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Loreto, MX Report
Buff Headwear
11-Weight Rods
In-Shore Poppers
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Loreto, MX 2014 Report

June 25 to July 2, Loreto trip encapsulated: perfect timing, perfect weather, the Loreto crew did the perfect job, unfortunately because of the effects of El Niño the Dorado forgot to show up, resulting in the poorest fishing in 12-years...for some anglers a bummer in paradise.

The water warmed early, and Dorado started showing up around Loreto in mid-April, which had never been seen before by the oldest fishermen. By prime time, the Dorado had moved on, leaving only a few stragglers. Some were found in very unusual places, such as this 20 pound hen, which was encountered ten feet from a patch of shore-line mangroves in four foot deep water over a bottom of white sand. She was hungry and took the fly aggressively, then ran 150 yards into the backing, and leaped high into the air several times, a spectacular fish encountered in totally unusual circumstance...an unforgeable experience!
To fill in the time, some anglers trolled flies and did pretty fair. Patty and I spent several hours each day hunting for Dorado, but encountered only a few. We spent most of the rest of the time hunting for fish along the shoreline, but they too were in short supply. We did encounter some ladyfish and other small fish. Apparently the fish that are normally abundant along the shore, had headed out to deeper water beyond the reach of fly anglers.
Triggerfish were available if an angler used small weighted flies and fast sinking shooting head lines. Triggerfish pull like bluegills on steroids and are excellent eating. Some range up to five pounds.
While fishing along a rocky island we encountered a massive whale shark and Patty was able to get an underwater picture. They are thought to be the largest fish in the sea. Some weigh over a ton.
Water melon snappers are some of the beautiful fish to be encountered any where, and they pull hard against appropriate size tackle. Here I'm wearing my Shimano Evair Shoes. They are great traction on boat decks and are cool on your feet. Mine are a full year old and show virtually no wear. They may be the single best buy in foot wear today.

Buff Headwear....are you Buff enough?
Buff Headwear is both stylish and practical protection against heat or cold, and/or wind and excessive sun. To ward off the 97-degree head, I dunked my Dorado Print Buff in the water from the melting ice in the bottom of the cooler, then stretched it over my head and let it drip down the back of my neck...very cool! Check out our selection of angling print Buffs here.

Eleven Weight Rods
G. Loomis NRX Beulah Opal
G. Loomis PRO-1 Winston BIIISX
G. Loomis CrossCurrent Loop Cross-S1
Sage Salt Sage Motive

Most saltwater anglers choose #8, #10, and #12 weight rods to cover the many sizes of fish commonly found in saltwater. In the past these sizes of rods have been my choices as well. These sizes of rods cover fish sized from 2 to over 150 pounds. This year my saltwater quiver has stepped down a size in each category and contains #7, #9 and #11 weight rods. I have a feeling that coupled with the newest lines these smaller rods will be more comfortable in the hand and do just as good at presenting flies and playing fish. In most other fisheries, fly rods are getting smaller. The most common trout rod used to be six-weights. Now the most popular trout rods are five weights. The same transition has take place in Spey fishing. Twenty years ago fourteen foot nine weight rods were most popular for steelhead. Now thirteen foot seven weight have taken their place.
Eleven weight rods have long been popular with many tarpon fishers, especially where tarpon rarely reach over 100-pounds. Eleven weight rods have also been proven to be the right size for most Dorado and rooster fish. We have taken a bevy of these tweener rods on this year's saltwater trips and they have done a great job and provided a lot of fun.

G. Loomis NRX 10811-4 Length: 9'     Line: #11     Pieces: 4

When you talk "finesse" in a fly rod it usually refers to trout fishing, but when it comes to the saltwater scene, the topic quickly moves towards the flats. There are days when the tarpon are contrary and you need to use longer leaders, small flies and make quiet presentations. This is the rod for those kind of days. NRX makes it insanely light in your hand and so powerful it will get your attention - quick! When you want those big silver kings to tire out before you do, this rod can and will do the job. A great option for small billfish as well!

