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Hex Mayfly Hatches in the Pacific Northwest

Don't Cheat on Your Traction - wading shoes

Hexagenia flies are a neccessity for every fly box!
Hexagenia limbata is one of the most geographically widespread mayflies in North America. It is found from coast to coast as well as from Florida to Canada and often constitutes an important part of the food chain in clear water lakes and slow moving streams.

Korker's Wading Boots - $139.99 to $199.99

Temple Fork Outfitters - BVK Rods

The best rods for the money, the TFO BVK is a fast action rod that will excel in presentation and distance.

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Quarrow Head Lamp

Nebo Redline Blast Flashlight

The brightest Nebo flashlight ever created is the Redline Blast, with 1400 Lumens it will light up any situation. Don't worry about dropping it in the water, it is completely water proof!

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The Fly Fishing Shop folding Wading Staff

Aquatic Moth Dry Fly

You will find a bunch of these colored moths on the Deschutes River this time of year and they are a major food source for trout.

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Trout Spey School

Ten Compartment Fly Boxes on Sale 50% Off

10 Compartment: A perfect compartment configuration to fit large dry flies, such as: large stonefly dries, steelhead dries and Atlantic salmon dries. Also a good size for standard steelhead wet flies. Also a great hopper box.

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