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Chubby Chernobyl
Ross Momentum LT
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Chubby Chernobyl Dry Fly
The Chubby Chernobyl was designed to be fished as an attractor pattern, which means it might appear to the trout as any number of different food organisms, such as a grass hopper, a stonefly, a cricket, a large beetle, bee, or your neighbor's favorite kitten. To me it looks like a tiny skate board with legs. It does appear that trout on the Deschutes think that it looks very much like a golden stonefly, so much so that the Chubby has replaced the Norm Wood Special as the go-to "searching-fly" with many anglers. There are several reasons for this fly's popularity. It floats low, like a real stonefly, and this makes it very hard to tell from the real live critter. It floats forever, with or without dressing. It is extremely easy to see in all light conditions therefore it is easy to control all aspects of your presentation. The origin of this pattern is claimed by several tiers.
Cubbies on a foam patch...

Chubby Chernobyl

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  THP0071 Chubby Chernobyl Dry Fly 8 3 for $6.75 SALE ENDED
  THP0071 Chubby Chernobyl Dry Fly 10 3 for $6.75 SALE ENDED

Well here is the field test on the salmon flies.  I went fishing at the guard rail on the Deschutes in Warm Springs. The salmon fly that you ran out of , if you can remember which one that was
("temporarily ran out of - Chubby Chernobyls")
, well, my first cast I caught one of the biggest redsides I have caught on the Deschutes.  It was almost like a small steelhead about 22-23 inches.  I fished for about 5 more casts, switched flies and  caught another nice redside.  I fished a little longer, then switched flies and caught a red side bigger than the first one.  This one was darker in color, got it to the bank and was going to try to measure it some how and in doing so the line broke and there went the fish with my one and only salmon fly like that.
Don Clay

Ross Momentum LT Fly Fishing Reel        Buy Now!     Black    Gold

Sandy River wild steelhead caught by Josh Linn with a Ross Momentum #5 !!! 


Mo men tum: (mO-'men-tm) (n. pl.) - A measure of the motion of a body equal to the product of its mass and velocity.
Synonyms: drive, energy, power, strength...
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The Momentum LT series has been in development for more than three years. Ross' primary focus has been the incorporation of carbon fiber into the drag system so the entire reel could benefit from the desirable properties of this incredible material. Stiffness, strength, heat resistance, shock-damping capabilities and infinite fatigue resistance are all properties of carbon fiber that will help make the Momentum LT drag system one

of the strongest and most dependable big game reels on the market today. The question remained - where to begin? The answer was obvious - Kestrel USA - The First Name in Carbon Fiber!
Unconditional guarantee against defects.
Kestrel USA bike company was a perfect choice for Ross when choosing a carbon savvy company as an engineering partner for the development of the Momentum LT's carbon fiber drag system. Kestrel's corporate philosophies embody the same values and principals that have been promoted at Ross for over 30 years. Their vast experience in fly reel design and manufacturing is equally matched by Kestrel's expertise in design and production of carbon fiber components. Kestrel has been manufacturing the world's finest carbon fiber bikes since 1987. In fact, Kestrel designed and produced the very first all-carbon bike frame. They are pioneers in the carbon fiber industry and Ross was thrilled that a company of their caliber agreed to join in the development of this new drag technology. When it comes to engineering, development and production of carbon fiber products, Kestrel has written the book and their expertise with carbon fiber is simply unmatched.

Welcome to the next generation of Ross products! The Momentum LT series represents a cosmic departure from current Ross designs in both function and style. The carbon fiber they have employed for the Momentum LT drag system is incredibly strong! The measurement of the strength for this material is "ksi", which denotes tensile strength in thousands of pounds per square inch. So just how strong is our carbon fiber drag system? To get a good perspective on this, the aluminum used to produce Ross products is 45ksi; meaning it can resist a tension load of 45,000 pounds per square inch of material. This is pretty impressive until you realize that the carbon fiber used in the Momentum LT drag system is 700ksi Ð vastly stronger than aluminum, steel and even titanium!

The first time you handle a Momentum LT reel, you will be amazed with its meticulous machining and ergonomic design. Ross has custom fit this series with a large but unobtrusive drag knob - easily found for adjustment during the heat of battle, but never in the way. Additionally, the Momentum LT handle has been designed to fit comfortably between your fingers, but will never slip free when taking on a monster fish. Each reel in this series is designed with a specific diameter and width to maximize the properties of drag consistency and line retrieval. With 6.3 square inches of effective drag surface, and 12 pounds of dead lift weight, the Momentum LT series has three times the effective stopping power of every drag tested. Put simply, the Momentum LT is the strongest fly fishing reel on the market today; and it costs considerably less than many competitive brands. A triple-redundancy drag system ensures dependability under the most demanding fishing conditions, and by adding in features like a titanium drag components, a quick-release locking spool and water shedding grooves on the palming rim, you have the ultimate big game fly fishing reel. With a wide range of sizes available, the Momentum LT series is appropriate for any fishing application, including Spey.