Item Series Line Wt. Action Handle Price To Top
11922-01 NRX
11 Fast   $870 Sale Ended
12039-01 NRX
11 Fast   $870 Sale Ended

Loomis NRX 10611-4 PRO-1 Length: 9' Line: #11 Pieces: 4
Whether you're looking for a bigger challenge or a way to make spending the day on the front deck of a flats boat a little easier, the 11-weight saltwater fly rod is an excellent option, especially when it's light as the proverbial feather. Tarpon anglers have found that they have a lot more energy at the end of a long day when they can go to a lighter rod. That's where this NRX 11-weight really shines. When fishing pressure turns off the bite, you can go to smaller flies and lighter tippets to improve the odds. It's extremely light yet surprisingly strong. Excellent for tarpon, billfish and small tuna. Because there are no ferrules in this rod, it is unusually strong, yet incredibly light in the hand.
Item Series Line Wt. Action Handle Price To Top
12154-01 NRX PRO-1
11 Fast $785 Sale Ended
12159-01 NRX PRO-1
11 Fast $785 Sale Ended

G. Loomis FR10811-4CCGLX

Length: 9'    Line: #11     Pieces: 4   

G. Loomis CrossCurrent rods have magnumized action to provide blazing line speed and great lifting power. This is one of the best designs for chucking shooting heads for long distance casting. A great choice for tarpon, Dorado or roosterfish too.
Item Series Line Wt Power Taper Handle Price To Top
11291 Cross Current GLX 11 Stiff Fast 130 $770.00 Sale Ended

Sage 1190-4 SALT Length: 9'    Line: 11     Pieces: 4

Sage's first saltwater rod created with their revolutionary Konnetic Technology, the
medium-fast action (we consider it a salt-action) SALT loads extremely quickly at all
distances, allowing you to make your all-important first cast with precision no matter the
range of your quarry, all without casting fatigue. Powerfully tapered throughout, the stiffer
tip section on this exquisite dark sapphire rod works in concert with the deeper-bending
middle and lower sections to help you quickly and effortlessly lift your line off the water
for lighting-fast casts that let you make the most of each opportunity.
Our SALT demo rod arrived too late for the first leg of our 2014 saltwater journey, but is on the water now being tested. We'll let you how it performed when we get back to Internet service.

Rod weight: 4 13/16 Ounces

Item Series Line Wt. Action Handle Price To Top
1190-4 SALT 11 Medium-Fast   $850 Sale Ended

Sage 1190-4 Motive Length: 9'    Line: 11     Pieces: 4

Affordable, functional & beautiful....This is the new generation of perfect rods for the Sea of Cortez, replacing the venerated twelve weights with a lighter weight easier-to-use weapon for Dorado and roosterfish.

Rod weight: 5 1/4 Ounces

Item Series Line Wt. Action Handle Price To Top
1190-4 Motive 11 Fast B $425 Sale Ended

Beulah OPAL 1190-4

Length: 9'    Line: #11     Pieces: 4

The Opal 11wt fly rod is amazingly accurate, quick and powerful, three necessary ingredients when fly fishing flats and blue water. This is fast action fly rod casts with soul, and has reserves of lifting power. You will feel the line load throughout the blank and recover in an instant. The Opal 11wt makes fly fishing for big fish fun again.. All Opal rods come with American Tackle Titanium Guides, IM8 Silica Nano Matrix (SNM) resin, AAAA cork and custom anodized reel seat with unidirectional locking ring.

USE OF ROD:  The rod for saltwater flats, inshore and Off shore Blue water. This is a favorite for Musky fisherman in the know. This rod is also a great choice for larger anadromous fish like King salmon.

ACTION:  laser fast, fast recovery

FLY LINE RECOMMENDATIONS: Beulah Serum 350-450, SA Tarpon 11wt, 350-500 grain sink lines, Rio Outbound short 10wt

Opal 11wt  4 PIECE Comes with sock, Cordula tube, lifetime warranty for original owner (see warranty conditions)

Rod weight: 5.8 oz.

Item Series Line Wt. Action Handle Price To Top
OPAL1190-4 Opal 11 Fast Standard $620 Sale Ended

1190-4 CROSS S1 Flatsman Length: 9'    Line: 11     Pieces: 4
This is a the perfect "in-between" rod to round out your flats or bluewater arsenal. I used this rod on a recent trip to the Sea of Cortez, mostly for chucking heavy fast sinking shooting heads with heavy weighted flies. This is a very comfortable rod to use when mated up with a 450-grain head.
Item Series Line Wt. Action   Price To Top
CROF1190-4MF CROSS S1 11 Medium Fast   $845 Sale Ended

