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Spey Clave Programs Not To Miss
During the last several Insider Newsletters many Spey clave presenters and programs have been brought to your attention. Here are a few of the key programs that you will not want to miss. The Clave is now organized and will be ready for your pleasure!

Al Buhr
Friday, May 15, 9:30am - 10:00am
Al Buhr has been an avid steelhead fisherman since his youth and was introduced to Spey casting by the late Jim Green in 1982.  Al has since been on the leading edge of rod and line development, being a regular consultant with several leading manufacturers.  In 2004, Al chaired a committee of line and rod manufacturers that established the current Spey designations. He is a FFF-certified Master Casting Instructor and Two-Handed Casting Instructor. If Tim Duncan is "The Big Fundamental" for the NBA, Al Buhr holds the same title for Spey Casting.

Mark Bachmann
Friday, May 15, 11:30am - NOON
Mark and his wife Patty have owned The Fly Fishing Shop in Welches, OR for 34-years, and Mark has been a fishing guide for the same length of time. One of the most seasoned and knowledgeable guides in the PNW, Mark has guided many anglers to their first-ever steelhead on a fly. A lifetime of observing fish and learning what makes them bite are keys to his success. It may be a little trickier than it looks like. Come and find out the reasons why, and how to beat the odds, by joining Mark with his informative program: "Why Presentation Matters".

George Cook
Saturday, May 16, 9:30am - 10:00am
Mr. Cook is the most successful fly tackle rep in the Pacific Northwest. It is no wonder that three of his companies (Sage, RIO and Solitude Fly Company), have been on the forefront of the Spey Revolution in North America. George taught the Sage Fly Fishing Schools during the 1980's, and was the "Tight Loops" poster child of the 1990's. George has a unique perspective on Spey Casting, and Spey equipment, which he delivers with humor & eloquence. His program, "Northwest Original Spey Casts" chronicles the Anadromous Spey evolution in the PNW.

Scott Howell
Saturday, May 16, 11:30am - NOON
Scott is best known as the star of Skagit Master II, an instructional Spey DVD, where he demonstrates the various Skagit techniques that land steelhead. Scott is a very popular steelhead guide. Always the innovator, Scott has perfected techniques that get his flies to fish that are holding in very difficult places, handy skills to have for fishing in public water. Some of his flies are incredibly large and heavy, yet he demonstrates that these flies are easy to cast if you have the proper skills. Don't miss this program if you want to take your game to a new level.

Simon Gawesworth
Sunday, May 17, 10:30am - 11:00am
Simon Gawesworth is head fly line designer at RIO and one of the most sought after Spey casting instructors in the world.
Simon is A.P.G.A.I and S.T.A.N.IC. certified in the UK and C.I., Master and T.H.C.I. certified in the U.S. He also sits on the F.F.F. board of Governors and T.H.C.I committee. Simon's books: Spey Casting & Single-Handed Spey Casting, are regarded as the authoritative works on the subject. The prestigious Summer Steelhead PhD School hosted by The Fly Fishing Shop in Welches, Oregon was designed around Simon Gawesworth.

Tom Larimer
Sunday, May 17, 11:30am - NOON
Tom Larimer owns and operates Larimer Outfitters; based in Hood River, Oregon, he guides the steelhead rivers of the Columbia Gorge including the Deschutes, Klickitat, and Sandy Rivers. His focus on Spey casting and fishing techniques has led him to be one of the premier instructors in the Northwest. Additionally, he is a pro-staff member for Simms, R.L Winston & Airflo fly lines, as well as a fly designer for the Solitude Fly Company, & star of Skagit Master #4. Don't miss his Clave presentation: "How to Catch More Steelhead"

