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Summer Steelhead
No doubt about it, this is the best early season summer steelhead fly fishing conditions we have seen in years. Strong runs combined with unusually good water flows fueled by Pacific rain storms have spread bright fish throughout the Clackamas, Sandy & Hood Rivers. These fish have enough water to be able to move freely and hang out in places that make them aggressive to the "swung" fly. Most are 2-salt fish, which average 6-8 pounds. A few are 3-salt fish which will exceed 12-pounds. Mixed with these summer steelhead are bright spring Chinooks, which average 12-16 pounds. They eat flies, too. Right now our rivers are beautiful. The shoreline vegetation is lush with new growth. If you like green, we have every shade of it imaginable.
Simon Gawesworth on the Sandy River
Simon Gawesworth sampling the Sandy River, Monday after the Spey Clave. Simon mentioned that the Sandy is one of the most beautiful rivers he has ever fished.

The Sandy gave up one of her steelhead for Simon. Of course it was released.

Our steelhead eat all kinds of flies, but big flies fished deep can get the hardest "pulls"!

The Clackamas has been fishing steady for a month, with larger than average returns of "keepers".
Frank Ogden, fishing with The Fly Fishing Shop Guide, Cullen Wisenhunt, landed this fish in the middle of the day under a bright sun.

Tom Cook, also fishing with Cullen, landed this fish in the bright sunlight. Note the time log on the two bottom pictures. These two fish were landed six minutes apart.

Summer Steelhead Float Trips                 Walking Trips by the hour also Available!
Mark Bachmann & Bob Bules with a summer steelhead...

Sandy River steelhead float trip prices for 2010 at $450 for 1 or 2 people, for a normal launch point. However we have an exclusive launch point, which gives us access to 3.5 miles of river that is accessible to very few other anglers. This service will cost an additional $25, or $475 per boat. Hot lunch, munchies and soft drinks are furnished. Fishing formats can be tuned to fit your personality. Some anglers are aggressive; want to be the first boat on the water, and play hit and run all day. We can do that. We’ve rowed in the dark before. Other anglers have a more relaxed style. We know how to arrange that too. Having your own private school is always an option on any trip. We have acquired a collection of new Spey rods made by Sage, G. Loomis, Winston, Burkheimer and Temple Fork Outfitters...just for you to use when fishing with us. They are equipped with the latest reels and lines. Each outfit is designed to be the ultimate tool for a specific angling situation. This can add greatly to your experience. We have the best equipment in the game. We plan on starting in mid-November.
Clackamas River Float Trips Are Also Available at $450 per boat (1 or 2 anglers).
Spring Chinook
Fly Fishing Only!   40+ Seasons of  Steelhead Experience!  Equipment List
"We provide boat access to the best best parts of the Sandy & Clackamas Rivers.   These reaches  offer incredible beauty.  The Clackamas is an urban river, but well kept and is the perfect size for Spey rod fishing. On Sandy River trips we fish in the oldest designated "scenic river" section of river in the state. Add bright, wild, native steelhead, combined with ample runs of hatchery steelhead and you can see why this is one of the favorite floating/fly fishing adventures in Oregon". 
Boats are used for transportation, but most fishing is done while wading. A variety of fly fishing techniques are productive. Both single hand and spey rods are used. We realize that many anglers don't have a lot of experience in fly fishing for steelhead. Your trip can be a crash course in how to catch steelhead with a fly. All you have to do is ask. Your guide is very experienced in teaching single-hand and two-hand fly rod casting, presentational skills, wading and fly selection.
Our boats are equipped with "state-of-the-art" fly fishing rod, reel and line combos that you can use (at no extra charge). We are liberal with their newest hot flies. Clients must provide their own chest-high wading apparel.
To give yourself the best advantage in learning to catch steelhead with a fly, book multiple days. We will be happy to help arrange room and food accommodations from simple to elegant.
Due to water conditions, Sandy River float trips are available only November through June.  Clackamas River trips are available all year.  Summer Steelhead are the main target with Spring Chinook also available. June is an excellent month for summer steelhead on both rivers. 2010 appears to be a "high-water" year on both rivers, which is a real advantage.
Call us for the latest scoop: 1-800-266-3971.
"If you have a larger party and want to do multi-boat trips, we've got resources. "
No one provides better equipment!