R.L. Winston Boron III-SX1190

Length: 9'       Line: #11     Pieces: 4   

This is the Boron III-SX for species like giant trevally, tarpon and Dorado. It gives you the ability to handle all types of lines and make very long distance casts into the wind.
Rod weight: 4 3/4Ounces.
Item Series Line Wt Action Handle Price To Top
1190 Boron III-SX 11 Super Fast Full Wells $895 Sale Ended

Saltwater In-Shore Poppers
In-Shore Popper, Blue/White In-Shore Popper, White
In-Shore Popper, Orange/Yellow Painted Popper, Bright

"In-Shore" Poppers are designed to act like wounded or escaping bait fish.  Because of a thick coat of clear epoxy covering the body, these poppers are a little heavy and demand a rod that is at least ten-weight to cast comfortably. This same epoxy coating adds durability and extreme good looks. In-Shore Poppers ride low in the water for maximum disturbance. The cup face moves a lot of water for maximum commotion. The poppers are fairly easy to pick up for a re-cast. These are big fish flies for Stripers, Dorado, Jacks, Trevalle, and any kind of large fish that eat other fish.
In-Shore Popper, Blue/White

Item Description Size Price To Top
950u-93 In-Shore Popper, Blue/White 3/0 3 for $17.85 Sale Ended
In-Shore Popper, Orange/Yellow

Item Description Size Price To Top
950h-93 In-Shore Popper, Orange/Yellow 3/0 3 for $17.85 Sale Ended
In-Shore Popper, White

Item Description Size Price To Top
950w-93 In-Shore Popper, White 3/0 3 for $17.85 Sale Ended

Painted Popper, Bright

#2/0 -9/16"x 4 1/2" Bloodshot baby Dorado color.  A good pattern for adult Dorado, jacks and any specie that eats baby Dorado.
Fishing on the surface is the most classic style of fly
fishing.  Popper fishing is about as close to dry fly fishing as the saltwater angler is going to get.  There is no doubt in the thrill of seeing a trout come to the surface and sip a dry fly from the surface of a clear stream.  However, watching a forty pound Dorado slash to the surface, crush your popper, and then extract many hundreds of feet of backing from your screaming reel is an event hard to accurately describe. Popper fishing is a game that every saltwater angler ought to be prepared to try.

Item Description Size Price To Top
99886-2/0 Painted Popper, Bright 2/0 $5.95 Sale Ended

Shimano EVAIR Shoes

Shimano Evair
Ultra-comfortable! Great deck shoes with soft, gripping, non-marking soles. Easy on, easy off.

"Just like some footwear allegedly helps an NBA star make a slam dunk starting at the free throw-line, these Shimano EVAIR Shoes, can make it easy for a 205-pound man to defeat a 25-pound Dorado while leaning comfortably on the consul of the boat", Mark.
Shimano Evair
Shimano's latest introduction to footwear is the multiple application Evair Outdoor shoes provides foot protection with comfortable ventilation. Made from ultra lightweight EVA.
  • Various Outdoor Applications: Fishing, Camping, Boating, Wading, Rafting Trail Hiking
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Ultra lightweight - less than 9 ounces per shoe
  • Ergonomic foot-bed design
  • Non-marking rubber outsole with water-canal design for boating
  • One-piece molded EVA absorbs heel shock and reduces foot fatigue
  • Removable waterproof inner sole
  • Pleasant khaki color goes with all casual clothing
  • These shoes will be a favorite around camp, or hanging our in the yard.
  • They could be a hit at the office as well
EVACS06KH Shimano EVAIR Shoes, SIZE 6 $49.95 Sale Ended
EVACS07KH Shimano EVAIR Shoes, SIZE 7 $49.95 Sale Ended
EVACS08KH Shimano EVAIR Shoes, SIZE 8 $49.95 Sale Ended
EVACS09KH Shimano EVAIR Shoes, SIZE 9 $49.95 Sale Ended
EVACS10KH Shimano EVAIR Shoes, SIZE 10 $49.95 Sale Ended
EVACS11KH Shimano EVAIR Shoes, SIZE 11 $49.95 Sale Ended
EVACS12KH Shimano EVAIR Shoes, SIZE 12 $49.95 Sale Ended
EVACS13KH Shimano EVAIR Shoes, SIZE 13 $49.95 Sale Ended

After 6-months of nearly constant use (at the shop, in camp, on the beach, in the boat),
my Evair shoes show very little wear. Mark

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