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Don't Cheat on Your Traction

Don't Cheat on Your Traction - wading shoes

You simply cast better when your body is stable!
As it is in golf, your body needs the proper stability when you tee up, unless of course you are Happy Gilmore and you defy all logic. The better you can keep your feet from slipping on the river bed, the better chance you have to getting that fly to where the fish are.

Korker's Wading Boots - $139.99 to $199.99

Korker's Wading Boots - $139.99 to $199.99

Korker's are comfotable, durable, and less expensive. The have perfected changeable wading shoe soles, so you have the ability to change your traction for any situation or condition.

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Quarrow Head Lamp

Simms Wading Boots - $149.95 to $229.95

The name Simms is synonymous with fly fishing since the 1980 and has been the leader in fly fishing gear ever since. Simms Wading Boots are durable, supportive, and reliable. You know if they stamp "Simms" on it, it will be worth the money!

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The Fly Fishing Shop folding Wading Staff

Wading Boot Studs & Cleats

Safety in the water is a high priority and maintaining your wading boots to have full traction is one of the keys to staying dry and bump on the noggin free.

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Trout Spey School

Hi-Vis Parachute Adams, Twilight Red Wing

This version of the Parachute Adams is supremely visible in any light conditions that can’t be covered by the standard Parachute Adams.

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