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TFO Casting Accuracy Challenge

Win a TFO Rod of your choice

Win a TFO Rod of your choice

This Saturday, June 8th, 2019 at The Fly Fishing Shop in Welches, OR

TFO Rod & Reel Cases

TFO Rod Cases

There is no more cost-effective insurance than a rod/reel case to keep your favorite fly fishing outfit clean, organized and protected. Several rod/reel cases can keep your whole fly fishing arsenal organized and safe.

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Hi-Vis Parachute Adams

Hi-Vis Parachute Adams

This pattern incorporates a fluorescent red Antron loop wing. This color is easier to see than white when fishing where there are a lot of foam patches on the water.

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Rubber Leg Material

Rubber Leg Material

Rubber Legs can be an essential piece of the fly tying kit for anyone tying flies for predatory fish. Be it flies for bass, trout, steelhead, salmon or saltwater, rubber legs add form and motion.

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Rep Your Water Wild Steel Hat

Wild Steel hat

Mesh-back baseball cap with a Wild Steelhead Adipose graphic on front. Navy background. One size fits all.

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Shad Are Here!

Lower Columbia Basin Shad

Lower Columbia Basin Shad, Huge Numbers

Shad counts over Bonneville have recently peaked 1 Million fish as of June 1st, with counts being fewer than 50,000 last week, IT. IS. ON.