Frame/Spool Material: 6061-T6 proprietary aluminum alloy
Manufacturing Specifications: Fully machined, 1 piece frame, 1 piece spool - manufactured on automated CNC machining centers
Drag Material: Carbon fiber and Rulon - space-age synthetics that are durable, heat resistant, self lubricating and maintenance free
Drag Mechanism: Carbon fiber, Rulon and anodized aluminum interface - multi-level friction disc drag system with triple redundancy radial pawl engagement and seamless transition between line-in and drag engagement (no start-up friction)
Spool Rotation, Connection and Conversion: Oil impregnated bronze bushing rotating on a stainless steel spindle, quick release locking spool, easy left-hand to right-hand retrieve conversion
Number of Reels in Series: Five
Fly Rod Coverage: 7 wt. - 15 wt. & Spey 6wt. - 12wt.
Fishing Application: Designed for use in all freshwater, warm water and saltwater fishing environments
  ross reels ross reels ross reels ross reels ross reels
Width (spool): 1.10" 1.20" 1.20" 1.30" 1.30"
Diameter: 3.75" 4.00" 4.25" 4.50" 4.75"
Weight: 7.9oz. 8.5 oz. 9.0 oz. 10.1 oz. 10.6 oz.
Line Weight: 7-9 Wt. 8-10 Wt. 10-12 Wt. 11-13 Wt. 13-15 Wt.
Capacity: WF8+200 WF9+250 WF11+275 WF12+350 WF14+450
Spey Lines: 6/7/8+125 8/9/10+175 9/10/11+200 10/11/12+275 10/11/12+350
Reel Price: $445.00 $495.00 $545.00 $595.00 $645.00
Ross Momentum LT LT Reels and Spools, Anodized Black
Item Description Size Price To Top
MOM4RB Ross Momentum LT Reel, Black 4 $445 SALE ENDED
MOM4SB Ross Momentum LT Spool, Black 4 $230 SALE ENDED
MOM5RB Ross Momentum LT Reel, Black 5 $495 SALE ENDED
MOM5SB Ross Momentum LT Spool, Black 5 $255 SALE ENDED
MOM6RB Ross Momentum LT Reel, Black 6 $545 SALE ENDED
MOM6SB Ross Momentum LT Spool, Black 6 $280 SALE ENDED
MOM7RB Ross Momentum LT Reel, Black 7 $595 SALE ENDED
MOM7SB Ross Momentum LT Spool, Black 7 $310 SALE ENDED
MOM8RB Ross Momentum LT Reel, Black 8 $645 SALE ENDED
MOM8SB Ross Momentum LT Spool, Black 8 $335 SALE ENDED
Ross Momentum LT LT Reels and Spools, Anodized Champagne Gold
Item Description Size Price To Top
MOM4RCG Ross Momentum LT Reel, Champagne Gold 4 $445 SALE ENDED
MOM4SCG Ross Momentum LT Spool, Champagne Gold 4 $230 SALE ENDED
MOM5RCG Ross Momentum LT Reel, Champagne Gold 5 $495 SALE ENDED
MOM5SCG Ross Momentum LT Spool, Champagne Gold 5 $230 SALE ENDED
MOM6RCG Ross Momentum LT Reel, Champagne Gold 6 $545 SALE ENDED
MOM6SCG Ross Momentum LT Spool, Champagne Gold 6 $280 SALE ENDED
MOM7RCG Ross Momentum LT Reel, Champagne Gold 7 $595 SALE ENDED
MOM7SCG Ross Momentum LT Spool, Champagne Gold 7 $310 SALE ENDED
MOM8RCG Ross Momentum LT Reel, Champagne Gold 8 $645 SALE ENDED
MOM8SCG Ross Momentum LT Spool, Champagne Gold 8 $335 SALE ENDED

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ROSS REELS since 1971. ROSS REELS are unconditionally guaranteed against manufacturer's defects in material and workmanship for as long as the original purchaser owns the Reel.  If your Reel should need attention, please return it to Ross Reels, One Ponderosa Court Montrose, CO 81401.  It will be promptly attended to.