Companies Sponsoring The Sandy Clave This Year:
If you enjoy the Clave, let these people know how much you appreciate their help...
George Cook (Sage, Rio, Redington, Tibor)
Eric Nuefeld (Echo, Simms, Nautilus, Umpqua Feather Merchants)
Garry Sandstrom (Hardy, Scientific Anglers, Royal Wulff, Lamson)
Dick Sagara (Temple Fork Outfitters Rods, Rainey's)
Chad Normoyle (G. Loomis)
Doug Easter & Neville Orsmond (Thomas and Thomas Rod Co)
Gene Oswald (Bruce & Walker)
Tim Gelinas (Farlex Reels)
Joe Saracione ( Saracione Reels)
Gary Anderson (Anderson Custom Rods)
Bruce Berry (Beulah Rods, Hatch Reels, Pro Tube)
Tim Rajeff (Echo, Airflo)
Clackacraft Boats
Gaelforce Fly Fishing
Soul River
Olympic Peninsula Skagit Tactics

Shane Wootan (Loop Tackle USA)
Donna O'Sullivan (Fish On! Sprots, LTS)
Bob Meiser (R.B. Robert Meiser Fly Rods)
Devan Ence & Colby Hackbarth (Kast Extreme Fishing Gear)
Mark Bachmann, Patty Barnes & Crew (The Fly Fishing Shop, Welches, OR
This Map Shows All Of Oxbow Park -
There is a lot of water to fish and play in. Specifically noted are areas for the free casting school groups on Friday.
A great thing about the Sandy River Spey Clave is that it is an outdoor event. It makes you appreciate Mother Nature, and her changeable moods. During the 2008 Clave, the Sandy River was about 10,000cfs due to a heavy snow pack in the headwaters and extremely hot weather. That year the entire "Instruction Beach" was completely submerged and inaccessible. Normal water flow at this time of year is 2,500cfs - 3,000cfs. This year the California drought has moved north and our water flow at Oxbow park is about 670cfs. This will offer challenges to anglers and presenters alike. But, isn't that why we fly fish, is because we enjoy overcoming challenges? Don't leave your tackle home! There are fish here.

Airflo Switch Streamer Line
How The Airflo Switch Streamer Line Evolved
Spey casting expert Tom Larimer is a talented guide, superb casting instructor, and serious about all things "two handed". A prolific designer, Tom was key in the development of several immensely popular Airflo products: the Skagit Compact, Skagit Intermediate, Skagit Switch, and the Rage Compact. Keeping the momentum going, We're pleased to introduce the all-new Airflo Switch Streamer, developed by Tom specifically for use on switch and shorter Spey rods.
Here's What Tom Says About The New Switch Streamer Line:
"Looking back a decade, it's pretty amazing to see how far Spey lines have come. Over the past five years Airflo has pushed the boundaries of performance and innovation to provide anadromous anglers with options. Options offer versatility.

Versatility increases opportunity. Opportunity means you're one cast closer to that awesome hero shot."

Observing the landscape of two-hand fly fishing in North America, it's become pretty obvious that trout anglers have realized the benefits of using longer rods and Spey casts, especially when streamer fishing. Each year, more rod manufacturers are developing 2-5wt switch and Spey rods. Unfortunately, traditional weight forward single hand lines weren't designed to match the performance specifications of this new class of rods. Not good. Where are the options? An efficient, pleasurable cast is half rod, half line. The question of "how" to build a streamer line for light two-handers on smaller trout streams has been a point of focus for the Airflo design team for the past two years.

Initially, there were a few important things to consider. The head had to be integrated into the running line to allow the angler to make short casts without having a looped connection rattling through the guides. Second, the taper needed to be aggressive enough to turn over a heavy sink-tip and a weighted streamer, but still meet the surface of the water with "finesse". Finally, to maximize efficiency, the mass in the head had to be perfectly balanced but short enough to cast in tight spots with very limited back casting room. Toss in existing proprietary Airflo technology -ultra slick Super-DRI coating, low stretch Power Core, and bulletproof Polyurethane - you've got the recipe for a killer line.

Item Description Price To Top
RS-SST-WF4F Airflo Switch Streamer Line, WF4F, 300-grains, Mint Green/Orange $99.95 Sale Ended
RS-SST-WF4.5F Airflo Switch Streamer Line, WF4.5F, 330-grains, Mint Green/Orange $99.95 Sale Ended
RS-SST-WF5F Airflo Switch Streamer Line, WF5F, 360-grains, Mint Green/Orange $99.95 Sale Ended
RS-SST-WF5.5F Airflo Switch Streamer Line, WF5.5F, 390-grains, Mint Green/Orange $99.95 Sale Ended
RS-SST-WF6F Airflo Switch Streamer Line, WF6F, 420-grains, Mint Green/Orange $99.95 Sale Ended
Fly Fishing Schools: Spring, Summer, Fall 2015

The Trout School: Entry Level, Click for more info...

