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Tiger Fish
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The photos below captivated our attention and spurred me to do some research into a specie called the African Tigerfish Hydrocynus vittatus . Shaped much like trout and salmon of North America, Tigerfish are named for the horizontal stripes on their bodies and because they have prominent cat-like teeth. You will notice in the pictures that these fish have exactly the same fin arrangement as our trout, including an adipose fin. Evidently there are at least two subspecies of Tigerfish. Throughout most of their range, (sub-Saharan Africa) a ten pounder is considered large.
However in the Zaire (Congo) River, a subspecies called the Goliath Tigerfish can reach nearly 100-pounds. The all tackle world record is 97-pounds. Fly rod world record for Tigerfish is: 22-pounds 8-ounces, caught by Perry Peace, from a Kilombero River Tributary  in 2007. According to my research: Tiger fish all over have the same habits where like sized fish roam together in schools. The really large fish are loners. One of the best places to fish for tigers is the Zambezi River Valley (where the pictures below were taken). These areas are still wild, where lions, elephants, crocodiles, hippos, antelope and many other wild animals still roam free. Annually the water level slowly rises and floods out of the main channel and onto the floodplains. Small baitfish migrate to the safety of these floodplains and this is where they breed. As they return, tigers are waiting.
Got this email from South Africa: Pelham Henwood 06/15/08

We are back home again after a wonderful trip into Zambia, Botswana and Namibia.  Am sending a few photos to show how my new G. Loomis fly rod was christened!  Four of us fished for 4 days in the Zambezi River and caught 230 Tigerfish, all on flies and some over 10lbs, the biggest being 15lbs.  We had a great time fishing. The fishing is based on a 'catch and release' program. Europeans don't care to eat Tigerfish, although the locals live on them. My son Andrew and I are displaying a double. My Tiger was 12lb and Andrew's 11lbs. We hooked these fish at the same time and landed them seconds apart! The one with the rod in my teeth was 11lbs.  Also included is a photo of a 10-pound barble (catfish) also caught on a fly and the last photo is of an Olive Bream.
We used anything from a size 2 to 2/0 hooks depending on the anticipated size of the quarry! Fly patterns vary depending on the season. Clousers, Deceivers, Whistlers, and Zonker patterns were very successful on our recent expedition. At the moment the Zambezi is receding off the flood plain back into the main channel. There is an abundance of bait fish making their way back from the breeding grounds on the flood plains and the tigers are waiting! The "bruiser" Clouser (blue, purple and black) accounted for most of our heaviest fish which came on the feed around dusk.  We stayed in a houseboat on the river and fished out of smaller boats. The Zambezi, a beautiful river.
This is the web site for the houseboat pictured above: www.ngunivoyager.com

Cortland Toothy Critter Tie-able Stainless Steel Leader Material

Unknown specie caught with Toothy Critter bite tippet...

Chasing after pike, muskies, bluefish, barracuda, mackerel, Wahoo, sharks and a variety of other sharp toothed fish requires specialized tackle. The best nylon and fluorocarbon leaders are useless against such adversaries unless you use a bite-proof tippet.  Cortland Line Company introduces "Toothy Critter", the newest tiable stainless steel leader material available for fishing.  Aptly named, Toothy Critter is tough as steel (because it is), yet a leader material that is supple enough for tying all common fly fishing leader knots.  It is tough enough to stand up to the sharpest teeth.  We attached Toothy Critter to IGFA 

rated #20 monofilament and  fluorocarbon tippets using a standard two turn surgeons knot.  Much of our fishing during the five days of testing was with fast sinking lines.  The fish were holding deep among basalt ledges.  Inevitably our flies became snagged periodically and had to be broken off and the leader retied.  Not once did any knot involving Toothy Critter fail.  Every time the leader broke somewhere else.  Another redeeming quality of Toothy Critter is its near invisibility in the water.  During each day's fishing species which didn't require a bite tippet were also encountered.  As an experiment one angler would leave the bite tippet on, the other would snip the bite tippet off.  No difference in the amount of fish caught by either angle was detected.  This material is about the same diameter as monofilament, so it doesn't effect casting or presentation.  If you fish for species with teeth, you will like Toothy Critter.

Toothy Critter Wire

Item Description Size Price To Top
605824 Cortland Toothy Critter, 10 foot coil 20 pound test $7.95 SALE ENDED

Black & Silver Olive & Silver
Blue & Silver White & Silver
Chartreuse & Silver  

Dan Byford invented the Zonker as a "swimming action" bait fish fly. His fly was an instant success, and accounted for many species of fresh water game fish.

Zonkers are uniquely constructed. Sticky back metal tape is folded over the shank of a long hook. Then it is trimmed to the shape of a fish's belly. A length of mylar tubing is slipped over this metal form. The mylar tubing is stretched tight and assumes the shape of a fish. A long narrow strip of rabbit hide is fastened on top of the hook shank. What results is a pattern that mimics a shiny bait fish with a dark back and definite lateral line. Many mid-size bait fish such as White Fish, Suckers, Kokenee and Squaw Fish have a sharp demarcation between the side and back colors.

