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Facebook Fish Picture Contest

Win a $25 Gift Certificate!

Have you noticed: Our facebook page features many pictures that were sent directly from the water? Many smart phones have high resolution digital cameras built in. All of these phones will send pictures by both email and text.
Because of that, we are starting a weekly photo contest.

You can enter by sending your smart phone pictures and commentary to:, she will then add it to our facebook page. The Picture with the most Facebook "likes" in that week wins.

1. Only fly caught fish with fly fishing gear can enter.
2. No dead fish pictures.
3. First six pictures each day gets in our contest.
4. All pictures must include where (doesn't have to be exact spot) fish was caught, fly that was used, and outfit (rod & reel) used.
5. Contest begins at 6:00 PM each Monday and ends at 6:00 PM the following Monday.
6. The photo with the most Facebook "Likes" during that week wins a $25.00 Gift Certificate.
7. This is a revolving contest which means that all photos that have not already won can win each week no matter how long the photo has been on our facebook page.
8. Only one picture per person and a picture can only win once. Once a picture wins it is no longer in the contest.
10. Contest will run from 06/04/2012 to 07/23/2012
9 . No whining if you do not win!

Fly Fishing Is Good Everywhere, Right Now

The Sandy & Clackamas both have summer steelhead in fishable numbers. The neiborhood creeks have abudent smaller wild trout for catch and release in pristine settings. The Deschutes salmonfly hatch has been one of the best ever. The redsides are large and healthy. The local lakes are just starting to get good. Rock Ridge Ranch lakes have been reliable.

Deschutes River Summer Steelhead Schools
One-Day Floating Schools 48-Hour Camp-Out School Summer Steelhead PhD
These on-the-water steelhead fly fishing schools are a lot of fun,
and they can be very productive fishing days as well.

One Day Floating Summer Steelhead Schools on the Deschutes River

Steelhead fly fishing is very practical if you know how. Being able to find fish and being able to present the fly properly are key factors. Save yourself five years of experimenting on your own.
We will show you how.

This school will cover a lot of water and fishing knowledge in one day. Length of the class is 12-hours on the water. These schools are conducted on the Deschutes River. Big, safe, roomy drift boats will enable us to cover 8-miles of river during the class. Two students per boat/instructor format. Learn how to locate steelhead water and how to approach it. Emphasis will be on giving you a foundation of skills to build on, with a high priority given to hooking fish during the class. We want to give you maximum advantage by having as many fish hooked during this class as possible. Nothing teaches you more about fishing than being where fish are being hooked and landed. Emphasis will be on Spey Rod use and both floating and sinking-tip line fishing. Students should at least have moderate Spey casting skills. This is a fishing class.

If you need basic knowledge or a brush-up on Spey Casting skills, we suggest signing up for a Spey Casting School and be ready to use these skills to catch steelhead.

What you need to bring:
Bring your own waders and rain gear. Bring your own rod/reel set up if you want to.
A variety of premium quality 2-hand rod/reel set-ups will be available for you to use at no extra charge. Flies are supplied.
A hot lunch will be served on the river.
There will be a very short rest period after lunch.
Meet at The Fly Fishing Shop at 6:00am for a half-hour orientation. Coffee and donuts will be served.
Watch an expert guide as he fishes and discloses the secrets and proven methods that put fish on the beach. Get a lot of hands-on help so that you too can be productive.

Arrive back at The Fly Fishing Shop at 10:00pm.

Item Description Price TTo Top
ST072012 One Day Floating Summer Steelhead School on the Deschutes River, July 20, 2012 $275 SALE ENDED
ST082412 One Day Floating Summer Steelhead School on the Deschutes River, August 24, 2012 $275 SALE ENDED

48-Hour Deschutes Summer Steelhead School, Entry Level

I will be glad to net your fish...  Photo by: Dean Finnerty

Take a jet boat ride on the Deschutes River with: Mark Bachmann
This school will cover a lot of water, and fishing knowledge in 48-hours.
Summer Steelhead will bite any time of day on the Deschutes River,
however odds go way up during the low light hours of morning and evening.
That is why this school will start and end in the middle of the day,
(actually: 1:00pm, August 6 to 1:00pm, August 8).
Classes will be during the middle of the day and, you go fishing during the four "low-light" periods.
I want to give you maximum advantage
by having as many fish hooked during this school as possible.
Nothing teaches you more about fishing than being where
fish are being hooked and landed.
Emphasis will be on floating line fishing,
but will also cover sinking tip fishing during mid-day periods.
Emphasis will be on two-hand fly rod casting and fishing.
Learn how to locate steelhead water and how to approach it.
Watch an expert guide as he fishes and discloses the secrets
and proven methods that put fish on the beach.
Get a lot of hands on help so that you too can be productive.
Save yourself five years of experimenting on your own.
There will be a small, quiet generator in camp and electric lights in the screened-in dining tent.
Some "class-room" type classes will include PowerPoint projections and/or video.
Many classes will be conducted on the water
Several classes in two-hand fly rod casting and fishing will will also include wading and working fishing areas with limited room.
It would be very helpful if each student had already attended a Basic Spey Casting School.