Please call for reservations.

 Our boats take you to the fish in complete safety.

Our boats take you to the fish in comfort and syle.

The Sandy River , Sandy/Clackamas Equipment List , E-Mail for the Current Situation.

Sandy/Clackamas River Run Timing Graph
(based on most recent years) to help you plan your trip.


















Possible Sandy River glacial run-off.

Bass fishing is more fun with a fly rod and flies.
Check out our new Bass Fly Directory !!!

Mark Bachmann examining a large mouth bass from a local lake...

Surface Flies
NEW Warm Water Whammy

Chewy-Pop Poppers
Mega-Whammy Poppers
Weedless Frogs
Deer Hair Bugs
Pan Fish Flies
Saltwater Poppers

 Sub-surface Flies



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How bass locate prey.

Selecting Glasses.

Seeing is believing.

Your next bass rod.

Because of their hardy nature and aggressive attitude, black bass are the most popular game fish in the U.S.A. They are natural "fly rod" fish because they spend a lot of time near the surface of the water.
Bass are not native west of the Rocky Mountains.  However, both Small Mouth and Large Mouth Bass have easily adapted to many bodies of water in the Pacific Northwest.

In Oregon, Large Mouth Bass are prolific in many low elevation lakes and farm ponds in all regions. Locally, the Willamette and Columbia River sloughs, as well as Rock Creek and Pine Hollow Reservoirs have good bass fishing. Our favorite is Barnes Butte Lake near Prineville. Here bass fishing starts getting good by mid-April when the water temperature is above 54 degrees. Wooly Buggers fished deep and slow can provide 50 fish days. As soon as the water temperature reaches 60 degrees, these bass start hitting the surface and popper fishing can go all day long.

Small Mouth Bass are also abundant in Oregon. The John Day and South Umpqua are the two best known Small Mouth Rivers in our state. The Crooked River arm of Lake Billy Chinook is another favorite. The mainstay of Small Mouth diet is crayfish. Crayfish patterns are dynamite when fished deep and slow with a sinking line. Bass also feed on a variety of nymphs and bait fish. During the warmer months, casting cork body poppers and sliders to grassy banks and rock out crops can provide explosive activity.

Northwest anglers are learning that bass are a lot of fun on a fly rod. A selection of surface bugs coupled with a good collection of leeches, nymphs, baitfish patterns, crayfish and woolly buggers will equip you well for Northwest bass fishing.

Sage Bass Rods
These models cover the size range of fish between 1 pound to 20  pounds. 

There are 3 size/models of  
BASS Series Fly Rods
Sage Warranty

The perfect present for the angler who has everything!

230G Bluegill
290G Smallmouth
330G Largemouth
Sage BASS Rod Orders received Monday through Friday prior to 2:00pm PST are shipped same day.
No one beats our service at any price!

Rod Actions: Medium
Introducing The New BASS Series Of Fly Fishing Rods !!!

Designed for throwing bugs into tight quarters. Available in three models, Bluegill, Smallmouth and Largemouth, all rods measure 7'11", which slides them just under the strict bass tournament rules for rod length.
Additionally, all rods in this series are sold with custom bass taper fly lines and a travel case for protection.  The lines have ultra short radical heads that make casting bulky flies easy.
When used outside the bass fishing world, we strongly recommend them for probing the mangroves or throwing huge flies for pike and muskies. The 330-grain size is popular for peacock bass.                                                                                                                       To Top

 Sage Bass Rod/Reel case

230G Bluegill

Length: 7' 11"       Line: 230-grains     Pieces: 4   

Designed for smaller fish & flies, this rod will actually handle most of the bass you will encounter in the Pacific Northwest. It throws any panfish poppers and most of the #6-#8 poppers you might use for both smallmouth and largemouth bass.
Rod weight: 3 7/16 Ounces.
Item Series Line Wt Action Handle Price To Top
230G Bluegill 230-grains  Medium H $395 SALE ENDED
290G Smallmouth

