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Loreto Fishing Report
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Fly Guys Win Tournament
Loreto, Mexico Fly Fishing Report - Summer 2013

This year Patty & Mark were joined by Bruce, Lara, Phil and Austin in Loreto, MX. Mark &  Patty decided they would keep an accurate count of their dorado landed for each day of the trip. As expected, the catch totals came out pretty even for these two experienced anglers. This was not a top year, but not the worst year either, maybe just about average. The rest of the crew did very well also. This was a very relaxing vacation for all of us.
June 29
Mark: 18 Dorado, largest 30-pounds
Patty:  12 Dorado, largest 20-pounds

This year the dorado seemed to be a mix of one to two year old fish, with very few fish over thirty pounds. As expected, Mark's Sardina was the top fly in our boat. Our first morning we popped a couple of dorado within sight of the hotel, then ran south for twenty miles stpping at every bunch of floating weeds without a grab, until we located a large Sargasso paddy that held about a dozen fish. Then we picked off singles and doubles here and there for the rest of the afternoon. Thirty dorado landed for the two of us on our first day wasn't a bad start.
June 30
Mark: 7 Dorado, largest 12-pounds, 11 Skipjack Tuna
Patty:  11 Dorado, largest 15-pounds,  7 Skipjack Tuna

Today the Ocean got rough. Finally we got on the down-wind side of an island. Patty got this dorado very close to shore. We also caught many Skipjack Tuna at this same spot. within reach of Loreto by boat there os more than a hundred miles of shoreline. Shoreline fishing is a lot of fun.
July 01
Mark: 19 Dorado, largest 20-pounds, 5 Trigger Fish
Patty:  17 Dorado, largest 20-pounds 

Mark's new Hatch 7+ Reel got a lot of use and performed flawlessly. Today the dorado were plentiful and stupid in an Ocean that was flat as a table top. Visibility was perfect. We landed 27 dorado by 7:30am. Most fish were 15-20 pounds, very well rested, and very strong.
July 02
Mark: 13 Dorado, largest 30-pounds
Patty:  11 Dorado, largest 35-pounds

The camera giveth and the camera taketh away. Often the fish in a picture look larger than life, all fish photographers use optical perspective to nudge fish into the next weight-class. some anglers & guides make an art-form of the extended arm to enlarge the distance between the angler in the background to the fish in the foreground. Fish always look bigger than they are. The public now expects it, and size really does matter in the fish-story game. But sometimes angles and perspectives conspire to make fish shrink from the Golith to the Dinker. The good fortune of you and your best fishing buddy catching two very large Dorado at the same time is brought below reality by a camera taking a picture of those fish in a large landing net. They look much, much smaller than they are, and it was just another day's fishing, a special day only for yourselves, but that is what vacations are all about. the shape of the fish and their maturity tell the real story, but once again the viewer might not know unless he/she had a similar experience.
July 03
Mark: 7 Dorado, largest 15-pounds, Ladyfish 3
Patty:  9 Dorado, largest 20-pounds

Today I decided to fish dorado only with poppers. It wasn't a handicap. Patty was on her game today and out fished me with her Mark's Sardina. Of course she also hogged the larger fish.
July 04
Mark: 4 Dorado, largest 15-pounds
Patty:  4 Dorado, largest 15-pounds

Six-Thirty A-Em and the sun rises over Isla Coronado heralding another day's quest for adventure beginning. Will the sea be smooth and kind with plentiful stupid, hungry fish? Or will mother nature test you with big waves and snotty refusals to your best offerings. Most days are periods of each, but mostly in-betweens where not all casts fail, but you remember the best ones. The world of business and social constrains dissolve into unimportance, and nature reaches deep into your soul and freshens your spirit. The Lord does not subtract from a man's allotted span for the days spent fishing.

Our good friend Treg Owings was staying just up the street in Loreto, and he emailed me this picture of him holding very large roosterfish that he landed with his brand new Waterworks Speedster 4 reel. The Sea of Cortez is such a great fishery.

Top Bluewater Rods For The Sea Of Cortez
When you are picking out a rod for fishing in the Sea Of Cortez, take into consideration that every ounce of weight in your baggage costs money and you will need a back up rod or two if you want to maximize your time on the water.
G. Loomis NRX 10812-4 FLY Length: 9'     Line: #12     Pieces: 4
Steve Rajeff's newest cannon is my number one pick for a variety of reasons. The number one reason is that it is just plain predatory. This rod loves to hunt. It knows its place. It obeys every command. It doesn't break my concentration. It allows me to be at my best. NRX rods are easy to cast at all ranges with a wide variety of fly sizes. They rods are very adaptable to about every type of line made from 400-550 grains. Beyond that they are incredibly light in the hand and unbelievably durable. This is a rod you can lean on and know it isn't going to cave-n when you need it the most. Best part is they come in two colors. Put your Outbound Intermediate on the blue one and your full sinker on the green one. Then you truly are ready to fish the Sea of Cortez.
Item Series Line Wt. Action Handle Price To Top
11923-01 NRX
12 Fast   $900 Sale Ended
12040-01 NRX
12 Fast   $900 Sale Ended

