies

There are four stages of the hexagenia hatch and these dry flies match two of them...

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Medium Size Interlocking Clear Fly Box, 10 Compartment

Fly Box for your Hex Flies - ON SALE!

Your flies need a home when they are not in the water...

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