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Sandy River Spey Clave 2002 Report. 

Andy Murray demonstrates that long casts can be made with the expenditure of very little energy. What a beautiful weekend; not too hot, not too cold, no wind, just perfect for being out of doors. Sandy River Spey Clave 2002 exceeded our expectations.  The "Clave" became an event that showcased spey casting in an aura of brotherly love and deep respect for a time honored sport. 
The "Clave" is good for my river and my community. Spey rod anglers are really nice people.  This event placed a collection of the the world's most renowned spey casters on a small gravel bar and instead of turning the situation into a competition, they willingly exchanged  Simon Gawsworth holds the audience spell bound with his humor and showmanship.
Steve Choate and Dr. Way Yin show off the new Scientific Anglers XLT line, which they helped develope. information like brothers or team mates to solve common problems.  This fact is especially encouraging since many of these hotshots  were sponsored by some very competitive tackle companies. I was proud to be associated with this maturity.  Spey casting took a quantum 
leap May 18-19, 2002.  My prediction is that the exchange of information that happened during this Sandy River Spey Clave will  have a profound effect on spey casting in the USA and abroad.  It has also set the tone as to how spey rod fishermen conduct them selves toward each other. Dec Hogan gives the fishing guides' point of view.
Leroy Teeple shows how to splice your own spey line. Spey casting is a gentleman's sport.  
This years program featured several new new casts not seen by the general fishing public before.  Especially interesting was Dec's "Pirouette Cast" and Doug's "Wild Turkey II Cast".  There are a lot of different ways to cast with a spey rod. 
Here is some feedback from people who were there:
Add my thanks to the coolest event ever
"Spey Clave 2;" A SUGGESTION for your consideration.
What an awesome weekend
Spey Clave et al
Sandy River Spey Clave 2003 is scheduled for May 17-18 next year at Oxbow Park.  Look forward to an even more comprehensive program next year. 
"Thanks to all who attended the 2002 Clave".

Bob and Laura makes sure that everyone is fed and comfortable.

The Newest Spey Lines

STEELHEAD ON A SPEY ROD !!! AirFlow Delta Spey RIO WindCutter
Cortland RIO WindCutter w/tips
RIO Accelerator WindCutter Upgrade
RIO MidSpey Replacement Sinking Tips
RIO MidSpey w/tips Royal Wulff
Fly Line Dressing Scientific Anglers

The three most popular fly lines at the Sandy River Spey Clave 2002 were these: 
Scientific Anglers XLT, (an exciting new long belly line for extreme distances).
RIO Windcutter, (a multi section, changeable tip, weight forward line designed for easy casting ).
Airflow Delta Spey, (a changeable tip, weight forward designed for line easy casting).

Mayfly Dry Flies and Emergers

This nice Rainbow Trout fell for a Hexaginia at dark. Baetis March Brown
Blue Wing Olives Pale Evening Duns
Callibaetis Pale Morning Duns
Green Drake Parachutes
Hexaginia Trico
Much of the lore of classic dry fly fishing revolves around a family of insects called mayflies.  Indeed for a time most dry flies were mayfly imitations.  Mayflies will 
always be very important to trout anglers. Our selection covers the major may fly hatches west of the Mississippi and includes the most up-to-date deadly patterns for very selective trout.  

No one beats our quality at any price!

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Brenda's first steelhead.

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