Hexagenia Mayfly Hatch

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Hexagenia Mayfly Hatch
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Hexagenia Mayfly Hatch
Hex hatches are big trout food.  Hex's  are to our local lakes what Salmon Flies are to the Deschutes River.  They have the power to bring the largest trout to 
This trout gobbled a Mark's Hexagenia, Emerger/Cripple. the surface where they can be caught on dry flies. Hex on the Radar

There are four stages of this hatch that the angler should be aware of: nymph, emerger, dun and spinner.

Hex nymphs can start leaving their burrows as early as 7:00 in the evening and a nymph fished along the bottom can get some strikes. Major feeding activity at the surface is the last hour at dark.
More about Hexagenia Hatches

Hexagenia are the largest may flies which occur in the Northwest. Their nymphs burrow into silt of pure lakes. These hatches occur late June to early August.
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Hex photo from: Hatch Guide For Lakes by Jim Schollmyer 
Hexagenia photo from "Hatch Guide for Lakes" by Jim Scholmeyer, Click Here for more Information.

Offered Here are 10  proven patterns for curing any Hex Hatch Blues.

Silvey's Hexagenia, Nymph
This deadly nymph pattern was developed by Brian Silvey in the late 1980's for the hatch at Lost Lake.  It has since become the standard Hex Nymph for the Pacific Northwest.  It is effective both deep or shallow.
Underside of real Hex Nymph
The underside of a real nymph.
Silvey Hex Nymph
Item Description Size Price To Top
12120-04 Silvey's Hexagenia, Nymph 4 3 for $5.95 SALE ENDED

Hexagenia Emerger
This fly looks like the nymph in the surface film.  The emerging dun is just starting to emerge through a split in the back and the top of the head.  This crude looking fly has proven to be both very effective and extremely durable.  the yellow foam back is easily visible as it supports the rest of the fly which is awash and mostly submerged.  
Developed by Mark Bachmann.

Mark's Hex Emerger

Item Description Size Price To Top
02116-06 Hexagenia, Emerger 6 3 for $5.95 SALE ENDED

Mark's Hexagenia, Crippled Emerger
This pattern  was developed by Mark Bachmann in the early 1990's for the hatch at Timothy Lake.  It replicates the sequence when the dun is nearly out of the shuck or an emerging dun that is hung up in the shuck.  Either way trout like it.  Fish it in the film with the body greased.

Hex Crippled Emerger

Item Description Size Price To Top
2028-08 Mark's Hexagenia, Crippled Emerger 8 3 for $5.95 SALE ENDED
2028-10 Mark's Hexagenia, Crippled Emerger 10 3 for $5.95 SALE ENDED

Ultralight Hex Emerger
This pattern was recently developed by Mike Huffman for the mid-west and is very new to the Pacific Northwest. This is an emerger pattern to match the largest sizes of Hexagenia.

Ultralight Hex Emerger

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02100-02 Ultralight Hex Emerger 2 3 for $6.95 SALE ENDED
02100-04 Ultralight Hex Emerger 4 3 for $6.95 SALE ENDED
02100-06 Ultralight Hex Emerger 6 3 for $6.95 SALE ENDED

Hexagenia Cripple, Quigley's
This fly is designed by Bob Quigley to replicate the activity of the nymph hanging beneath the surface as the dun is first breaking through the back of the shuck. This is a very effective fly during the first part of the hatch.  Grease the top part of the fly only and let the rear 2/3 of the fly dangle below the surface.

Quigley's Hex Cripple

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99100-06 Hexagenia Cripple, Quigley's 6 3 for $5.95 SALE ENDED
99100-06 Hexagenia Cripple, Quigley's 8 3 for $5.95 SALE ENDED

Hexagenia, Comparadrake
This is a standard dry fly Hex Dun pattern that was probably developed by some keen tier from the mid-west. It works well in the Pacific Northwest or anywhere where Hex's are light colored on the belly.  This fly works best during hatches of smaller sub-species of Hexagenia. 

Hexagenia, Comparadrake

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2027-08 Hexagenia, Comparadrake 8 3 for $5.95 SALE ENDED

Hexagenia, Paradrake
This pattern  was developed by Mark Bachmann in the mid-1980's for the hatch at Lost Lake.  It is  lightweight and easy to cast.  Cast ahead of cruising fish.  Give the fly an occasional twitch.  This fly works best during hatches of smaller sub-species of Hexagenia.


Hexagenia Paradrake

Item Description Size Price To Top
2020-08 Hexagenia, Para Drake 8 3 for $5.95 SALE ENDED

Ultralight Hex Dun
This pattern was recently developed By Mike Huffman for the mid-west and is very new to the Pacific Northwest.  We know you are going to like it.


Ultralight Hex Dun

Item Description Size Price To Top
02101-04 Ultralight Hex Dun 4 3 for $6.95 SALE ENDED
02101-06 Ultralight Hex Dun 6 3 for $6.95 SALE ENDED
02101-08 Ultralight Hex Dun 8 3 for $6.95 SALE ENDED
02101-10 Ultralight Hex Dun 10 3 for $6.95 SALE ENDED

Hexagenia Foam Dun
You wanted a dun pattern that floats high and is extremely easy to see.  Here it is.  This one floats because it is lighter than water, even when it is wet.  Works best on water that have larger varieties of Hex.

