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Fly Fishing Predictions For Oregon May/June

West Side Cascades Fishing Season Opener

West Side Cascades Fishing Season Opener on 05/22/19

Mark goes over his predictions for this late May and June fishing season in Western Oregon...

Euro Nymphing Rods

Euro Nymphing Rods

If you haven't gotten into Euro Nymphing, maybe it's time for you to try? We have everything you need to get started...

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One Day Trout Float Trips on The Deschutes River with The Fly Fishing Shop

Deschutes River Trout Fishing Trips

The Fly Fishing Shop has been providing guided fiy fishing trips on the Deschutes since 1981 and Mark Bachmann has been fishing and guiding the Deschutes for over 50 years. We know this amazing and beautiful river, becuase we live here the better part of half the year..

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Swing the Fly Magazine, Volume 2, 2019

Swing the Fly Magazine, Volume 2, 2019

This unique publication showcases subjects that deal only with the swung fly, and with the pursuit and conservation of anadromous fish...

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Deschutes River Boater's Guide

Angler's Lanyard

The Angler features custom beadwork, standard padded neck and safety release, horizontal tippet holder, four accessory snaps, two foam fly rolls and a fly chamois...

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