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Oregon River Reports
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Little Creeks
Sage Quiet Double Tapers
Deschutes Hatch Reports
Saracione Reel in Scotland
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Oregon River Reports Updated Friday, June 7.
Have you ever wished that you could get information about water flows, weather, terrain and the best flies to use all in one place?
Now you can get that information for 22 important Oregon fly fishing rivers. The data is up-dated every six hours

Oregon River Reports is intended to give anglers the best information on all the best fly fishing waters in Oregon.
There is a MultiMap of each river and lake. Just click the link. MultiMap views may be zoomed in or out and are draggable with your cursor to show any area you may want to look at.
Most MultiMaps are available as drawings or aerials so you can study road access and terrain in detail.
Rivers names that are underlined are linked to pages with more details. 
 Current water flows are are graphed in blue as: Current Discharge =
Ten year average water flows are are graphed in green as: Median Discharge = 10 year average flow
Current water temperatures are graphed in red =
Weather conditions, weather reports and moon phases are provided for each location by:
Weather Underground
Top-Pick Fly is also provided on many rivers. Click each fly image to follow the link to the single best fly image for each location.
This service is still evolving and this page is under construction.
The graph and weather reports below are only mock-ups. For the real-time service, go to: Oregon Fly Fishing Reports
Clackamas River (Oregon City)
Moon phase, sunrise, sunset, weather and more...
MultiMap View of Clackamas River, starting at Estacada
water flow, water temperature...
Top Pick for the Clackamas River...

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Little Creeks
Canopied over by giant trees and tumbling through a jumble of giant boulders placed on the canyon floor by thousands of years of seasonal floods, the crystal clear water of the little creek enriches the hot mid-day air with comforting coolness. Rainbow and cutthroat trout share the pools in a mixed populations untouched by the hatchery truck. The air is so clear that a butterfly can be identified at a hundred yards. There is no trail, nor other evidence of human intrusion. I am careful to leave no tracks, lest someone else should think there is reason to invade this sanctuary. Fortunately the fish are to small to attract meat or trophy hunters. The rewards here are neither status or protein.
A local mountain stream...
Native Cutthroat Trout...
Native Oregon Coastal Cutthroat and Rainbow Trout inhabit the nearly 100 miles of small streams within a 10 mile radius of our store.
These streams are part of a wild fish sanctuary, and are regulated as catch and release with only artificial lures and flies.

Quiet Double Taper II Fly Lines
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Mark lands a Deschutes trout using a Performance Double Taper II fly line

The new Quiet Double Taper II fly line will maximize the action of any light-line, high-performance fly rod.  This is no ordinary double Taper II line either.  Sage custom designed the Quiet double Taper II with a reduced tip diameter, allowing you to make delicate presentations with a shorter, more accurate leader, and narrowed the body to help you shoot farther.  Specifically designed for Sage TXL and ZXL Series Rods, these lines also enhance the performance of Winston B2T, WT and LT Series. These amazing lines really make small rods come alive. During our "lightweight rod" tests the performance change was dramatic when we switched to a Quiet Double Taper II fly line.

Quiet Taper II Floating Weight Forward, Stealthy Color - Fine Tip Taper

light mint color

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Deschutes River Hatch Up-Date
Josh Linn with a Deschutes Redside... Salmonflies mating...
The last seven days brought a mixture of weather: bright sunshine, over-cast, rain, hail, and brief, but violent winds. During the calm times fishing was often very good. Salmonflies and Golden Stones are available in big numbers at Warm Springs, along with hatches of Little Olive Stones, Green Drakes, PMD's, PED's and Caddis. Dropping down stream towards Maupin, the Salmonflies and Golden Stones are fading, and are being replaced by stronger hatches mayflies and Little Yellow Stones. From White River to the Columbia, the big stones are nearly all gone from the Deschutes, but hatches of smaller insects such as caddis and little stones are heavy.  At The Fly Fishing Shop there is a good stock of flies to cover all the hatches.

We just received this picture and testimony from Scotland.
Atlantic Salmon and Saracione Reel...

Hi Fly Fishing Shop,

I was fishing last week in Scotland, on the river Dee (Dinnet beat), I caught 6 fresh fish, all with my new Saracione reel IV 4”.

The reel was just perfect for the job. Now I’m looking for Russia where I will stay for 2 weeks From June 13 to 27 I hope to have some good photos to send to you.

Thank you for everything.

All the best.


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Fish long & prosper,
Mark & Patty