Length: 7' 11"       Line: 290-grains     Pieces: 4   

Here is a great all around bass rod for hauling average size fish from normal cover encountered in largemouth habitat. It presents #8-#4 bugs with authority.  It also gives you the ability to throw heavy weighted flies for small mouth.
Rod weight: 3 1/2 Ounces.
Item Series Line Wt Action Handle Price To Top
290G BASS 290-grains  Medium H $395 SALE ENDED
330G Largemouth

Length: 7' 11"       Line: 330-grain     Pieces: 4   

This powerful rod/line combination will handle large flies and large fish in tight cover. This is also one of the most popular rods for peacock bass in jungle water and small tarpon when fishing around mangroves.
Rod weight: 3 5/8 Ounces.
Item Series Line Wt Action Handle Price To Top
330G BASS 330-grans  Medium H $395 SALE ENDED

Seal Line Seal Pak   Buy Now!

The Seal Pak is the perfect dry storage for your wallet, cell phone, keys, camera, T.P., box of flies, spools of tippet, hook sharpener, nipper, floatant, power bars & compact flash light. This is your compact survival & comfort waist pack for anywhere and everywhere. The large roll-up portion is totally water proof. Made in Seattle, USA. These are very cool, and on sale too!

Seal Line Seal Paks

Day 6 on the river and the side canyons beckon. A camera and lunch would be perfect were it not for the deep pools and scrambling to the rim. The Seal Pak pack provides just the sort of hands-free protection and storage you need. Free yourself with multiple carrying options, including a removable waist belt and shoulder strap attachment. Let the watertight roll-down closure remove the barriers to where you can and cannot go. An external pocket for easy organization and rugged PU-coated polyester construction give this pack the versatility to handle anything.

  • Watertight Protection: Roll-down closure provides excellent protection from the elements.
  • Convenient Access: External zip pocket.
  • Versatile: Removable waist and shoulder straps plus options for securing to boats, bikes, etc.
  • PVC-Free: Eco-friendlier fabrics reduce environmental impact and add durability.
  • Colors Gray/Gray, Gray/Green, Gray/Blue, Gray/Red, Gray/Orange
    Width 3 in / 8 cm
    Weight 7.3 oz / 207 g
    Length 8 in / 20 cm
    Height 8 in / 20 cm
    Volume 244 cu. in / 4 liters
    PVC-Free Yes
    Closure Roll-down
    Material(s) 600D polyurethane coated polyester
    Country of Origin Made in Seattle, USA
Item Description Price To Top
08695 Seal Line Seal Pak, Gray Reg. $34.95
Sale! $29.95
08696 Seal Line Seal Pak, Gray and Green Reg. $34.95
Sale! $29.95
08694 Seal Line Seal Pak, Gray and Blue Reg. $34.95
Sale! $29.95
08697 Seal Line Seal Pak, Gray and Red Reg. $34.95
Sale! $29.95
08462 Seal Line Seal Pak, Gray and Orange Reg. $34.95
Sale! $29.95

Women's Day As Seen Through The Lens of Judith O'Keefe's Camera
It seems as though Brian isn't the only O'Keefe with slick camera skills and an eye for the winning shot. The following are some of Judith's images of Women's Day, May 14, 2010. These images were cropped by Mark Bachmann to fit FlyFishUSA's web format. We really enjoyed this year's Clave. Since coming home we have been buried in fan letters, emails and phone calls. Our shop has been very busy. Keep the encouragement coming. We will strive to do even better next year.

Mia in Spey Clave Tee
"The Champ", (Mia Sheppard) decked out in Simms Spey Clave Tee...high fashion for warm day on the river.
Spey babes...
Can you think of anything more intriguing than young ladies relaxing at the river's edge?
Teaching and learning together...
Katherine Hart teaching an unidentified student...
Rachel Andres teaching an unidentified student...
Amy Hazel in front of a video camera...
Many of the spectators at women's day were men...
John & Hawkeye
We'll bet that Hawkeye is telling John Jones about some gal's pretty cast...


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