Sandy Clave 2009

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Sandy Clave 2009
Spring Hatches
Beginner's Event
New Korkers Sole
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Clave Update & Invitation
A fond good day and happy casting to you all!
The 2009 Sandy River Spey Clave has grown to become a three day event.
This is due primarily to the vision and diligence of Mia Sheppard and Whitney Gould.
They have lined up an all-star cast of female performers to entertain, educate and to enjoy
your personal company at the first-ever women’s day at the Sandy River Spey Clave.
To our knowledge this is the first ever, Spey event with an all female cast.
The date is May 15, Friday…starts at 10:00 A.M. to 3:30 P.M.
Everyone is welcome to attend.
These gals are serious…

No meals will be served during the day Friday because other parts of the Clave will be setting up.
The trailer house and Big Dining/Show Tent (30” by 60”) will be set up on Thursday. The covered area of Group Area “A” will be available to set up Thursday after 3:00 P.M.
Most manufacturers displays will be set up for display on Friday.

There is no exchange of cash at this Clave except for non-profits, such as conservation groups and fly fishing clubs. This gives the general public a more objective view of the products on display, and cuts way down on the book keeping with Government Folks. Orders for merchandise exchanged for cash in the future and from another location can be considered totally proper. Brochures and business cards should be freely exchanged. Please mix & mingle.

Friday evening there is going to be a potluck dinner hosted by the Santiam Spey Casters Club. This event will take place at the big tent at Group Area “A”. Beginning 5:00 P.M. and will end after dark. We will make arrangements to get people out of the park until around ten something. After or during the Pot Luck, Mark will attempt to entertain you with PowerPoint presentations chronicling some of his & Patty’s fishing adventures.

Basically Saturday & Sunday are formatted after the last three episodes. However, many of the acts are changed and will be seen for the first time here. What does javelin throwing and Spey casting have in common? Come and find out. Is Z better than straight…interesting question? We’ll probably all have a better understanding after this Clave. There will be a lot of fairly new lines to test, and many new rods to test them with.

Prepare to get fed, educated and entertained…for just about free.
Prepare to be immersed into the Spey Brotherhood/Sisterhood.
You’re going to like it.
We all want to see you there!
Denise Maxwell to Perform at The Sandy River Spey Clave
Denise Maxwell Denise Maxwell is a former world champion distance & accuracy flycaster, and was the first woman to hold a Steelhead Guide’s license in British Columbia. She has guided and fished on the Bulkley River for over 20 years, and owns and operates Maxwell Steelhead Guides. Not only is she a local legend in BC, but she is extremely well known and respected in the fly fishing world. Denise’s husband, Mike Maxwell was a native of Britain whom most credit with introducing
Spey fishing to North America.  Denise is active in instructing flyfishing & flycasting schools, and is a member of the FFF Board of Governors - Casting Certification.
2009 Agenda  
Chinook Contest
The Deal On Rooms

Things To Know About The Salmon Fly Hatch
The Fly Fishing Shop is situated conveniently on your way.

