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Dorado Fly Fishing
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Dorado Fly Fishing In The Sea Of Cortez
A panga heading for the fishing grounds in the Sea of Cortez...
We landed in Loreto, Mexico June 26, accompanied by friends Bruce and Laura Hampton. The weather was perfect and the Sea of Cortez was full of big Dorado. For the next six days we experienced consistent fishing for Dorado that averaged 15-50 pounds.
After landing one of these fish, you might want to take a break...
Patty and I stayed in Mexico for another three days after Bruce and Laura left for home. The great fishing continued. This 50" Bull Dorado was estimated at 44-pounds and took 1-hour and 25-minutes to land using 10kg (22-pound test) class tippet. This fish was released. Fish of this size test fly fishing tackle, boat captains and anglers. During our nine fishing days, we exceeded the breaking point of 10kg class tippets several times and broke two premium twelve weight rods.
Patty and Eulogio with Patty's dorado that because of dehydration missed being a world record...
Patty's 52" Bull Dorado was estimated as 46-48 pounds when landed, which would have beat the current women's world record of 42-pounds 11-ounces. However the IGFA Certified Captain in Loreto was also out fishing and couldn't be located until four hours later. During this time the the Dorado was suffering weight loss and finally weighed-in at 42-pounds 8-ounces, missing the world record by 3-ounces.
Everyone caught many Dorado each day...
Bruce Hampton and guide, Chonto with a nice Dorado.
Getting started early...
Laura Hampton and Chonto waiting to leave the beach at sunrise.
Outdoor dining...
Bruce organized a seafood feed of fish, squid & clams fit for kings and queens.
The birdlife adds to the adventure...
Every morning as the sun rose, a flight of woodpeckers would inspect the palms.
Jumping dorado...

G. Loomis CrossCurrent Rods
A pair of winners... Lifting power...
In recent months G. Loomis CrossCurrent fly rods have enjoyed a huge surge in popularity. There has been a veritable feeding frenzy on them through our web catalog, to the point that several times they have exceeded the supply. We decided to take a ten and a twelve weight to Loreto with us to see what all the fuss is about. Because of the average size of the fish we encountered on this trip, the ten weight received limited action, but won out over several 30+ pound Dorados. The twelve weight proved to be the superior rod in our quiver for this trip. It is fairly fast action, but not to the point on being finicky to cast. I used a couple of different grain weights of lines and a broad spectrum of fly sizes and it preformed well with everything. What really impressed me was the lifting power of the butt section, which is essential for landing the size of some of the fish we were hooking. This became most obvious during the close-in final minutes of the battles when a couple of other rod brands failed. Not that it is difficult to build rods with brute strength. It is much more difficult to build muscle rods that are pleasant to cast with. It seems that G. Loomis has reached this all-important balance. But, what else would you expect from a design team that features Steve Rajeff and Flip Pallot. During this trip, it became very apparent to us that our customers were ahead of us on this one. The two Loomis' go with us on the next saltwater trips.

Length: 9'    Line: #10     Pieces: 4   

G.Loomis FR10810-4CCGLX

A real powerhouse of a rod for big fish, big flies and windy conditions. Permit on the flats or the wrecks, Dorado on the ocean, striped bass or bluefish in the bays. A great all around heavy-duty fly rod.

Length: 9'    Line: #12     Pieces: 4   

G.Loomis FR10812-4CCGLX

"THE" big tarpon rod or big anything for that matter. It's the rod you're going to want in the boat when the big "poons" show up. The most powerful 4-piece fly rod in the business!

Gear Insights
...this stuff really does work!
Abel Aluminum Handles stand up to hard conditioins... Abel Aluminum Handles
Get Two Thumbs Up!

A new aluminum handle was in stalled on each of two of our well-used Abel reels. Not surprisingly they added to our comfort and success when spending as much as a hour and a half fighting a single giant Dorado. The Delrin bearing allows friction-free operation. The grooves in the handles channel water away from your fingers. We both agreed that the large size is more comfortable than the medium size and the extra
length of both sizes makes them superior to any of the wood handles offered by Abel. Our conclusion after big game fishing with Abels (some of our reels are over twenty years old) is they are damn tough, trouble free and very much worth the investment.
Simms Waderflex Jeans
Originally designed to be worn under waders, possibly the single best garment to come out of Simms since breathable waders and rain jackets. Wet or dry, these are the most comfortable warm weather pants I have ever worn. No under garments are required and they don't bind, chafe or hold water. The fabric coating repels dirt. Fish slime doesn't seem to have any effect on them. They hand-wash easily and completely dry overnight, which allowed them to be worn every day of our ten day trip.
The most comfortable pants...
Rugged shirts... Simms 3X Dry Shirts
Not surprising our guide and I showed up several days wearing identical Simms 3X Dry shirts. Though our homes and fishing waters are separated by hundreds of miles, we're both guides. Guides just want equipment that works. It has to be practical and durable...and above all trouble free. We've no idea where Elughio got the shirt. Guess we could've asked, but the fact that he wore it a couple of different days during our trip says a lot about how good a job Simms did producing it.
GuideLine Glasses
There is nothing that adds more to success when fly fishing than being able to see your prey. A great pair of polarized glasses are the best tool you can have to see fish and to reduce eye strain while fishing. Just before this trip, I took possesion of a pair of Rogue model glasses with copper color bicarbonate lenses ground to my bifocal prescription. They worked perfect, not the least bit surprising. What is unique is that non-prescription bifocals are $69.95
Easy on the eyes...
Eulogio catching dorado... Rio Outbound Tropical Lines
OutBound lines are radically designed weight tapers that are patterned after shooting heads, which means they incororate over-size heads and extra fine running lines. This type of configuration offer some advantages over more conventional fly lines because the load your rod deeper they can throw big flies further. They also load your rod quicker for throwing short casts. The OutBound intermediate, slow sinking line has become our favorite for Dorado fishing under most circumstances.
Tilley LT6 Hats
My Tilley is five seasons old and has thousands of miles and hundreds of days on it. It has been washed dozens of times. By and large it looks a lot newer than the guy that wears it. It folds flat in the luggage, yet pops back into shape as soon as it is on my head. It breathes well in the heat and keeps the sun of my ears, sunglasses and the back of my neck. Only when riding in a fast boat does the wide brim give problems. Otherwise Tilleys are a superior outdoor hat.
Shade for the head...

...they are going to get chewed up...if you're lucky...
Chewed up Sardina... It always amazes me when a customer says they are going on a bluewater saltwater trip and want to know what kind of flies to take. We tell them, and the reply something like, "Okay, give me three."  Because of better construction techniques in the flies themselves, and the fact that our guide had a landing net, this trip we only went through 2 1/2 dozen Mark's Sardinas instead of the usual 3 1/2 dozen. If you are going to fish hard, you are going to get your flies chewed up. But, that is the reason for going in the first place, isn't it? The fishing was so good
this trip that we got plenty of chances to experiment with fly patterns and presentations. We caught fish on a couple of different poppers and experimented with Crease Flies, which are the new craze. Yes, Crease flies catch Dorados and are an option for change-up flies. As soon as a reliable source can be found, they will be offered in our online catalog. However, the Mark's Sardinia in size 2/0 is still overall the most productive fly for us.
Mark's Sardina Fly
These flies are the ones currently at the top of the Sardina Fly evolution.
Item Description Size Price To Top
06621-2/0 Mark's Sardina Fly 2/0, 5-inch 3 for$23.85 SALE ENDED
06621-1/0 Mark's Sardina Fly 1/0, 4-inch 3 for$23.85 SALE ENDED

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