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Spey Rod Selection
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Spey Rod Selection
See & cast every one of these rods at (and many more):
The Sandy River Spey Clave May 17-18 !!!

Steelhead Spey Rod Fishing - Deschutes River Oregon! In our store 70+ Spey rod models are in stock for fast delivery. Our staff at The Fly Fishing Shop has a great deal of experience fishing large rivers for steelhead with two-handed Spey rods. We will be glad to share our experience by phone, by email or in person. Last updated  05/08/08
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Please feel free to give us a call with your Spey Rod questions: 1-800-266-3971 

A fraction of the Spey Rod models at The Fly Fishing Shop !!!

Pictured above is the west wall of our show room where 32 different models of Spey rods are on display.  There are many more models in the stock-room that won't fit on the wall.  Steelhead fishing is a passion at The Fly Fishing Shop. We are surrounded by steelhead and salmon rivers; huge rivers, big rivers, medium rivers and small rivers.  These rivers offer a diversity of  angling opportunities and  challenges.  That is why our selection of Spey rods is so large, so you can have just the right rod for every situation.  Other reasons are that we really like fishing with Spey rods.  We like experimenting with Spey rods and learning about Spey rods.  We like playing with Spey rods and talking to other Spey fishers about Spey rods. We might be called Spey obsessed. Spey rods are very cool. And we have cast every rod pictured here and caught fish on most.


Spey Rods          Switch Rods

Marcy Stone casts a Beulah Spey Rod...

Beulah Spey Rods feature exciting cosmetics, comfortable balance, high performance and low price for outstanding value. These medium/fast progressive action rods are very adaptable to a wide range of fishing applications and the full spectrum of fly line types. They really shine with the newest types of Scandinavian and Skagit shooting heads. All rods come with a Cordua covered hard case and rod sock.

Thomas & Thomas

3-pc. Models    4-pc. Models    5-pc. Models    6-pc. Models

With their elegant cosmetics and fast, powerful actions, it's no wonder that Thomas and Thomas Double-Hand Rods have created their own fan club.  These rods are designed to help you facilitate all of the new circle and snake roll casts as well as more traditional Spey and over-head casts.  T&T 2-handers are very versatile.  The hard, crisp actions generate tremendous line speed with with every type of line taper commonly used on two-handers.  Likewise these rods excel with both floating and sinking lines. More detailed information on Thomas & Thomas Two-Hand Fly Rods. Mark Bachmann with a Deschutes steelhead landed with a DH1307-3 T&T...

Sage 2-Handed Fly Rods
Patty Barnes with 38" Klickitat steelhead landed with a Sage Spey Rod...

We have been Sage dealers for 22-years and have a lot of miles on the water with Sage in our hands.  Many great trophies and many great memories have been collected. No body beats Sage in design, craftsmanship or service after the sale.  Sage is constantly refining their rods as new construction materials and casting styles evolve they have been a leader for the past 25-years.  The ultra-fast TCR and entry level FLi Series are all new for 2005!

More detailed information on Sage Two-Hand Fly Rods.

  G. Loomis RoaringRiver Spey Rods
Greased Line Series Dredger Series Stinger Series

Ed Ward & Steve Choate...

G. Loomis assembled an impressive team of the world's most respected steelhead/salmon anglers and tournament casters to help design the largest ALL NEW collection of two-hand rods. Ed Ward, Steve Choate, Leif Stavno and many others under the direction of World Casting Champion Steve Rajef designed a series of rod categorized by the three most popular two-hand casting styles.  What emerged were 25 specialize models to fit every fishing condition to be encountered while fishing anadromous fish.  Two price points are covered.   The best models are made with GLX Graphite.   Price-point models are made from IMX/GL3.

More detailed information on  G. Loomis RoaringRiver Rods.

C.F. Burkheimer Spey Rods

C.F. Burkheimer Spey Rods
Mark Bachmann with a Spring Chinook caught with a CF9143-3 Burkheimer.

Kerry Burkheimer and his crew build very fine graphite fly rods at his plant, located in Washougal, Washington.  Studying under and collaborating with legendary rod designer Russ Peak in the 1980's, Kerry quickly became known as producer of elegantly crafted, high performance fly rods.  Little by little Kerry has increased the production of his small factory.  We can now offer his seven most sought after models.  These rods are built by hand and are in much demand. Production is limited. We have been testing and fishing with Burkheimer rods since 2001.

Winston Spey Rods Boron IIX Spey Rods

Mark Bachmann with a Clackamas River steelhead landed with a 7133-4 Winston Spey Rod...

Winston introduced their revolutionary BIIX Series of two-handers in 2005 with two models. That same year Winston's head rod designer, Sam Drukman added expert Spey caster, Andre Scholz to the Winston team. Two more models have been added since then. Winston Spey rods are smooth as butter and each model will cast a wide range of line weights and fit a wide range of casting and fishing styles. Winston BIIX rods are very lightweight, but incredibly durable. In 2006 and 2007 the Winston B2X78133 was the single most popular model of Spey rod sold at our store.