Day 1: Arrive, Brunch, Scandinavian Spey Class, Knots & Leaders, Fish Until Dark.
Day 2: Fish The Morning, Brunch, Skagit Spey Class, Fish, Dinner, Fish Until Dark.
Day 3: Fish The Morning, Brunch, Back To Mack's Canyon At Noon.

ents, cots with pads and full accommodations will be provided.
The camp will be based on double occupancy in each roomy sleeping tent.
Be sure to bring a sleeping bag, change of clothes & camp shoes.
Lunch, dinners and brunches will be served.
The basic format is two meals per day with lots of munchies available.

Bring your own waders, or Rent Wading Gear from: The Fly Fishing Shop.
Bring your own tackle. Two hand rod/reel outfits will be available for trial.

Deposits (non-refundable) must be received by shopping cart no later than 07/01/12.
Phone orders will not be taken.
5 students per class only!
First come, first served.

Price includes Deschutes Boaters Pass.
Does not include Oregon Fishing License (available from The Fly Fishing Shop
Meet at Mack's Canyon: 1:00pm, August 6
Depart for Mack's Canyon: 1:00pm, August 8.
Transportation from Mack's Canyon to Camp will be in a big, roomy, safe jet boat.
This boat will make many miles of water available to you and
will transport you back to your car at Mack's Canyon
How to get to Mack's Canyon

Item Description Price To Top
ST080612 Summer Steelhead 101 School with Mark Bachmann, Arrive August 6, Stay two nights and Depart August 8, cost $695 per student, non-refundable deposit $395, $300 will be rang up on the same card July 15, 2012 $395 deposit
per student

Get access to all parts of the river, while travelling in style and comfort.

We be cozy, secure and pampered!

More Excellence !!!
Al Buhr
FFF Certified Master Instructor, Al Buhr is always one of the most popular presenters at the Sandy River Spey Clave. His casting & fishing talents are truly legendary. Al joins our team for a Summer Steelhead Fly Fishing School on the Deschutes River 9/16 - 9/19. Also instructing in this school are Mark Bachmann, Josh Linn & Ron Walp. Luxury river camp with two big jet boats. Six sessions on the water. Details same as above except for the dates.
This school dovetails into the school with Simon and you can sign up for it separately or take seven days of non-stop steelheading with the best guides and instructors you ever fished with.

Price: $1,895 per person.  Due by July 1, 2012
Meet at Mack's Canyon Camp Ground at:
September 16 noon -19
First come, first served.

Do to the logistical nature and the demand on these schools,
deposits are transferable to other students, but not refundable.
Click for a report from 2011 Summer Steelhead Spey Schools.
Item Description Price To Top
SPEY-SCH-091619-12 4-day Deschutes steelhead school with Mark Bachmann, Josh Linn, Ron Walp and Al Buhr, Payment in full

Ant Flies
Antron Wing Ant, Black Twilight Parachute Ant
Ant, Foam Body Winged Ants
Carpenter Ant Queen

Reportedly, ants are the most numerous of all insects. They live in large colonies which are family bands who conduct themselves with strict social organization. Ants have only one or two queens per colony and these queens do all of the egg laying. When new queens are born they have to leave and start their own colony. At this stage they are winged, and they fly to new territories.
On the west side of the Cascades, "terrestrial-insect-fall" is is a very important food source for native trout in mountain streams. The first big terrestrial-insect-fall is the Queen Carpenter Ant exodus. At the 1,200' elevation near our store, the air is filled with big glossy black queens during the first hot days of the spring/summer season. In 2007 it started in late April. In 2010 hot weather didn't arrive until the last week in June and the Carpenter Ant Queens waited until then, but they continued through mid-July. Emergence progresses up hill and is still going on in August Frog Lake & Timothy Lake, which are about 3,500' in elevation.
Since ants are so numerous, Ant "hatches" are of major importance to the angler in nearly every environment that contains insectivore fish. Ants are clumsy fliers. Wherever ant queens are migrating around water, there are fish eating them. The Carpenter Ants are most notable because of their large size, but are only one of many ant migrations that happen in the region. Next time you are fishing a desert stream, stop and examine how many kinds of ants inhabit the barren landscape. There are a multitude of sizes and colors. Most seem to forage around water. Some do fall in. Trout and panfish love ants. Foraging ants are always wingless.
But, remember that each specie probably has a queen exodus sometime during the year. Be sure to carry a few winged and wingless ant patterns to cover a variety of situations. The Twilight Parachute Ant is an easy one to see and an effective searching pattern for everything from blue gills to sea run cutthroats. The Winged Ant Fly is an essential fly to have in all sizes. If you are fishing for any specie of fish that eats insects of any kind, the probability is that they eat ants whenever they are available.

