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Winston Day 2002
Saturday July 20, 9:00am - 4:00pm
  Jon Covich  
Representing:  R.L.Winston Rod Co.  makers of fine fly rods
Cast a Winston Rod for a chance to win an Outcast Fat Cat 66 Float Tube.
FREE CASTING LESSONS !!!  FREE BARBEQUE (noon-on) !!!  FREE PRIZES (every hour) !!!

For The Ladies Only!
Win A Very Rare Unused IM-6 Joan Wulff Favorite Winston Rod Worth $595.
A special drawing will be held July 20 for women only.  Must be present to win.

 Joan Wulff's longest cast during competition = 161'.

One of the foremost authorities on fly casting in the world, Joan Wulff believes women anglers need lighter rods and smaller grips.  Consequently, she helped design a specialized grip for her favorite trout rods,  a Winston 3-weight and 5-weight WT Series, and also her favorite bonefish rod, the 9 foot 7-weight BL5.  All of these rods, are extremely lightweight and a delight to cast.  They come equipped with a special smaller diameter grip which features a thumb grove for proper hand positioning.
These links list some of Joan's honors and accomplishments:
Girls Can Do It!
Royal Wulff Products
What R.L. Winston Rod Company Says About: Joan Wulff Favorite Rods

What Is The Difference Between Fly Lines????
Does one brand actually cast differently than another?
Wouldn't you really like to know?  Now you can!

The Fly Fishing Shop has assembled one of the largest collections of 
demo fly lines for you to play with.
These lines are from:
Cortland, Royal Wulff, Sage & Scientific Anglers
Now you can try before you buy.
Now you can see for your self.

July is Hex Hatch month.
Hex hatches are big trout food.  Hex's  are to our local lakes what Salmon Flies are to the Deschutes River.  They have the power to bring the largest trout to 
This trout gobbled a Mark's Hexagenia, Emerger/Cripple. the surface where they can be caught on dry flies.

There are four stages of this hatch that the angler should be aware of: nymph, emerger, dun and spinner.

Hex nymphs can start leaving their burrows as early as 7:00 in the evening and a nymph fished along the bottom can get some strikes. Major feeding activity at the surface is the last hour at dark.
More about Hexagenia Hatches

Hexagenia are the largest may flies which occur in the Northwest. Their nymphs burrow into silt of pure lakes. These hatches occur late June to early August.
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Hex photo from: Hatch Guide For Lakes by Jim Schollmyer 
Hexagenia photo from "Hatch Guide for Lakes" by Jim Scholmeyer, Click Here for more Information.

Offered Here are 7  proven patterns for curing any Hex Hatch Blues.

Silvey's Hexagenia, Nymph
This deadly nymph pattern was developed by Brian Silvey in the late 1980's for the hatch at Lost Lake.  It has since become the standard Hex Nymph for the Pacific Northwest.  It is effective both deep or shallow.
Hex nymph developed by Brian Silvey.
Item Description Size Price  
12120-04 Silvey's Hexagenia, Nymph 4 3 for $5.95 -->SALE ENDED

Mark's Hexagenia, Emerger/Cripple
This pattern  was developed by Mark Bachmann in the early 1990's for the hatch at Timothy Lake.  It replicates the sequence when the dun is nearly out of the shuck or an emerging dun that is hung up in the shuck.  Either way trout like it.  Fish it in the film with the body greased.

Hex emerger/cripple developed by Mark Bachmann.

Item Description Size Price  
2028-08 Mark's Hexagenia, emerger 8 3 for $5.95 -->SALE ENDED

Ultralight Hex Emerger
This pattern was recently developed by Mike Huffman for the mid-west and is very new to the Pacific Northwest. This is a emerger pattern to match the largest sizes of Hexageia.

Hex emerger developed by Mike Huffman.

Item Description Size Price  
02100-02 Ultralight Hex Emerger 2 3 for $5.95 -->SALE ENDED

Hexagenia Cripple, Quigley's
This fly is designed by Bob Quigley to replicates the activity of the nymph hanging beneath the surface as the dun is first breaking through the back of the shuck. This is a very effective fly during the first part of the hatch.  Grease the top part of the fly only and let the rear 2/3 of the fly dangle below the surface.

Hex cripple designed by Bob Quigley.

Item Description Size Price  
99100-06 Hexagenia Cripple, Quigley's   3 for $5.95 -->SALE ENDED

Hexagenia, Comparadrake
This is a standard dry fly Hex Dun pattern that was probably developed by some keen tier from the mid-west. It works well in the Pacific Northwest or anywhere where Hex's are light colored on the belly.  This fly works best during hatches of smaller sub-species of Hexagenia. 

Hexagenia, Comparadrake unknown origin.

Item Description Size Price  
2027-08 Hexagenia, Comparadrake 8 3 for $5.95 -->SALE ENDED

Hexagina, Paradrake
This pattern  was developed by Mark Bachmann in the mid-1980's for the hatch at Lost Lake.  It is  lightweight and easy to cast.  Cast ahead of cruising fish.  Give the fly an occasional twitch.  This fly works best during hatches of smaller sub-species of Hexagenia.


Hexagina, Paradrake developed by Mark Bachmann.

Item Description Size Price  
2020-08 Hexagenia, Para Drake 8 3 for $5.95 -->SALE ENDED

Ultralight Hex Dun
This pattern was recently developed By Mike Huffman for the mid-west and is very new to the Pacific Northwest.  We know you are going to like it.


Ultralight Hex Dun developed By Mike Huffman.

Item Description Size Price  
02101-04 Ultralight Hex Dun 4 3 for $5.95 -->SALE ENDED

Hexagenia Spinner
This pattern  was developed by Mark Bachmann in the mid-1980's for the hatch at Lost Lake.  The spinner fall can be of minor importance to trout in the Hex hatch sequence most evenings.  Then for some unknown reason you can be involved in an evening when the spinner fall is much denser than the dun emergence and the rising fish prefer a pattern with spent wings.  It happens.

Hexagenia Spinner developed by Mark Bachmann.

Item Description Size Price  
2029-06 Hexagenia, Spinner 8 3 for $5.95 -->SALE ENDED

More Hex 
Giant Hexagenia Mayflies are a very important part of the food chain in some very special Cascade Mountain Lakes.  Hatches of these big bugs brings the largest trout to the surface.  Because of their 
Lost Lake, Oregon
secretive nocturnal nature, Hex hatches are just now beginning to be understood.  
Hexaginia Limbata...whosa....whata? Are there more than one specie of giant burrowing may fly in our local lakes?  I would seem so.  We have found two distinctly different sizes and at least one color variation.   Some of our local lakes can be fun at dark.   If you want to know more about Hexagenia hatches click here.  

Lately some serious fly tiers such as Mark Bachmann, Bob Quigley, Mike Huffman and Brian Silvey have given the Hex hatch a lot of attention.  The Fly Fishing Shop has put together the most extensive selection of Hex Hatch flies in the region.  
Offered below is a set comprised of well tested patterns.  Some are old favorites, others are brand new.  There are 3 each, 15 flies in all.

Brian Silvey Hex Nymph.
Silvey Hex Nymph
Mark Bachmann Hex Cripple/Emerger.
M.B. Hex Emerger
Bob Quigley Hex Cripple.
Quigley Hex Cripple
Mike Huffman Hex Lightweight Dun.
Ultralight Hex Dun
Mike Huffman Hex Lightweight Dun.
Hex Paradrake
Item Description Size Price To Top
HEXXSET Cutting Edge Hexagenia Hatch set of 15 flies 4 Set for $29.95 -->SALE ENDED

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