Fly Fishing For Kings
By: Josh Linn

Alaskan King from the Sandy River, (Alaska). Josh Linn photo.

So, you've caught both summer and winter steelhead in good numbers and still enjoy it. You love fishing larger rivers with two-hand fly rods.   And you are wondering what the next step (or level) might be?   Well how about fish that instead of averaging 6-20 pounds average 20-50 pounds.  Instead of 7-8-9 weight rods and 10-pound tippet, you need 20-pound test and 8-9-10 weight rods.  How about Alaskan Kings?  In some Alaskan Rivers Such as the Kanektok and Sandy Rivers, Kings bite

as aggressively as any other anadromous fish, maybe even better than most.  The trick is to get at them when they are ocean-fresh.  In Alaska, June is the month for bright Kings.  Plan on doing your fishing very close to the mouth of the river.  Your reel needs to carry 200-yards of backing.  Don't forget to bring an extra outfit.  These fish are powerful and can break rods and reels.  This ain't the game for the good old fashioned clicker reel.  Use the same class of reels that you would use for heavy duty saltwater fly 

An intrepid angler chases a King down stream in the Sandy River, (Alaska). Josh Linn photo.

fishing. Bring an extra fly line(s) in case you lose one. Bring lots of flies, you will need them.  Kings tend to travel along the bottom of the river and that is where you will need to fish your flies.  Fishing for Alaskan Kings is a lot like fishing for winter steelhead.  You will lose flies and you will need to sharpen your hook often.  Be sure to have a good hook sharpening tool.  Be prepared to expend some energy to land these fish.  After all they are called Kings for good reason.  They are the biggest and best of Pacific salmon. 

Alaskan King Fly Directory
This may be the most complete selection of Alaskan King flies ever assembled on one page.
All pictures are mouse-over for fly names.  Click flies for more information.

Marabou, Tube Fly, Sandy Blue
MarabouTube Fly, Blue

Marabou Tube Fly, Purple & Pink
Marabou Tube Fly, Purple

Marabou Tube Fly, Sandy Candy
MarabouTube Fly, Candy

Cook's Alaskabou, Volcano
Alaskabou, Volcano

Cook's Alaskabou, Blue Moon
Alaskabou, Blue Moon

Cook's Alaskabou, Popsicle
Alaskabou, Popsicle

Deep Eyed Wog
Deep Eyed Wog



Silvey's Tandem Tube Fly, Black & Blue
Tandem Tube, Black/Blue

Silvey's Tandem Tube Fly, Egg Sucker
Tandem Tube, Egg Sucker

Silvey's Tandem Tube Fly, Fleshy Red
Tandem Tube, Fleshy Red

Silvey's Tandem Tube Fly, Orange & Pink
Tandem Tube, Orange/Pink

Silvey's Tandem Tube Fly, Purple
Tandem Tube, Purple

Silvey's Tandem Tube Fly, Red & Orange
Tandem Tube, Red & Orange

Foxee Prawn, Purple
Foxee Prawn, Purple

Foxee Prawn, Orange
Foxee Prawn, Orange

Foxee Prawn, Black & Blue
Foxee Prawn, Black

Foxee Prawn, Popsicle
Foxee Prawn, Popsicle

Signature Intruder, Red & Black
Sig Intruder, Red/Black

Signature Intruder, Purple
Sig Intruder, Purple

Signature Intruder, Pink & Orange
Sig Intruder, Pink/Orange

Signature Intruder, Olive
Sig Intruder, Olive

Signature Intruder, Black & Orange
Sig Intruder, Black/Orange

Signature Intruder, Black & Blue
Sig Intruder, Black/Blue

Signature Intruder, Black Green Butt
Sig Intruder, Green Butt

Guide Intruder, Chartreuse
Guide Intruder, Chartreuse

Guide Intruder, Pink
Guide Intruder, Pink

Jumbo Critter, Black
Jumbo Critter, Black 

 Jumbo Critter, Black & Blue
Jumbo Critter, Black/Blue

Jumbo Critter, Black and Red
Jumbo Critter, Black/Red 

Jumbo Critter, Chartreuse and Blue
Jumbo Critter, Chartreuse
 Jumbo Critter, Pink and Orange
Jumbo Critter, Pink & Orange
 Jumbo Critter, Purple
Jumbo Critter, Purple
Silvey's Tube Snake, Black & Blue
Tube Snake, Black & Blue
Silvey's Tube Snake, Purple
Tube Snake, Purple