Ants come in many sizes and colors, like this tiny honey ant inside a stream-edge fox glove flower.

Antron Wing Ant, Black
Angling entomologists haven't studied and documented terrestrial hatches, such as queen ant flights, with the same interest as has been paid to aquatic insect hatches. Because of this, there isn't a readily available source of information on species or hatch timing. The Antron Ant series of flies are designed to fit the size and color of ants most usually found in the Pacific Northwest. The white wing is easy to see in many light conditions. It is easily colored with a water proof felt marker. We suggest you carry dark gray and brown markers. You may also easily refashion or remove the wings with your leader clipper.
Item Description Size Price To Top
8000-12 Antron Wing Ant, Black 12 3 for $5.85 SALE ENDED
8000-14 Antron Wing Ant, Black 14 3 for $5.85 SALE ENDED
8000-16 Antron Wing Ant, Black 16 3 for $5.85 SALE ENDED

Carpenter Ant Queen Buy Now
These ants are prolific in mature conifer forests and produce some of the most important hatches of the season on our local lakes and streams west of the Cascade Mountains. They are the largest ant specie in our region. Hatches happen when the air temperature climbs above 85-degrees for the first time during the spring or summer season. The hatch timing can vary drastically with elevation or climatic changes. Expect to see carpenter ant queen flights from April through August.

Wherever ant queens are migrating around water, there are fish eating them. Here is a fish eye view of a winged Carpenter Ant Queen from the under side.

Here is a Queen with wings extended. When an ant comes in contact with water they usually die and sink quickly. And flies may be fished wet or dry.

When a Carpenter Ant Queen, and for that matter queens of all species of ants bite off their wings so that they can form a nest more effectively. By this time the female ant is already pregnant and may lay thousands of eggs to establish a new colony.
A spider dines on a Winged Carpenter Ant Queen...
Besides trout and birds, many other critters eat Carpenter Ant Queens. Here a spider dines on a winged queen, which became entangled in the web.

A Carpenter Ant fly pattern is an especially good fly pattern to have when fishing mountain streams and lakes, which are surrounded by mature conifer forests. Try our foam body Carpenter Queen. It was first tied by Mark Bachmann in 1993 and is the best we've been able to come up with.
Item Description Size Price To Top
8010-10 Carpenter Ant Queen 10 3 for $5.85 SALE ENDED

Twilight Parachute Ant
This is an easy to see "wingless ant" pattern. It is a good searching pattern for both lakes and streams. Ants are active throughout the daylight hours. This is when most ants make contact with trout water. The day-glow parachute post on this fly is easy to see for the angler, but inconspicuous to the fish.

Here piss ants, so called because they can squirt formic acid, carry out a hunt among the flowers.
Item Description Size Price To Top
8003-16 Twilight Parachute Ant 16 3 for $5.85 SALE ENDED

Winged Ant Fly, Black
Often new winged queens leave a colony by the hundreds. When this happens there can be an explosion of fish food equal to many aquatic insect hatches. Fish can become very selective when it comes to the size of ants they will feed on. Most ants are small. One day many years ago, a friend and I visited the Kilchis River, not far from Tillamook, OR. It was late September and the water was very low and clear, clear enough to see dozens of Sea Run Cutthroats in a big pool under a bridge. There fish were on the move, coming upstream

into the pool through a shallow riffle. They were going out the top end, also through another shallow riffle. We fished under the bridge to fish that were easily visible, trying many flies and different presentations without success. After more than an hour I gave up, and decided to explore upstream from the bridge. The river was very shallow for a several hundred yards. It deepened only slightly under a jam caused by an up-rooted medium size cottonwood tree, and the other woody debris that had collect on it. At first I passed it by. Wading through extremely shallow water I kicked a sculpin out of the gravel and up onto the low bank. It flopped around and I seized it, examining it closely. I selected a fly out of one of my boxes that looked similar, and to the end of my leader. It was then that I saw a fish rise under the log jam. Upon re-assessing that piece of water, I realized it was much larger than my first impression. A second fish rose and then a third. There was much more room between the water and the wood than I first thought. The sculpin fly was sent under the jam. The reaction was instantaneous and a very nice cutthroat was landed. It was killed for dinner and its stomach contents were autopsied. It was full of small black winged ants. It was then that I noticed the cloud of tiny queens hatching from the log jam. Fortunately there matching flies in one of my boxes. Many nice sea runs were landed that afternoon. It still ranks as the best day of sea run cutthroat fishing I have ever had.

