Marmot Dam

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Marmot Dam
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Marmot Dam on the Sandy River
In what is being called the biggest environmental event of the decade, a concrete dam on the Sandy River will come down. Tearing down Marmot Dam will give wild salmon more of what they need the
Marmot Dam in operation...

most - a free flowing river. Marmot Dam, originally built in 1909, was replaced in 1989 when it showed signs of potential failure. The 58-foot-high structure will be removed and the site restored in 2007, as part of the decommissioning of the entire Bull Run hydroelectric project. From Marmot Dam on the Sandy River, water is diverted into a canal, tunnel and flume network to join the Little Sandy River just above Little Sandy Dam. Little Sandy River water is diverted into Roslyn Lake, then returned to the Bull Run River after passing through a powerhouse. Demolition of

Marmot Dam is planned to start July 24.  Marmot Dam has long thought to provide fish passage problems for both upstream and downstream migrating fish.  Summer and winter steelhead, spring and fall Chinook, a few sea-run cutthroat and Coho salmon are found in the Sandy River. The removal of this facility will probably help wild fish recover throughout the Sandy River Basin. In addition, whitewater rafting and kayaking on the Sandy will be enhanced as demolition of Marmot Dam eliminates a barrier to navigation for rafts and kayaks. A PGE land donation of 1,500 acres will form the centerpiece of a new 9,000-acre conservation and recreation area in the Sandy River Basin that will further enhance outdoor recreation. The Marmot Dam removal movement was originally started in 1969 by Mark Bachmann & Herb Forbes when they founded the Mt. Hood Chapter of Northwest Steelheaders around this specific issue. The Marmot Dam access road near Sandy will close temporarily on July 15. We will attempt to keep you informed on the decomissioning progress.

Marmot Dam ready for demolition... I walk across the dry spillway...
The fish ladder remains in operation... This cofferdam diverts water so that Marmot Dam can be removed...

Marmot Dam is a diversion dam.  From the dam to where the water is returned to the Sandy River at the mouth of the Bull Run River is a distance of 11 1/2 miles. For the first 60 years of operation, this facility had license to divert more water than the entire stream flows during the months of July, August & September.  Eleven and one half miles of the Sandy River used to dry up every summer during this period.  As you can expect this was very hard on aquatic life in the river.  Pressure by local citizens such as the Mt. Hood Chapter of Northwest Steelheaders (no longer in existence) brought vast change to the operation of Marmot Dam during the relicense proceedings between 1970-1974.  At this time minimum stream flows & fish passage improvements were enacted.  But, the dam still remained a fish passage problem.  When the federal license once again came due in 2004, PGE the owner of the dam, announced that it would not attempt to renew.  PGE and its enlightened leadership should be commended for making this bold move.  With the removal of this dam, a new era begins on the Sandy River.  Other local rivers slated for the removal of similar dams are the Hood River and White Salmon.

Outcast PAC 1200 Pontoon Boat

Pontoon Boat Accessories

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Outcast PAC 1200
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  The PAC 1200 is constructed using 37 ounce 1670 denier PVC fabric on the top and 43 ounce 1670 denier base fabric on the bottom, which makes this PAC boat incredibly durable. Two urethane air chambers feature top quality Leafield valves give you piece of mind when the going gets tough. The 11-piece breakdown aluminum frame includes taller seat pedestals for more comfortable seating position for the oarsman and the angler. The unique split frame design allows this boat to be used as a tandem or solo. The front seat pedestal can also be replaced with a cooler and cooler tray for more efficient use of space on the PAC 1200 for extended trips.  The PAC-1200 has a 10-year warranty on all welded seams and construction.
FREE: Custom 20-pound River Anchor Delivered With This Boat

Always wear a life jacket on uncertain water!

Jeremy & Marcy scouting a Class III problem.

The mature design of this boat has gone through many incremental improvements over the years which makes it one of the best two person fishing crafts available.  The PAC 1200 is easy to row & control, even in class III and IV water.  The high position of the front seat and the stand-up bar gives an angler the ultimate position and visibility.  The PAC 1200 is a very stable platform to fish from. 
The PAC 1200 offers plenty of room for two people and their gear. The PAC 1200 has lots of clearance and lots of features that make it very appealing for anglers.
Construction is from the best materials available. Added features allow this boat to adapt to all fishing conditions.

Inflated Size

Tube Dia.



Anchor System

156" x 65"


600 lbs.

130 lb.


Item Description Price To Top
200-000580 Outcast PAC 1200 Pontoon Boat, color Green $2,500


Temple Fork Outfitters Deer Creek Spey Rods
12' 6" - 5/6-weight 13' 6" - 8/9-weight 14'  - 9/10-weight
13' - 7/8-weight 15' - 8/9-weight More TFO Spey Rods
Deer Creek Rods feature beautiful distinctive cork handles and thread wraps.

Report by: J. Morgan Jones
Here is a question that we get asked a lot at the shop, though not in so many words, “Can I get a top line $800 spey rod for less than $400. The answer is of course, "No, you cannot." Regardless of what any manufacturer might trying to convince you of, it’s not happening. But... with the advent of the new T F O Deer Creek spey rods, it is getting closer than you might think.

The T F O folks have been making  pretty good entry level spey rods for a number of years. I know that we at the shop have been very pleased with these offerings.  Some time ago, the
T F O company began consulting with two very experienced spey rod designers, Mike Kinney and Bob Meiser in their quest for even better spey rods. Both Mike and Bob have been known for making some very good rods on their own, so we were quite curious just what kind of rod TFO might end up with. TFO is known for their “price point”, business-like spey rods. Besides making a very nice casting spey rod, Bob Meiser is also known for his excellent finish work and a somewhat spendy price.