We have the largest stock of "Salmonflies" in the Pacific Northwest.
We have Deschutes Boater Passes, Warm Springs Reservation Fishing Permits,
A Clean Rest Room, Free Coffee, friendly, knowledgeable Service.
Dick Bushnell fires a cast up under the tree...
Angler: Dick Bushnell casts his salmonfly up under the over-hanging tree...
...and gets rewarded !!!
...and gets rewarded with a savage strike from a large trout !!!
There is more than one Hatch.
The biggest bugs often do attract the most attention from the fish, but not always. In the case of the "Salmonfly Hatch", while they are available at least one period nearly every day trout will actively seek them out. During the peak, feeding activity will last the entire day. Most days will have a mid-morning and evening feeding frenzy. The best days often begin with early morning caddis activity, then big fly activity, then PMD's, then little stone activity, then salmonfly activity and then bed time.  When you are prepared with the right flies and skills, these days can rack up a lot of points.
Originally this article was going to appear on one page. Our fly selection has grown enormously since last season. I decided to do several newsletter installments on spring hatches. The next two newsletters will describe the the spring stonefly hatches. This article deals mostly with Little Olive Stones and Salmonflies. The next installment will talk about Golden Stones and Yellow Sallys, the installment after that will discuss PMD's and Alder Flies or maybe early caddis hatches.
Fresh hatched Salmon Fly. In our region, stone flies hatch from January through August. There are at least two dozen species which are important in the adult stage to the trout angler. These range between the tiny Winter Blacks (3/8") to the giant Salmon Fly (over 2").  The Salmon fly hatch on Oregon's Deschutes in May/June, is arguably the best dry fly fishing the Pacific Northwest has to offer. The hatch starts at the mouth of the river in the first week of May. By May 25th there are usually a few Salmon Flies at Warm Springs. The first week in June is peak for the best fifty miles, between Maupin and Warm Springs. The hatch trickles off through June and there are scattered salmon flies around Pelton  
Dam most years until nearly the first of July. The so-called hatch occurs when the nymphs crawl out of the water.  The nymphs will usually seek out tree trunks or other vegetation or any solid but porous structure where the claws of the nymphal feet will stay fastened securely so emergence of the adult insect can progress with out interruption.  Since this hatch happens on land, it is of small importance to fishing in comparison to may fly or caddis hatches that happen at the surface of water.  Most of the actual "hatching" happens at night or early in the morning.

Salmon Fly in the grass.

hatching Golden Stone…Deschutes
It can continue in daylight hours on cloud cover days or in deeply shaded areas.   It is after the insects have hatched and have become active adults that they become important as trout food.  During the night adult salmon flies become inactive.  Their favorite places to rest or mate is in the streamside vegetation.  Much of this vegetation over-hangs the water.  In the mid to late morning as the air temperatures rise, the adults become active and start crawling and flying around.  They are clumsy and some will inevitably land in the water. It is at the river's edge that the best dry fly action usually occurs.  Since the majority of the salmon flies are concentrated around the water, the trout will take up stations
under overhanging trees and grass.  Casting your salmon fly imitation up stream under the over hanging trees has always been one of the secrets to successfully fishing the hatch.  During the warm part of the day there will be a fairly constant rain of fluttering and flopping bugs onto the water.  Pin-point casting accuracy is much more important than delicate casts.  Real salmon flies are heavy and hit the water hard. Salmon Fly with tattered wings at the end of the line.

The perfect set-up is a medium fast action six weight rod, and a 6'-7' long leader tapered down to 3X.  You need to be able to poke the fly under low hanging branches and through holes in the brush.  In many ways fishing the salmon fly hatch has more in common with bass bugging than classic dry fly fishing. 
Golden Stones, Olive Stones and Yellow Sally Stones are important before, during and after the Salmon Fly Hatch. Little Olive Stones tend to precede the Salmon Fly Hatch by a week or two.  They remain available to fish throughout most of the

"big" hatch and disappear about the same time as the Salmon Flies.  Golden Stones usually linger on for a while.  They are replaced by Yellow Sallys which are bright yellow and are size #14 to #16.

Since Little Olives precede the Salmonflies, we will explore this hatch first...

Small stone flies have low silhouettes and can be very difficult for the angler to see. They are often the culprits when trout are rising splashily during mid-day, but there appears to be nothing on the water. These insects can also be maddeningly hard to represent with a fly. A fly with a high silhouette gets nothing but refusals much of the time.

That is why the Flint's Stones Series evolved into the three patterns offered below. They are the most recent attempt in replicating these small, elusive, delicate insects in their adult form. They represent many years of research and offer the closest representation of the most common local species. They are designed to be fished in slick water conditions where a Stimulator or similar bushy fly just won't get the job done.  When fishing rougher water conditions, try the Lemon Drop Sally & Nasty Sally patterns.