Summer Steelhead Schools: Entry Level & PhD, Click for more info...

Pineapple Bonefish: Entry #4

Like a tightly packed school of sardines, Ken, Denny and I sat in the morning rush hour traffic as it crawled its way towards downtown Honolulu. A few twists and turns and we were soon waterside, where we found the marina waking with activity. Pre-rigged fly rods, held together by a kaleidoscope of brightly Playdoh-colored lines, were carefully unwoven leaving me wondering if it wasn’t just simpler to rig upon arrival. Offering grip and protection, we wiggled into chilled socks and wading boots, still damp from the night before. My nose told me it might be best to let them completely air soon. It wasn’t long before a trusty Forerunner pulled into the lot pulling the day’s mode of transportation. Today was going to be extra special. We were going to sight fish with the island’s best. Ed Tamai bounced onto the exposed aggregate paving and greeted us with the kind of bountiful energy and exuberance that you hope for in your guide, at least I do. It wasn’t long before we're off to Triangle Flat, a little slice of heaven in the middle of busy Keehi Lagoon. Masters of the game, Ken and Ed had studied the tide charts and the low tide near midday would hopefully offer us our best chances at seeing our ghostlike quarry as it crept in with the rising flow. We were soon on our way and over the hum of the venerable Evinrude, I couldn’t help but hear that we might see tailers early and that only jumped my heart rate up by double. And Ed was of course right at the flat as it seemed to be crawling with bonefish, many in double digit proportions, much larger than most of us have ever seen, less hooked. For the uninitiated, a bonefish of that size is what we all seek, the pinnacle if you will. He whispered that we would see lots of fish as they seemed to always be here, but fooling just one was well, “not often” as he put it. He shared that folks from all over the world had come to fish with him and that few places featured as challenging a fishery. So class was in session and Ed was our professor. To avoid scaring our neurotic friends, one had to judge the fish’s trajectory and cast well ahead. Think Joe Montana leading Jerry Rice over a deep middle route. I remember one particular moment when a giant strutted towards us, so immense that even I saw it from three full fly lines away. I shadowed Ed’s every move so we stood motionless. And then the fish sped up from a hundred feet away. Did the scent of our aforementioned boots betray our location? He passed next to us, and all wide-eyed Ed could say was, “OH”. I said, “10?”, he groaned, “Easy”. Another fish of my dreams. Well as they say, “You can’t hit a home run unless you go to bat”….so we kept swinging, covering large aquatic areas of tannish earth interspersed by sienna-stained growth. We soon found they liked to patrol the edges, so we did too. Now approaching midday, the omnipresent trade winds were accelerating, sometimes accompanied by a burst of water from above. Thousands of steps behind us, we prepared for another presentation and yet this one felt different. You see, only minutes before one simply missed the fly, as a mini swell caught the line, causing our little ball of fur and feathers to rise and skate away. We both agreed that we were getting closer. Now more than loose, the back-cast unfurled and alighted gently ahead and the waiting began. I parroted a motionless Ed. Our slender quarry closed the distance, stopping only to inspect something on the bottom- painfully slowly. So good, so far. I smiled, as many a previous engagement has been nullified by this time. Seconds felt like hours and finally Ed slowly whispered, “Strip”, and to use a Lefty Kreh-ism, “It was like rolling a wine bottle into a jail cell. HANA PAA! The fly line, including a nice knotted loop, leaped out of the basket in a nanosecond, screaming out of the guides, and with the rod held high, she headed towards the precarious channel edge, but eventually succumbed to the constant pressure. I reached down and gently lifted her from above the water’s surface and Ed exclaimed, “EH, I KNEW YOU COULD DO IT!” over the roar of the Blue Angels practicing overhead.


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