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Flesh Flies for Alaska

Sage 590-4X Rod Test

The circle of life in Alaska

The flesh of spawning salmon brings life to fat rainbow trout and Dolly Varden. As we all know, fish eat fish in many different forms, this is just one form that can produce a great opportunity for any angler fishing in Alaska.

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Flesh Flies

"Flesh flies are a major food source for rainbow and char."

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Headgate Tippet Holder

Why don't you have one of these yet? This tippet holder is so simple it makes sense.

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20-20 Magnetic Tippet Threader

Teeny Landing Hand

It's sometimes pretty difficult to tail a steelhead or salmon so you can safely remove the fly from its mouth and release it with little harm. But it's not with the Teeny Landing Hand!

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Simms Waypoints Sling Pack

Sage Salt Rods on Sale!

These rods sold for $850 and were well worth the money. Now at $475, they are the deal of the year!.

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