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Bead Head Flash-A-Buggers
These Bead Head Wooly Buggers have Flashabou Mylar in the marabou tail and all except the Bead Head Damsel Bugger have Flashabou down the sides of the body. 
This gives the flies a flashy lateral line.
Bead Head Damsel Bugger Bead Head Flash-A-Bugger, Olive
Bead Head Flash-A-Bugger, Black Bead Head Flash-A-Bugger, Orange
Bead Head Flash-A-Bugger, Brown Flash-A-Bugger, Red & Hot Pink
Flash-A-Bugger, Chartreuse & Fuchsia Bead Head Flash-A-Bugger, Purple
Bass aren't the only fish that eat Flash-a-buggers... The weather doesn't always cooperate. Everyone else had quit fishing. They were huddled in small groups behind the van or in the pontoon boat trailer to get out of the ferocious wind that turned the center of the lake into white-caps. Dust blew and weeds flew. Fishing from a float tube was out of the question. No one could kick and hold themselves against this wind. Determined to beat the odds, I found it easy to wade the shallow edge of the lake and roll cast down wind. My third cast enticed a nice bass to inhale the fly, a size eight Damsel Bugger presented with a short stout leader attached to the end of a five-weight floating line. The slow deliberate coverage of a hundred yards of shoreline brought several more very nice largemouths to the hand, but only between the major gusts. When the surface was bouncing around, the bass sulked. It took twenty
shots into a tiny cove in a shore-line grass-bed to produce the best one. You know it was watching the fly every cast, but struck when the water surface calmed. Largemouth bass can be  moody any time, but especially in foul weather.
Bead Head Damsel Buggers are a "universal" on most any lakes. I suppose the originator thought they might look like a damsel fly nymph. However damsel fly nymphs are skinny. This fly is fairly robust and looks more like a dragon fly nymph. maybe it should have been called a Dragon Bugger.

Bead Head Damsel Bugger Bead Head Damsel Bugger
If you had only one wet fly pattern to fish weedy bottom lakes, this could be it.  It is the same general color and shape of many aquatic trout foods including damsel fly nymphs, dragon fly nymphs and leeches. It is also the general coloration of  several species of small fish, including baby bass. Very slow retrieves are proven when the water is cold. During warm water periods try a faster jerky retrieve.
Item Description Size Price To Top
99303-08 Bead Head Damsel Bugger 8 3 for $5.25 SALE ENDED
99303-12 Bead Head Damsel Bugger 12 3 for $5.25 SALE ENDED

Big trout like Black Flash-A-Buggers Patty was in the water first and was clear to the other side of the lake when I finally got organized. She called me on her walky-talky, exclaiming that she had a really nice trout. A couple more fell for her #10 Bead Head Black Wooly Bugger before she reached the other end of the lake. That was while the wind was only fifteen to twenty miles per hour. I tried her tactic, and several bass were seduced by it before the wind made us park our boats. Using the same line and same flies, she caught only trout, I caught only bass.
Bead Head Flash-A-Bugger, Black Bead Head Flash-A-Bugger, Black
If you had only one fly pattern for all freshwater species in North America it might be this one in the sizes listed here. We know that rainbow trout, cutthroat trout, red band trout, brown trout, brook trout, dolly varden, steelhead, coho, chinooks, large mouth bass, small mouth bass and rocky mountain white fish have all been taken on this fly pattern.
Item Description Size Price To Top
9002-04 Bead Head Flash-A-Bugger, Black 4 3 for $5.25 SALE ENDED
9002-06 Bead Head Flash-A-Bugger, Black 6 3 for $5.25 SALE ENDED
9002-08 Bead Head Flash-A-Bugger, Black 8 3 for $5.25 SALE ENDED
9002-10 Bead Head Flash-A-Bugger, Black 10 3 for $5.25 SALE ENDED

Brown Trout eat Flash-A-Buggers... During the fall, brown trout congregate along the edges of many rivers in the Rock Mountain States. Targeting the edges of a river with a clear tip line and a Bead Head Brown Flash-A-Bugger can make for some exciting fishing. Often the best fish are taken when the fly lands inches from the shore. Trout and bass in lakes also also can be greedy for a Brown Bead Head Flash-A-Bugger.
Bead Head Flash-A-Bugger, Brown Bead Head Flash-A-Bugger, Brown
This has been a very successful pattern for mud bottom reservoirs, but also is very productive in weedy rivers and lakes.  Brown can be a good color for early spring fishing in lakes before aquatic weeds start to grow. 
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9003-06 Bead Head Flash-A-Bugger, Brown 6 3 for $5.25 SALE ENDED
9003-10 Bead Head Flash-A-Bugger, Brown 10 3 for $5.25 SALE ENDED

