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Loreto Mexico - fishing report: June 28 to July 5
If you talk to the guys that have been fishing the west central coast of the Sea of Cortez for many years, they will tell you that this summer is as tough as anyone could remember.  Our first four days were humbling.  Inexperienced anglers, high winds and heavy seas combined with scattered populations of fish were a combination that that contributed to many skunkings.  Dorado were probably there, but evidence after the fact, leads me to believe that because of the rough water they chose to feed deep below the surface 

where they were virtually impossible to get at with flies.  The gear fishermen were getting a few each day which added to our frustration.  I finally caught my first Dorado on day four.  It came to a 12" FPF Blue Back that was being trolled behind the boat.  In the end, the big flies saved the trip for us as they were able to pull the fish from deep water to the surface.  Day five was the only calm day that we had.  It proved to be spectacular in comparison to the rest.  Patty and I landed 7 Dorado to 35 pounds and I got my first Striped marlin ever.  It was just a dink as Striped Marlin go at about 50-60 pounds, but it still took almost an hour to land on a 12 weight fly rod.  The Dorado are more spectacular fighters than the Striped  Marlin.  I caught one 35 pound bull with my 10 

weight rod and I think that the next time I fish the Loreto area, my primary rod will be a 12 weight.  The 10 weight rod will only be used after smaller fish have been encountered.  We did find some very nice size Bonito even when the wind was blowing.  The largest might have weighed about ten pounds.  They are extremely powerful for their size.  We also fished for Snappers and Cabrilla (seabass) in the sheltered areas along the shore and around submerged rocks.  The last day 
Mike Senatra and I teamed up for the last day of the trip and scored pretty good with me getting another Striped Marlin of about 70-80 pounds  and Mike picking off a nice Dorado that came in to see what all of the commotion was about. We landed 6 Dorado before the wind drove us into port.  In the end the technique that worked the best was to hook a fish on a trolled fly which often brought Dorado or Marlin around the boat.  Then 
our guide would throw a few live sardines to them to make them really active and then we would cast flies to the feeding fish.   Many of these fish would go many, many yards into the backing and pull line against very heavy drag settings. Will we fish Loreto again?  Yes!  We are already working on plans for next season.  

Loreto, Baja California Sur Mexico
Baja California is a rocky arid nearly uninhabited peninsula that juts south of  U.S, California and separates the Sea of Cortez from the Pacific Ocean.  Loreto is located in the southern 1/3rd of Baja on the east side.  As such it is perfectly situated as a port for bluewater fly fishing for large, strong game fish.
It has a colorful past. In 1697 Jesuit priest/explorer Juan Maria Salvatierra established California's first settlement.  There is a freshwater river mouth which no doubt was inhabited by native Americans before that. Loreto served as capital to "Alta" and "Baja" California for 133 years during Spain's colonial rule of Mexico. Father Junípero Serra set forth from Loreto in 1769 on a trek northward to establish a chain of 17 now-famous California missions.

Loreto's history as a resort began in the 1970's when a stretch of sand south of town (called Nopoló) was targeted by the government to become one of Mexico's premier beach destinations (along with Cancún, Ixtapa, Los Cabos and Huatulco). However, following an initial 

surge of development and promotion, the resort has languished for lack of air service and investment.  La Paz-based Aero California came to the rescue in 1989 with non-stops from LAX.

Loreto's scenic beauty is one of its main attributes. Five deserted islands seem to almost float on the horizon while the towering Sierra La Giganta mountains rear up behind the village. Its 

beaches are somewhat rocky but have smooth as glass crystalline water ideal for sailing, water skiing and windsurfing.

World class sport fishing remains the city's major draw, particularly for yellowtail (best in the spring) and dorado, marlin and sailfish (best in the summer). It is also home to one of Mexico's finest tennis centers, and now sports a fine 18-hole seaside golf course.

We stayed at the La Pinta beach front hotel which proved to be adequate in every way as a fly fishing base camp.  It is complete with restaurant, bar and pool.  Our guides picked us up on the beach every morning right in front of our rooms.  Fish cleaning and packaging is also available for anglers who want to keep fish.  There are many other restaurants and shops within an easy walk from the hotel.  Inexpensive 
taxis are also available.  Altogether Loreto is a fine relaxing experience.
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To be continued next week.

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