We have added an extra heavy duty, straight eye, nickel-plated hook, plus hand pained eyes and an epoxy coated head. Our Zonkers can truly be called "show flies". They have been successful for Bull Trout, Rainbows, Brook Trout, Brown Trout, Steelhead, Coho, Chinook, Pike, Large Mouth Bass, Small Mouth Bass, Stripers, Tarpon, Snook, Jacks, Bonito and Mackerel, just to name a few.

Zonker, Black and Silver
A convincing salmon smolt pattern. Because of the distinctive lateral coloration change, this fly works very well for many species of game fish that prey on smaller fish that have dark backs and silver sides.

Item Description Size Price To Top
12440 Zonker, Black and Silver #2 - 3" 3 for $7.50 SALE ENDED

Zonker, Blue and Silver
Juvenille Herring or Kokenee pattern. Try this fly off the rocks in saltwater or at your favorite brown trout or bull trout lake.
Item Description Size Price To Top
06264 Zonker, Blue and Silver #2 - 3" 3 for $7.50 SALE ENDED

Zonker, Chartreuse and Silver
Good low light fly. Productive for both Chinook and Coho salmon. This fly also is productive off saltwater reefs.
Item Description Size Price To Top
06265 Zonker, Chartreuse and Silver #2 - 3" 3 for $7.50 SALE ENDED

Zonker, Olive and Silver
There are olive-backed silver sided forage fish in just about every aquatic ecosystem that supports fly rod game fish. Rocky Mountain Whitefish are only one of them.
Item Description Size Price To Top
06266 Zonker, Olive and Silver #2 - 3" 3 for $7.50 SALE ENDED

Zonker, White and Silver
A white streamer moved fast is worth trying in many situations. This well known saltwater method is a sleeper for both trout and bass in lakes. Bull Trout can be extremely aggressive toward the fast white fly.
Item Description Size Price To Top
06267 Zonker, White and Silver #2 - 3" 3 for $7.50 SALE ENDED

Simms Flats Sneakers
Mark Bachmann at Andros South, Bahamas When fishing tropical waters, foot wear is an important part of your gear. There can be all kinds of nasty, sharp critters buried in the innocent looking sand of tropical flats and ocean shore lines. You need protection from urchins & rays just to name a few. Then when you get back in the boat, you want a sole that provides traction on the deck, but doesn't tend to bring part of the ocean bottom into the boat with you. The Simms Flats Sneakers are perfectly designed to give foot support, protection and comfort. They are also designed to protect the boat. They dry quickly and pack compactly into luggage for easy travel.

From Abaco to Christmas Island, Simms Flats Sneakers are the choice of saltwater anglers and professional guides.

  • Puncture-resistant, heavy-duty urethane quarter panels
  • Perforated neoprene lining provides cushioned support
  • Tough rubber toe and heel stand up to abrasion
  • Non-marking siped sole
Even more comfortable when worn with:
Neoprene Wading Socks

Simms Flats Sneakers

Item/font> Description Size Price To Top
SB20805 Simms Flats Sneakers 5 $99.99 SALE ENDED
SB20806 Simms Flats Sneakers 6 $99.99 SALE ENDED
SB20807 Simms Flats Sneakers 7 $99.99 SALE ENDED
SB20808 Simms Flats Sneakers 8 $99.99 SALE ENDED
SB20809 Simms Flats Sneakers 9 $99.99 SALE ENDED
SB20810 Simms Flats Sneakers 10 $99.99 SALE ENDED
SB20811 Simms Flats Sneakers 11 $99.99 SALE ENDED
SB20812 Simms Flats Sneakers 12 $99.99 SALE ENDED
SB20813 Simms Flats Sneakers 13 $99.99 SALE ENDED

Abel's NEW Super 12W
Norwegian Salmon & Abel 12W Reel...

We got this email last night from Norway:
Hi John!
As I promised: Here comes a picture of the first salmon taken with my new Abel 12W. The salmon-season started June 15 here in the northern part of Norway, and I hooked this 24 lb gentleman in the evening June 16. The new Abel reel set-up is really high-class for my kind of fishery...
Best regards
Kjell-Are Sollied
Super 12W quartering veiw... Super 12W back...
Super 12W front... Super 12W rear...

A super wide large arbor reel aimed at the unique needs of Spey rod fly-fishers is available now. The new Abel Super 12W has a diameter of 4.450- and a spool width of 1.375-inches.  The reel weighs 10.7 ounces. Abelís newest reel is precision machined from cold rolled 6061-T aircraft quality aluminum and anodized against saltwater corrosion using Abelís proprietary metallurgical process.  The reels are available in standard high gloss Black Coral or non-reflective matte black finishes.  Fish graphic and artistic graphic anodized finishes are available at additional charges.  The Super 12W was designed with a fully caged frame for increased durability and to eliminate the possibility of an ultra thin running line finding its way between the frame and spool.

Standard 12-weight line and 400 yards of 30-pound backing
9/10 Spey line and 250 yards of 30-pound backing
10/11 Spey line and 225 yards of 30-pound backing.

Model Line Capacity Backing Capacity Weight Price To Top
Abel Super 12W Reel WindCutter 9/10/11 250-#30 10.7 oz. $880 SALE ENDED
Abel Super 12W Spool       $390 SALE ENDED

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