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Oregon Small Mouth Bass bit a little popper for Dave Denato. Bass love banging top water bugs.  You could be taking part in an exciting new fishery.  Oregon has many varied opportunities for catching bass with your fly rod.  There are the incomparable John Day and South Umpqua Rivers for Small Mouths.  The Willamette and Columbia Rivers offer both Small mouth and Largemouth Bass.  Central Oregon has myriad bass lakes.  Barnes Butte, Crane Prairie, Rock Creek, Pine Hollow Reservoirs & Davis Lake 
to name a few.  Many Oregon bass lakes have clean, clear water.  And they offer exciting sight fishing for the stealthy, observant fly angler.  

Fishing along a shore line from a pontoon boat or float tube can be very productive.  However seeing the bass you are fishing for is always a distinct advantage.  The higher stance and longer range of the pontoon boat makes it the perfect craft for bass fly fishing.

Some lakes are best fished from shore.  Often the best results can be obtained by two anglers working together.  One will hike the shore and gain elevation to direct his buddy who casts from a pontoon boat.  This teamwork works with both floating and sinking flies.  The shoreline angler can get many shots also. 
Bass often lay suspended where they can be coaxed to the surface with a well placed popper or hair bug.  Bass-bugging with a fly rod is an explosive, visual sport.  It is also a tactical one.  

Bass are territorially aggressive ambush fish.  Bass society is not a democracy.  The big boys get territory of their choosing.  They may not wish to share it with a smaller fish or a noisy, splashy, arrogant, fancy painted popping bug.   Big bass love to grab and crush things with their big bony, raspy mouths. 

Each bass is different.  Some are more aggressive than others.   Most can be goaded into striking.  Many bass that ignore or run from the first presentation, can be harassed into striking with successive presentations.  Sometime you can "pump a fish up" by presenting smaller and smaller flies until the fly matches the confidence level of the fish.  One time I started on a bass with a #6 hard body popper, but after several fly reductions,  took him with a skittered #14 Parachute Adams.  
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By popular demand, Mega Whammy Poppers are now available in three popular sizes #4, #6 & #8.  These top quality bugs feature silicone legs and high gloss epoxy finish for beauty & durability.  They are weedless! A Mega-Whammy bass popper is the best popper you can buy.
Chewy-Pop Poppers are constructed from lightweight, soft sealed cell foam plastic, marabou and holographic flashabou in the most enticing colors.  The round rubber legs kick with every pull of the rod. They are weedless too! Chewy-Pops are easy to cast.
The deadly Frogfish is both frog and fish.  The surface has a shiny scaled effect.  The 3-D eyes could belong to a bull frog or bluegill.  This fly is a low floater and it can be twitched slowly and quietly through the weeds like a small foraging fish.  Or a sharp wrap with the rod tip produces noise.   Part frog & part fish & all bass yummy !!!
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Fly Line Dressings 
...a clean fly line is a happy fly line...happy lines make happy anglers...

Scientific Anglers Fly Line Dressing Special Delivery Fly Line Dressing

Scientific Anglers Fly Line Dressing.

Scientific Anglers
Fly Line Dressing & Cleaning Pad

No one understands fly-line chemistry like Scientific Anglers -- so who better to design a dressing that stays on your line longer. It contains the same lubricants as the latest S.A. fly lines, which decreases friction as it promotes higher flotation for easier casting, pickup and mending.

The cleaning pad, designed to work with all fly lines, uses patented 3M micropolishing technology to remove dirt and line contaminants, which build up during fishing or practice casting. The cleaner the line, the faster it goes.

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543218 Scientific Anglers, Fly Line Dressing with Pad $6.95 -->SALE ENDED
543232 Scientific Anglers, Fly Line Cleaning Pad $3.99 -->SALE ENDED

Fly Line Speed by Special Delivery !!!  

Special Delivery Fly Line Dressing
"The perfect on the water quick-fix fly line dressing", says Flip Pallot.

It makes fly lines unbelievably slick and friction free.
To use: Reel up your fly line until it is all on the reel.  Then shake the reel to rid the line of water. Spray "Special Delivery" fly line dressing directly on the fly line while in the reel.  Let dressing set for 30 seconds, shake reel of excess dressing.  
The fly line will cast like new, and even possibly better than new.  

This dressing will instantly improve the casting and shooting performance of any fly line.  Helps prevent tangles.  Fly line speeeeeeeeeeeeed by Special Delivery !!!

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581014 Special Delivery aerosol fly line dressing, 2 oz. $7.95 -->SALE ENDED

Learn About Hatches
Rick Hafele M.S.
June 22, 2002, 9am-4pm 
Rick Hafele is the best know angling entomologist west of the Mississippi.  He earned his Master of Science degree in 1979 from Oregon State University.  In 1981 he and Dave Hughes burst on the scene with the first understandable hatch book for the western United States.  It was appropriately called "The Complete Book of Western Hatches". 
The book was an instant success and is now a classic. Rick is much in demand as a writer, lecturer and teacher.  We are very lucky to be able to make him available to you. 
This class will teach you what trout feed on in a stream environment.  Understanding world of aquatic critters is a fascinating part of fly fishing. You will become a more productive trout fisher as you learn how to identify hatches and select the flies that match them.  Rick is the master that will help you unlock the secrets.  
This class will begin with a 3-hour slide show in our new class room. Rick will explain the different families of aquatic insects while you relax with snacks and soft drinks.
In the afternoon you will drive to one of the local streams where you will collect insects and identify them.  You may explore several different streams.  Rick will help you select flies that will represent these same insects to the trout.
Save yourself years.  10 students maximum. 
First come first served. 
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HATCHES-MA "Learn About Hatches", Class June 22 7-hours,
each student

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