This winged Carpenter Ant male, which is much smaller than the female is only one reason why an angler should carry a selection of winged ant patterns.
Item Description Size Price To Top
06250-12 Winged Ant Fly, Black 12 3 for $5.85 SALE ENDED
06250-16 Winged Ant Fly, Black 16 3 for $5.85 SALE ENDED
06250-18 Winged Ant Fly, Black 18 3 for $5.85 SALE ENDED

No one beats our quality at any price!

RIO Gold Fly Fishing Line
Buy Rio Gold
The Ultimate Fly Line.
A revolutionary taper design allows tremendous loop stability at distance and a unique weight distribution loads a rod at close range for easy casting. The front taper delivers perfect turnover and presentation of flies between sizes #22 and #2, making this the best general purpose, all round fly line on the market.
The long back taper is excellent for mending and for roll and single handed spey casting and the color change between the head and the running line makes it easy to find the perfect load point for each cast.
Line Specifications

The lines features RIO's new Extreme Slickness Technology for an extraordinarily slick, dirt-repelling coating; in addition RIO's AgentX and Super Floatation Technologies ensure the line tip and running line remain floating high. As with all of RIO's premier trout lines a small, neat welded loop in the front end makes it easy to change leaders.
"In our opinions this is the best general purpose trout line available." FlyFishUSA Staff

WF3F – WF5F; Length: 90 ft (27.4 m)
WF6F – WF9F; Length -100 ft (30.5 m)
Color: Moss/Gold and Melon/Gray Dun

Rio Gold in two colors !!!
Item Description Size Price To Top
21227 Rio Gold Fly Fishing Line, COLOR Moss with Gold shooting line WF3F $74.95 SALE ENDED
21228 Rio Gold Fly Fishing Line, COLOR Moss with Gold shooting line WF4F $74.95 SALE ENDED
21229 Rio Gold Fly Fishing Line, COLOR Moss with Gold shooting line WF5F $74.95 SALE ENDED
21230 Rio Gold Fly Fishing Line, COLOR Moss with Gold shooting line WF6F $74.95 SALE ENDED
21231 Rio Gold Fly Fishing Line, COLOR Moss with Gold shooting line WF7F $74.95 SALE ENDED
21232 Rio Gold Fly Fishing Line, COLOR Moss with Gold shooting line WF8F $74.95 SALE ENDED
Item Description Size Price To Top
21247 Rio Gold Fly Fishing Line, Melon with Gray Dun shooting line WF3F $74.95 SALE ENDED
21248 Rio Gold Fly Fishing Line, Melon with Gray Dun shooting line WF4F $74.95 SALE ENDED
21249 Rio Gold Fly Fishing Line, Melon with Gray Dun shooting line WF5F $74.95 SALE ENDED
21250 Rio Gold Fly Fishing Line, Melon with Gray Dun shooting line WF6F $74.95 SALE ENDED
21251 Rio Gold Fly Fishing Line, Melon with Gray Dun shooting line WF7F $74.95 SALE ENDED
21252 Rio Gold Fly Fishing Line, Melon with Gray Dun shooting line WF8F $74.95 SALE ENDED

Rio Gold Fly Fishing Line Specifications

Line Length
Running Line
Rear Taper
Front Taper
Total Head
30 Ft
WF3F 44 0.033 19 22 0.045 5 0.5 0.034 46 164 106 90 15
WF4F 44 0.034 19 22 0.048 5 0.5 0.035 46 193 126 90 20
WF5F 43 0.035 19 23 0.05 5 0.5 0.036 47 228 146 90 20
WF6F 52.5 0.036 19 23 0.054 5.5 0.5 0.037 47.5 266 168 100 20
WF7F 51.5 0.037 19 23.5 0.057 6 0.5 0.038 48.5 312 193 100 20
WF8F 50.5 0.038 19 24 0.06 6.5 0.5 0.039 49.5 359 218 100 25

Fish long & prosper,
Mark, Patty & Crew

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