Temple Fork Outfitters Spey Rods

Pro Series Deer Creek Series

Temple Fork Outfitters rods are designed in the United States and production of the rods is done in a proprietary plant in South Korea. This approach has some distinct advantages in that the best technology is used, but at reduced production costs, which brings great value to the consumer. Lefty Kreh is the chief designer of the Pro Series. Last year Mike Kinney and Bob Meiser joined the staff and introduced the Deer Creek Series. The Pro Series offers are Plain-Jane rods that are perfect for entry level casters and for guides who furnish gear. The dear Creek Series are muscle rods with refined cosmetics that will appeal to Spey casters of all skill levels. Dear Creek rods offer incredible performance at mid-range prices.

Mike Kinney & client in Washington with a wild steelhead.

Echo Rods

Classic Rods Dec Hogan Signature Scandinavian Rods

Sometimes it pays to borrow the guide's Echo Classic Spey Rod...

Designed and produced by tournament caster, Tim Rajeff these eight models of beautiful Spey rods spent almost two years in the making. To say that Tim is a perfectionist is an understatement. The Echo "Classic" rods are the culmination of countless hours of tinkering and testing. There are four models of traditional action Spey rods in the Classic Series that range from 12 1/2' to 14', which covers nearly every salmon & steelhead situation in North America. The The Echo2 Scandinavian series of fly rods feature two tips, one for long distance and one for shorter presentations. These Scandi rods are shorter and have much faster actions than the Classic Series. Both series are highly adaptable to many situations.

The newest series of classic action rods were produced in collaboration with popular steelhead angler and writer, Dec Hogan.

The World's Greatest Spey Party is changing!
Ian Gordon. Scott Howell.

Marty Sheppard.

Many folks that attended last years Sandy River Spey Clave noticed a slight change in the format of the presentations. We will be following the same trend this year.

While we will be having casting presentations, as this is at the root of any well presented clave, many of the featured personalities will also be demonstrating fishing techniques as well. We have asked some participants to demonstrate practical applications of the casts they perform. We understand that many of the people who attend are wanting to see basic to advanced casting, but there are those of us who are also want practical advice on spey rod fishing as well. Many of the folks who attend each of our Sandy River Spey Claves want to know what equipment each presenter is using and why. There was some excellent fishing advice that was given at last year's clave that had many of us nodding our heads in both agreement and enlightenment. Expect to see more of that this year.   
There will be some new personalities this year, such as Scottish tournament caster, Ian Gordon and Northwest fishing guides, Scott Howell and Marty Sheppard. Many on-the-water presentations are loaded with cutting edge casting techniques and fishing advice and even a bit about the history and the "why" of spey casting.  As the Sandy River Spey Clave progresses we will see everything from learning the basic cast to landing fish. The enjoyment of sharing the common interest of spey rod fishing with all of you who attend will not change. It's what makes the Sandy River Spey Clave what it is today. We are going to leave that part just the way it is...
You might also wish to know that the river is in perfect condition with steelhead available in good numbers. Chinooks are just starting to arrive. A number of anglers are plotting on winning that Winston B2X Spey rod. The weather forecast is for warm sunshine.

Hardy Demon Reel Hardy Demon Reel with Cassettes...

Whether your fishing demands you use the widest range of fly lines or just a floater, intermediate and sinker, you'll love the new Demon reel. With its tough, low cost spools you can afford to carry all the lines you need. With an innovative touch-button spool release and unique locking system you can change a Demon spool easily - and reliably - in seconds. In any conditions. Every time. The Demon is a high quality, feature filled reel with great looks and even greater performance. We've always thought the "cassette-reel" concept was brilliant. Cassettes are lighter in weight than extra spools and they take up less room. Best of all they cost less. Many new polymers are stronger than metal and won't corrode. Finally there is a premium reel built with interchangeable cassettes. This is the perfect reel for the travelling angler, who neds to keep weight to a minimum in his luggage. It is also the perfect design for stillwater anglers who need a wide selection of fly lines to be most effective.

  • Touch-button spool release

  • Unique spool locking system

  • High impact, glass reinforced nylon (GT4 Grivory) spools

  • Top grade 6061 bar stock aluminum cage and spool housing with ultra-long screw ad nut construction

  • Four disc Rulon brake

  • Tool-less left/right hand conversion

  • Hard Anodized finish

  • Positive drag adjuster

  • Supplied in a padded Cordura reel case with two spare spools as standard

Model H5000 capacity WF6F + 100 yards #20 Micron or 200 yards #30 TUF Line Model H7000 capacity WF8F + 125 yards #20 Micron or 250 yards #30 TUF Line

Item Description Price To Top
H5000 Hardy Demon Reel, Model H5000 $450.00 SALE ENDED
H7000 Hardy Demon Reel, Model 7000 $475.00 SALE ENDED

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