Silvey's Tube Snake, Orange
Tube Snake, Orange

Silvey's Tube Snake, Orange & Pink
Tube Snake, Pink

Silvey's Tube Snake, Red
Tube Snake, Red

Skagit Minnow, Black
Skagit Minnow, Black

Skagit Minnow, Chartreuse/White
Skagit Minnow, Chart/White

Skagit Minnow, Pink and Orange
Skagit Minnow, Pink/Orange
Skagit Minnow, Purple and Blue
Skagit Minnow, Purple/Blue
Bjorn's Stinger Prawn, Black and Blue
Stinger Prawn, Black
Bjorn's Stinger Prawn, Chartreuse and White
Stinger Prawn, Chartreuse
Bjorn's Stinger Prawn, Purple
Stinger Prawn, Purple

Kingtooka, Multi

Marabou Shrimp, Chartreuse
For a week's fishing for Kings, you will want to take about 100 flies in assorted shapes, sizes and colors
Top 7 Rods for Kings
Sage 8134-4 Z-AXIS
All Around "Get it done rod when used with heavy sinking tips & long distance casting."
Line: Skagit 550- 650 10wt Sink Tips
Reel Match: Nautilus 12, Tibor Riptide, CLA 6, Momentum LT 6
Sage 8129-4 Z-AXIS
Uses same lines as the 8134, but this rod gives a leverage advantage when playing big fish.
Line: Skagit 550-650 10 wt sink Tips
Reel Match: Nautilus 12, Tibor Riptide, CLA 6, Momentum LT 6
Echo DH 9136-4
New to the game, little but tough.
Line Skagit 550 -650 10 wt sink tips           
Reel Match Nautilus 12, Tibor Riptide, CLA 6, Momentum LT 6
G. Loomis 12’ 6" 8/9 Stinger
Short, fast and tough
Line Skagit 600-650 10 wt Sink Tips
Reel Match: Nautilus 12, Tibor Riptide, CLA 6, Momentum LT 6
Winston 15’ 9/10
If you are looking for long distance casting, go with a 15-footer.
Line: Skagit 650 -750 The more the merrier, at least 10 wt tips
Reel Match: Nautilus 12 DD, Nautilus 12 T, Tibor Gulfstream, Abel 12 Wide,
Momentum LT 7
G. Loomis FR1629-4 VersaSpey
Long-range, but also the little traveler
Line: Skagit 650 you are getting close, at the least 10wt tips
Reel Match Nautilus 12 DD, Tibor Riptide, Abel 12 Wide,
Momentum LT 7
Sage TCX 9140-4 TCX
Super Fast Long Range
Line: Skagit 600 is where to start, 10 wt tips at least
Reel Match Nautilus 12 DD, Nautilus 12 T, Tibor Gulfstream, Abel 12 Wide, Ross Momentum LT 7
Dress For Success
Remember anywhere you fish for kings in Alaska it is going to be cold and wet.  Dress like you are fishing for winter Steelhead.
I remember my first time traveling to Alaska for Kings. It was my first trip into the unknown. What should I bring? What’s the weather like? Are there going to be as many mosquitoes as some people have reported? There was no end to end to my questions. After my first trip I made a checklist.
The first time I chased Kings in AK I was guiding for Mel Gillis at the Sandy River. It is as remote as it gets.  I remember talking to Mel on the phone about the job. George Cook had told me to give him a call. The conversation was about 5 minutes long. Me: ” I heard you were looking for a guide?”  Mel: ” That’s right” Long silence...  Me:  “Uh George Cook told me to give you a call”  Mel: ”That’s right I’m looking for a guide.” Me: ”Okay, well I guide in Oregon for Steelhead, but I don’t have any experience running a jet boat.”  Mel: ” that’s no problem it’s just like drifting, but you get to go back up river, I’ll book you a ticket for the 4th of June.”  Me: ” Uh don’t I even get to think about it? I don’t even know what you pay.”  Mel “ I didn’t know you needed to think about it.”  I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into, but I knew I wanted to do it. I was in.
The next time I talked to Mel I tried to get as much information out of him as possible. He wasn’t really forthcoming with the info. The 2 most important things I found out though were that it rains every day and there were no Mosquitoes. No problem. I could deal with the rain for a month.  It sounded just like winter steelheading.
A few weeks later I got off the plane in Anchorage and it was pouring down rain. I slept that night in the Airport and when I awoke it was still raining. I boarded my flight to King Salmon in the rain. I was alone and getting more excited by the minute. About 2 hours later we touched down in the most remote place I had ever been, KING SALMON.  The airport was crawling with the most unsavory people I had ever been around, cannery workers heading for the canneries, commercial fishermen heading for some remote port, and fishing guides heading out to exotic destinations. I spent a few hours in the airport waiting for my plane to fill up. We headed out onto the tarmac to board the plane. It was one of the smallest planes I had ever been in. It was a Cessna 208 Grand Caravan the ultimate Commercial bush Plane. A few more hours in the air and I had finally reached my destination, the Sandy River. I had heard of this place for a long time.  Most often it had been referred to as river X. It was going to be my home for the next couple of months. I was going to be one of the few privileged anglers to fish and guide here.
Surprisingly the lodge was not as primitive as I had envisioned. There was electricity and running water. I could live with that. After a brief introduction to Mel and the other guides I was shown to my cabin and I stowed my gear. Then we headed down to the river for a little jet boat instruction. It was not quite as easy as I had thought and a little harder than Mel made it sound. Honestly I still feel sorry for my first 2 clients that got to learn the river with me. Every day was a new adventure for me. New water, new fish, new sights, and new people. This was turning out to be an adventure of a lifetime. I started to become familiar with the river. It was kind of like a video game. I just had to remember the racetrack. Fishing was good and every day was successful. Over the next few weeks I started to figure out what I had forgotten to bring with me and what I wasn’t going to need. I started working on a basic checklist. Here it is:
Alaska Clothing Check List
( ) Waders (best if you bring two pair)
( ) Non-Studded Wading Shoes
( ) 2 sets of base layers
( ) 2 sets of heavy weight fleece
( ) 8 pairs of socks
( ) Dry Bag