By pure happenstance, I was able to “liberate” the entire collection of the Deer Creek rods from TFO rep, Dick Sagara for about two weeks. As this was an unplanned circumstance, we were running a bit short in the “testing” department. Mark Bachmann (and Patty) were going to be out of town, Josh Linn was headed to Alaska, Roger was busy (we think he’s too shy for this stuff). So, there was nothing to do, but cast the rods myself (along with a few friends) and then bring in one of the Big Guns himself, the great and powerful Leroy Teeple. If you do not know Leroy Teeple, suffice it to say that he understands ALL phases of anything to do with spey rods. Sort of a “novice” and the “master” thing (I did not say who was which). 

To keep the suspense for building too much...... the Deer Creek rods are quite surprising. Very nicely appointed. Deep gloss finish, copper colored windings, detailed cork; attractive rods to say the least. Unlike previous T F O rods, these rods are designed to catch your eye. And they do this very well, thank you.

But, in the world of spey casting, it all comes down to casting. Looks are a plus, but only if the rods cast well. The TFO people, along with Meiser and Kinney, got it right the first time... these rod DO cast. Are they magic?  Uhh... no, but they do grow on you. But they are good solid, smooth casting rods. I would not hesitate to say they cast much better than the cost would indicate, if you get my drift. These rods are very straight forward, no casting quirks that we noted. They seemed to be rated correctly for the line weight on each rod. As a matter of fact, the line rating of the Deer Creek rods are in the grain-weight range format. The heavier line is going to load sooner and the lighter is going to throw further and so on. We believe this is something that the rest of the industry could do to make understanding line weights for spey rods somewhat easier to digest.

The Deer Creek spey rods are made in the 5 wt to 10 wt sizes. Rather than make one rod to test the waters, they introduced the entire line at one time. As a trout guy, I was really attracted to the 5-weightt rod. I must say that it compares well to the rod that I am using now. Though I am not a qualified expert, I enjoyed casting all the models of the entire series.

Kudos to the TFO Company for making a very well-done spey rod series, at very good prices, which amounts to very good value.  We are predicting success for the the Deer Creek rods.

All Deer Creek Series rods are four sections.

Mike Kinney & client in Washington with a wild steelhead.

TF 5/6 126 4 DC

Length: 12' 6"       Sections: 4       Line Weight in Grains: 350-550

For trout or summer steelhead.  This rod handles the full range of both floating and sinking tip lines for the angler who enjoys the lightweight touch.
Comes with Cordura covered hard case & sock.
Rod Weight: 7.6 ounces

Item Series Line Wt. Action Handle Price To Top
TF 5/6 126 4 DC Deer Creek 5/6 Med Deer Creek $329.95


TF 7/8 130 4 DC

Length: 13'        Sections: 4       Line Weight in Grains: 450-700

A very fine rod for medium size flies and steelhead. Can be useful in winter as well as summer.
Comes with Cordura covered hard case & sock.
Rod Weight: 8.7 ounces

Item Series Line Wt. Action Handle Price To Top
TF 7/8 130 4 DC Deer Creek 7/8 Med Deer Creek $339.95


TF 8/9 136 4 DC

Length: 13' 6"       Sections: 4       Line Weight in Grains: 550-800

An all around steelhead and and salmon rod for fish in the 6 to 20-pound range.
Comes with Cordura covered hard case & sock.
Rod Weight: 9.5 ounces

Item Series Line Wt. Action Handle Price To Top
TF 8/9 126 4 DC Deer Creek 8/9 Med Deer Creek $339.95


TF 8/9 150 4 DC

Length: 15'        Sections: 4       Line Weight in Grains: 600-850

An all around steelhead and and salmon rod for average size fish.  A great rod for fishing larger water.
Comes with Cordura covered hard case & sock.
Rod Weight: 10.6 ounces

Item Series Line Wt. Action Handle Price To Top
TF 89 150 4 DC Deer Creek 8/9 Med Deer Creek $349.95


TF 9/10 140 4 DC

Length: 14'       Sections: 4       Line Weight in Grains: 650-900

This is the big steelhead and medium size Chinook rod.  Handles the biggest flies and fastest sinking tips.
Comes with Cordura covered hard case & sock.
Rod Weight: 9.7 ounces

Item Series Line Wt. Action Handle Price To Top
TF 9/10 140 4 DC Deer Creek 9/10 Med Deer Creek $349.95



Our outdoor classroom is the beautiful Salmon River.
Our outdoor classroom is beautiful.

Learning is easier with the help of a certified fly fishing instructor.
One of our students learning to fly fish for trout.

This class is for those Fly-fishers who have a basic knowledge of casting, rigging, and fly selection with a desire to further acquire the skills needed to fish for, and catch trout in moving water.  Newcomers are also welcome.

With our guidance, you will learn the above, and gain the experience to fish a dry fly, wet fly, and nymph and also the rigging and presentation for each.

The class time will be split up into two sessions-verbal instruction at the shop, and time on the Salmon River which is just minutes from The Fly Fishing Shop.  Here you can apply you newly learned skills.

Class size limited to 6 students.
Instructors: Ron Lauzon and Leroy Teeple.
Date: Sunday, July 22, (6 hr. Class)
Meet at The Fly Fishing Shop, Classes will start at 9:00 am sharp.  We will break from noon until 1:00 pm for lunch, which will be provided. After lunch classes will resume at the Salmon River location and last until 4: pm.

EQUIPMENT NEEDED:  Rod, reel, line and leaders.  Flies will be provided.  You must have your own wading gear, including boots and waders, Oregon fishing license (or day license OK).
A wading staff may be used at your discretion.


Item Description Price To Top
LTRT 072207 Learn to Fly Fish A River For Trout Class, Sunday, July 22, 2007 $125


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