Bead Head Flash-A-Bugger, Chartreuse & Fushia Bead Head Flash-A-Bugger, Chartreuse & Fuchsia
Bright colors are often the ticket for row eating anadromous fish.  Pacific salmon, steelhead and char will often attack brightly colored flies.  Bright colors can be most productive way to go during cold water periods. This fly has accounted for winter and summer steelhead.
Item Description Size Price To Top
9004-04 Bead Head Flash-A-Bugger, Chartreuse & Fushia 4 3 for $5.25 SALE ENDED

Bead Head Flash-A-Bugger, Olive Bead Head Flash-A-Bugger, Olive
A universal fly that has caught a wide variety of fresh water game fish (Worldwide?).  This is a favorite starting fly for many lake fishermen and also works well in rivers. Some experienced lake anglers say any fly is good as long as it is an inch long & green & moved slow along the bottom.
Item Description Size Price To Top
9005-04 Bead Head Flash-A-Bugger, Olive 4 3 for $5.25 SALE ENDED
9005-08 Bead Head Flash-A-Bugger, Olive 8 3 for $5.25 SALE ENDED
9005-10 Bead Head Flash-A-Bugger, Olive 10 3 for $5.25 SALE ENDED

Bead Head Flash-A-Bugger, Orange Bead Head Flash-A-Bugger, Orange
Orange flies are very effective for steelhead throughout their range.  This color seems most successful during winter months.
Item Description Size Price To Top
9006-04 Bead Head Flash-A-Bugger, Orange 4 3 for $5.25 SALE ENDED

Bead Head Flash-A-Bugger, Red & Hot Pink Bead Head Flash-A-Bugger, Red & Hot Pink
Red is often the most reliable color for steelhead in bright sun and clear water conditions.
Item Description Size Price To Top
9010-04 Bead Head Flash-A-Bugger, Red & Hot Pink 4 3 for $5.25 SALE ENDED

Bead Head Flash-A-Bugger, Purple Bead Head Flash-A-Bugger, Purple
Universal steelhead fly. Most proven during summer months east of the Cascade Mountains.
Item Description Size Price To Top
9012-04 Bead Head Flash-A-Bugger, Purple 4 3 for $5.25 SALE ENDED

"Guided by Vision"
She wore her polarized galsses and was able to see better. Polarized glasses enhance your vision by reducing glare.  Being able to see into the water that you are fishing is a tremendous advantage.  Wading becomes safer.  Fish become easier to locate.  Their habits become more apparent.  You become a more successful angler.   Colors are richer. Edges are sharper.  Distances and depths are more discernable. Your enjoyment of fly fishing is enhanced by your ability to more fully perceive the beauty of your surroundings.

How polarized glasses work - by Fisherman Eyewear.

Barely visible bonefish without polarized glasses. Glare Happens  Outdoor enthusiasts have long suffered with the blinding hassle of glare. The problem is, anytime you combine light with a reflective surface you're going to get glare. But not anymore, not with polarized glasses. On the river, on the trail or on the road, whatever you choose to do, if you do it outside our polarized sunglasses will have you seeing the world in a whole new light.
How Does Polarization Work?  Polarized lenses utilize polarized filtering technology to diffuse the concentrated light waves. This filtering process eliminates 99% of the reflected glare. Polarized lenses effectively eliminate horizontally reflected glare and the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays. The end result is greater clarity, definition, brilliant color transmission and reduced eyestrain.  You need...........  Plainly visible bonefish with polarized fishing glasses.
Polarized Glasses
...for seeing fish and other beautiful things...
seeing is believing...
Fisherman Eyewear
$15 - $89
Suncloud Optics
$50 - $60
Fisherman Eyewear 19BLDFisherman Eyewear Azure Suncloud, Atlas Model, Black Frame, Brown LensSuncloud, Flight, Brown Frame, Rose Lens
$39.95 -$89.95
Action Optics
$90 - $179
Fisherman Eyewear, MantisFisherman Eyewear, Rogue Action Optics Guides Choice, Black Frame, Polarchromic Copper Mirror LensAction Optics Hideout, Mahogany Frame, Polarchromic Copper Lens
$4 -$33
Discount Glasses
$11.95 - $20.95
Fisherman Eyewear Solar focus Fisherman Eyewear 16FAV, glass lens, black frame, gray lensFisherman Eyewear 29MAG, 2.50 magnifier, brown lens

Dry Falls Lake...in the plunge pool an ancient falls...