G. Loomis FR10812-4CCGLX

Length: 9'    Line: #12     Pieces: 4   

Steve Rajeff's competitive distance casting background really shine through the CrossCurrent GLX Series. This is my favorite rod for casting full sinking shooting heads long-distance. Even when fishing from a boat there is a real advantage in being to throw a lot of line. Long lines get deeper and the fly stays in the water longer. Be aware that you may have to stay in shape to get the best out of this stick. A high performance rod demands a high performance fly caster to get the best out of it. This may be the most powerful 4-piece 12-weight fly rod in the business!
Item Series Line Wt Power Taper Handle Price To Top
11292 Cross Current GLX 12 Stiff Fast 130 $780.00 Sale Ended

Beulah Bluewater 10/11 Length: 9'     Line: #400-grain     Pieces: 4
This was our first trip with a Beulah Bluewater rod in the boat. You can feel that the guy who designed this rod has spent a lot of time fishing in the Sea of Cortez. With a spare tip included, these rods are built for long bumpy boat rides and the toughest fishing environments you will encounter. A fast and responsive taper will helps to achieve quick, long, and accurate casts. The secret to the strength and super-fast tip recovery of this series is the high-modulus IM8 graphite that Beulah uses to construct the blank. This rod is easy to cast, has amazing lifting power, and the extended grip is a real plus when encountering larger fish.
Series Item Line Wt. Action Handle Price To Top
Bluewater BW10/11 10/11 very fast   $385.00 Sale Ended

ECHO3-1290SW Length: 9'     Line: #12     Pieces: 4
Echo3 saltwater fly fishing rod #12

ECHO3 90 # 12 was designed by Tim Rajeff as an easy casting rod that can still crank tuna and billfish to the boat in a hurry. The extra heavy butt section helps airmail larger sized flies long distance when needed, and lift heavy fish comfortably. Equipped with a removable fighting grip, it meets all the needs of the Sea of Cortez. At first glance this rod is beautifully finished, but looks a little clunky. Don't kid yourself, this rod is all business, the big, wide extension butt is easy on your belly and forearm, and the extra foam grip is easy on your shoulder, especially in the final stages of landing really large fish. Ya' did good Timmy!

Series Item Line Wt. Action Handle Price To Top
ECHO3 1290SW 12 fast   $379.99 Sale Ended

TFO MANGROVE 12 90 Length: 9'     Line: #12     Pieces: 4

Flip Pallot's twelve-weight is a very light weight rod for the amount of casting power it delivers. Remember that every ounce of luggage counts when you are traveling by air. We cast the full range of sinking lines with this stick and caught a lot of fish with it. It performed very well under all of the conditions we put it through. I remember one stretch where the Skipjack Tuna were really aggressive and eleven were brought to the boat in about 45-minutes with the Mangrove Twelve. I would have liked a larger extension butt. Guess Flip's belly is harder than mine.
Rod weight: 4.8 ounces.

Item Series Line Wt. Action Handle Price To Top
1290 Mangrove 12 Fast 12 $249.95 Sale Ended

Shimano EVAIR Shoes

Shimano Evair
Ultra-comfortable! Great deck shoes with soft, gripping, non-marking soles. Easy on, easy off.

Just like some footwear allegedly helps an NBA star make a slam dunk starting at the free throw-line, these Shimano EVAIR Shoes, can make it easy for a 205-pound man to defeat a 25-pound dorado while leaning comfortably on the consul of the boat.
Shimano Evair
Shimano's latest introduction to footwear is the multiple application Evair Outdoor shoes provides foot protection with comfortable ventilation. Made from ultra lightweight EVA.
  • Various Outdoor Applications: Fishing, Camping, Boating, Wading, Rafting Trail Hiking
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Ultra lightweight - less than 9 ounces per shoe
  • Ergonomic foot-bed design
  • Non-marking rubber outsole with water-canal design for boating
  • One-piece molded EVA absorbs heel shock and reduces foot fatigue
  • Removable waterproof inner sole
  • Pleasant khaki color goes with all casual clothing
  • These shoes will be a favorite around camp, or hanging our in the yard.
  • They could be a hit at the office as well
EVACS06KH Shimano EVAIR Shoes, SIZE 6 $49.95 Sale Ended
EVACS07KH Shimano EVAIR Shoes, SIZE 7 $49.95 Sale Ended
EVACS08KH Shimano EVAIR Shoes, SIZE 8 $49.95 Sale Ended
EVACS09KH Shimano EVAIR Shoes, SIZE 9 $49.95 Sale Ended
EVACS10KH Shimano EVAIR Shoes, SIZE 10 $49.95 Sale Ended
EVACS11KH Shimano EVAIR Shoes, SIZE 11 $49.95 Sale Ended
EVACS12KH Shimano EVAIR Shoes, SIZE 12 $49.95 Sale Ended
EVACS13KH Shimano EVAIR Shoes, SIZE 13 $49.95 Sale Ended

Fly Guys Win Tiger Musky Tournament
Matt Sherman and Ed Walzer were the only fly fishing team competing with several teams of experienced gear fishers entered in the annual Tiger Musky Tournament on Lake Merwin. The fly guys packed off all the money and beat the second place team by a hundred inches.

Fish long & prosper,
Mark, Patty & Crew

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