Tackle Check List
( ) 3 rods in case one breaks you still have a backup
( ) 2 reels in case you have a malfunction
( ) Each Reel Loaded with a running line, and 1 backup
( ) Bring a Skagit line for each rod and a backup for each
( ) Bring lots of Maxima. The Lightest I use is 15, most often 20, don’t forget 30 and 40 for butt sections
( ) Plenty of sink tips 10wt type-8 and lots of T-14, maybe T-17 and T-11
( ) about 100 flies all shapes sizes and colors
( ) Pliers if you are fishing alone it’s much easier to release the fish
( ) Leatherman you never know what is going to go wrong
( ) Bug Juice, I hate Mosquitos
( ) Sunglasses, 2-pair
And I always bring an emergency kit, Braided Loops all sizes, tying thread and bobbin, bobbin threader, scissors, nail knot tool, line winder, knot sense, forceps,  and Zap-A- Gap 

Cascade Streamwatch 
Check this out when you visit our community. You will like it!
This school of Chinook Salmon is one of the largest stainless steel sculptures in the world!
This school of Chinook Salmon is one of the largest stainless steel sculptures in the world!

Cascade Streamwatch is an aquatic interpretive center on the Salmon River within the Wildwood Recreational Sight, in the Hoodland community.
It is managed by the Bureau Of Land Management, an agency of The Federal Government.
Located along the Salmon River, Wildwood Recreation Site is a day-use area that is home to the Cascade Streamwatch and Wildwood Wetland Trails. These trails provide visitors with a unique opportunity to explore natural stream and wetland ecosystems along barrier-free interpretive trails and boardwalks. From the Cascade Streamwatch Trail, visitors can view young salmon and steelhead in a natural stream through an in-channel glass viewing structure. Wildwood offers family picnic units, group day-use shelters, playing fields, Salmon River access trails, and walking trails. The historic Barlow Road, which crosses Wildwood, is an Oregon Trail site, easily accessible from U.S. Highway 26.
 BLM Perspective

This three dimensional map shows the whole Sandy River drainage.
This three dimensional map shows the whole Sandy River drainage.
There are kiosks and signs, as well as nature trails, sculptures and even an underwater viewing chamber where the lives of wild trout and salmon are portrayed in vivid detail.
The under-water viewing chamber gives you a perspective on the lives of juvenile trout and salmon.
The under-water viewing chamber gives you a perspective on the lives of wild fish.
Cascade Streamwatch is a joint venture between volunteer groups, government agencies and private corporations to provide an educational experience for children and adults. It is also very relaxing and entertaining. Please check it out next time you come to fish in our area.
138K - of Cascade Streamwatch and its geographic position in our State.
Seating is provided in strategic locations for your comfort. Art work is provided for your contemplation.
Seating is provided in strategic locations for your comfort. Art work is provided for your contemplation.

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