Washington's Coulee Lakes
15,000 years ago a finger of the Cordilleran Ice Sheet crept south and blocked the flow of the Clark Fork River near the Montana/Idaho border.  Over the next 50 years an impoundment  filled with water to the depth of over 2000 feet.  The surface of this lake was over 4000 feet higher than the Pacific Ocean 400 miles to the  
west.  Geologists have named this huge body of water, Lake Missoula.  At its zenith it may have held over 500 cubic miles of water.  Suddenly the ice dam broke with such force that the lake was emptied in 48 hours.  The resulting flood, equaled 10 times the flow of all the rivers on Earth (60 times the flow of the Amazon).  Much like a fire hose in a sand box, it cut across Central Washington at 40-65 miles an hour.  Within hours 1600 square miles of grass covered prairie was scoured to the bed rock.  In places over 200 feet of top soil was removed and washed to the sea. During the next 2000 years, 40 more of these floods rearranged the landscape.  Natural faults and folds in the basalt plateau concentrated the fast flowing water to excavate the basalt bedrock by the cubic mile.  When the ancient lake ran dry, the giant river shriveled leaving behind a dry canyon  called a coulee.  The largest and most 

dramatic of these ancient river beds is Grand Coulee in North Central Washington.  Here successive floods carved a steep sided canyon into the bedrock 900 feet deep, up to 8 miles wide and over fifty miles long.  Each vista inside the coulee is a geological masterpiece, a sculpture of water carved stone.  One of the most striking features of the ancient river that 

the GIANT ice-age river that created the falls pictured in the Washing State Interpretive Center overlooking the dry flls...

Patty Barnes holding a rainbow trout in front of the island left of center in the picture above...

carved this canyon was a 15 mile long set of rapids that culminated with the 200 foot deep water plunging over a 400 foot tall, 3 1/2 mile wide falls. Inside the arid 12,000 year old plunge pool of this giant falls are 9 lakes.  Several are of special interest to the fly fisher.  Each Lake is unique. Some lakes are always clear, others may be turbid at times. The personality of each lake continually changes 
with the climate cycles.  Some wet years the lakes are full and during dry cycles the lakes diminish.  One year a particular lake will be favored and fish populations will flourish, the next year may favor another lake.    Some lakes are very alkaline.  

At least one lake in the chain, Soap Lake is lethal to trout.  Lake Lenore is so alkaline that the only salmonid specie that can survive there are Lahontan Cutthroats.  Lenore is big and open and wind blown.   But some years cutthroats there can reach 15 pounds.  The average is 3 to 6 pounds.  Some Lakes, have 

Lake Lenore in the coulee....

Mark Bachmann examining the Coulee Lakes trout population....

populations of bass and bluegills.  Blue Lake, Park Lake, Vic Meyer Lake, Perch Lake and Deep Lake are annually stocked with catchable rainbow trout.  Vic Meyer Lake has Eastern Brook Trout. The jewel of the bunch is Dry Falls Lake.  It is managed as  a trophy fly fishing lake.  It has a very good population of both rainbow and brown trout that average 14" to 24".  These fish can be very picky.  During one memorable episode several dozen rainbows rose repeatedly between and around two dozen skilled anglers 
in float tubes & pontoon boats for a whole day.... few had fear of be impaled with a hook.  I know because Patty and I were two of the anglers.  We stuck around the next morning after everyone else had left and got even with these PHD trout with tiny midge pupae in the surface film.  Boy it was fun.........................................................!!!    

Traveling from The Fly Fishing Shop in Welches, Oregon go northeast  about 350 miles  through the Columbia River Gorge , across the stunning landscape of the Yakima Indian 

9 different lakes
Reservation and up the Yakima River Valley.    Don't miss Toppenish, "City of Murals". You enter the downstream end of the Grand Coulee at the town of Soap Lake.  A great base station for all of the Coulee Lakes is Sun Lakes Park.  It is run by the State of Washington.  It offers well manicured fee camping. 
  Sun Lakes Park Resort is where Patty and I stayed.  They have a store & cabins and other amenities.  It is a pleasant place to stay.  509-632-5291 

G3 Guide Stockingfoots
Order Now & Receive a Free Wader Bag!

We give our waders hard tests. June 09,08. "I now have 36 working days on my 2008 model Simms G3 Chest High Waders without a leak or malfunction of any kind. Many have been hard working days, wading deep in frigid water, or hiking through willow bars complete with beaver-stobs. Days have also been spent walking the banks of my favorite desert river where every bit of streamside vegetation has thorns and stickers. Gee-three-oh-eights are the best fitting and most comfortable waders I've ever owned, and that includes the more expensive models from the same company", Mark Bachmann

According to the guides in the field, these new model G3s are exceeding all expectations for comfort and durability.



An updated version of Simm's top selling wader now with GORE-TEX Pro Shell fabric - and at a great new price.

  • 5-layer and 3-layer GORE-TEX® Pro Shell fabric technology
  • Patented front and back leg seam construction for enhanced articulation, comfort and durability
  • Patented built-in Guide Model Gravel Guards
  • Exterior chest pocket with zippered closure holds large fly box
  • Fleece-lined hand warmer pocket with DWR treatment
  • Flip-out Tippet Tender pocket includes patented built-in retractor
  • Low profile belt loops accommodate 2" wading belt
  • Easily convert to waist highs
  • DEET & saltwater resistant
  • Nylon wading belt & repair kit included

Limited offer-Order Now: 
Receive a Free Fly Fishing Shop 
Logo Wader Bag
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