Hex Foam Dun

Item Description Size Price To Top
99105-06 Hexagenia, Foam Dun 6 3 for $5.95 SALE ENDED
99105-08 Hexagenia, Foam Dun 8 3 for $5.95 SALE ENDED

Hexagenia Hairwing Dun
This pattern floats lower and has subdued colors.  It seems to work best where smaller varieties of Hex are expected.  Can also be trimmed into an emerger in an emergency.  (Such as losing your last emerger pattern to an unusually large fish.)

Hex Hairwing Dun

Item Description Size Price To Top
2025-04 Hexagenia, Hairwing Dun 4 3 for $5.95 SALE ENDED
2025-06 Hexagenia, Hairwing Dun 6 3 for $5.95 SALE ENDED

More Hex 
Giant Hexagenia Mayflies are a very important part of the food chain in some very special Cascade Mountain Lakes.  Hatches of these big bugs brings the largest trout to the surface.  Because of their 
Lost Lake, Oregon
secretive nocturnal nature, Hex hatches are just now beginning to be understood.  
Hexaginia Limbata...whosa....whata? Are there more than one specie of giant burrowing may fly in our local lakes?  It would seem so.  We have found two distinctly different sizes and at least one color variation.   Some of our local lakes can be fun at dark.   If you want to know more about Hexagenia hatches click here.  

Lately some serious fly tiers such as Mark Bachmann, Bob Quigley, Mike Huffman and Brian Silvey have given the Hex hatch a lot of attention.  The Fly Fishing Shop has put together the most extensive selection of Hex Hatch flies in the region.  
Offered below is a set comprised of well tested patterns.  Some are old favorites, others are brand new.  There are 3 each, 15 flies in all.

Brian Silvey Hex Nymph.
Silvey Hex Nymph
Mark Bachmann Hex Cripple/Emerger.
M.B. Hex Emerger
Bob Quigley Hex Cripple.
Quigley Hex Cripple
Mike Huffman Hex Lightweight Dun.
Ultralight Hex Dun
Mike Huffman Hex Lightweight Dun.
Hex Paradrake
Item Description Size Price To Top
HEXXSET Cutting Edge Hexagenia Hatch set of 15 flies 4 Set for $29.95 SALE ENDED

The World Goes Fly Fishing
This week we sold an American made rod and reel to one of our regular German customers who is currently planning his Alaskan fly fishing trip while on a business trip to Beijing, China.  While this situation is somewhat unique, there are many similar sales being handled at our store every week.  Let's face it, the human race has tied the world together with fast communication and fast transportation. You can now communicate across the world instantly by phone, Fax and email.  You can board your plane in Portland, Oregon and five hours later you are in a thatched cabana on the beach at Loreto, Mexico. Tomorrow, at dawn you will motor out over a calm tropical sea in search of golden dorado.  In the same afternoon you will keep in touch with home base through the internet. Your associates relay pertinent information and you render advice. You are on vacation, but you are in control. Or maybe you don't want to be. It's your call...and your vacation. The point is, that you can be in touch as much as you like. We can now live, work and play more efficiently because of our new quick time travel coupled with our ability to stay in touch with each other.  You can be in many parts of the world and be in touch with home base on a daily basis.  Certainly, if you travel to fish our unique waters here in the United States, you have at your disposal the finest transportation and communication systems in the world.  You could be in Korea one day and on the Sandy River fishing for wild steelhead the next day. The same is true if you live in Japan, England, France, Germany and nearly anywhere else in the world. We are no more than two days away from most of the planet. We now live in a global world where national borders are blurred by the masses of humanity crossing them on a daily basis. Also we live in a world where technology is being shared globally on a daily basis. If a new Spey cast is developed on Washington's Skagit River, through the power of the internet, anglers around the world are experimenting with the same casting techniques within a week.

Since World War II, U.S. fly rod manufactures have dominated and set the standard for the rest of the world.  They started with European designs and added innovative engineering and materials technology.  There has been a steady string of innovations that have made our fly rods lighter, stronger and faster each and every year.   There is little doubt American made rods are the most copied fly rods worldwide. They are also some of the most expensive fly rods in the world.  But, you get what you pay for. Once again, when it comes to craftsmanship and warrantee, the American big-5 fly rod makers have set the standard. 

It is evident that manufacturing plants in Korea are able to produce rods with similar casting and handling characteristics of the American rods.  It is also becoming apparent that craftsmanship and quality control in these Korean factories is very good.  What is now emerging is that Korean engineers have a few tricks of their own up their sleeves, such as nano-technology where coating graphite blanks takes on more meanings than just cosmetics.  Certain series of Korean rods really cast.  Several American owned owned companies are finding it easier to do rod manufacturing in Korea, but keep their corporate headquarters and shipping centers in the United States.  In many cases, the best of these rods are designed by a team that incorporates designers and engineers from both sides of the Pacific. Its a two heads are better than one approach. That is the way it seems to be at Temple Fork Outfitters (TFO).  The rods are conceptually designed by expert anglers such as, Lefty Kreh, Jim Teeny, Mike Kinney and Bob Meiser.  The materials engineering and actual construction is done in Korea.  Tim Rajeff at Echo Rods and the staff at Beulah Rods take a similar approach. All three companies produce very fine rods at agreeable prices and are gathering market shares. 

There isn't anything that builds skills and technologies quicker than competition....especially in the search for fly line speed!     

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Cover Your Butt seat cushions for your fly rod.

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We’re speaking of inexpensive protection for your fly rod. Many of us searched high and low for these nifty rubber caps that securely fasten over the butt section of your fly rod .These had disappeared from the market some time ago, but they are now available again.

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CUSHIONS Reel Seat Cushions 3 For $9.95 SALE ENDED

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