Flint's Stone, Olive Chloroperlidae
These Olive Stones are often mixed with hatches of Salmon Flies & Golden Stoneflies. Even though they are much smaller trout will sometimes forsake the larger insects in favor of these smaller ones. This fly will come looking like the top example. The hackle can be trimmed top and bottom to let the fly float lower.
Flint's Stone, Olive Chloroperlidae
Item Description Size Price To Top
6058-12 Flint's Stone, Olive Chloroperlidae 12 3 for $5.25 Sale Over -->SALE ENDED
6058-14 Flint's Stone, Olive Chloroperlidae 14 3 for $5.25 Sale Over -->SALE ENDED
Stimulator, Olive
This fly which was originated by Randall Kaufmann has near cult following in the West.  It can imitate many types of insects including stoneflies, caddis and hoppers.  Be sure to carry some olive Stimulators to mimic the little Olive Stoneflies that hatch during the tail end of the Salmon Fly hatch.
Stimulator, Olive
Item Description Size Price To Top
11967 Stimulator, Olive 12 3 for $5.25 Sale Over -->SALE ENDED
11968 Stimulator, Olive 14 3 for $5.25 Sale Over -->SALE ENDED

Salmonfly Pteronarcys Hatch

...dead salmon fly...

The Robotic Salmon Fly and Robotic Golden Stone are the products of the fertile mind and exemplary tying skills of Troy Bachmann. They were the top secret, unsinkable guide flies at our store for a number of years. These foam body, rubber leg flies really gave us the edge during crowded days of the salmon fly hatch. Well of course the word finally got out. Now they are
 available to you. You will agree that they are the most realistic giant stone patterns ever produced.  This pattern can be fished dry as a live adult or submerged as a drowned salmon fly.
The Bullet Head Series were the top-secret guide flies of the late 1980's. In the early 1990's we added rubber legs and Krystal flash and they became even more effective. During certain stages of the hatch and in semi-textured water they are still the best you can use., newly hatched female salmon fly...

Bullet Head Salmon Fly
In 1981 Ed Henry showed us a salmon fly pattern with a braided poly yarn body.  These flies were very time consuming to tie.  We accomplished the same task in seconds with a roll of macramé rope and a cigarette lighter.  
Bullet Head Salmon fly
Item Description Size Price To Top
6055-04 Bullet Head Salmon Fly 4 3 for $5.85 Sale Over -->SALE ENDED
6055-06 Bullet Head Salmon Fly 6 3 for $5.85 Sale Over -->SALE ENDED

Foam Stone, Salmon Fly
This un-sinkable fly is very productive in many situations.  The segmented body is made from sealed cell foam plastic.  It will float in fast turbulent water.
Foam Stone, Salmon Fly
Item Description Size Price To Top
99501-04 Foam Stone, Salmon Fly 4 3 for $5.85 Sale Over -->SALE ENDED

Hedgehog Salmonfly
When female salmon flies are laying eggs they do a lot of fluttering and flopping on the surface.  This fly has elk hair fibers that are tied in and reversed to give the impression of wings that are beating.
Fluttering Salmon Fly
Item Description Size Price To Top
12035 Hedgehog Salmonfly 6 3 for $5.85 Sale Over -->SALE ENDED

Robotic Salmon Fly
This low floating pattern is made entirely of synthetic materials.  It may be fished dry or wet with a split shot.
Robotic Salmon Fly
Item Description Size Price To Top
6120-04 Robotic Salmon Fly 4 3 for $5.85 Sale Over -->SALE ENDED

Rogue Foam Stone, Giant Orange
This un-sinkable fly is very productive in many situations.  The segmented body is made from sealed cell foam plastic.  It will float in fast turbulent water.
Rogue Foam Stone, Giant Orange
Item Description Size Price To Top
10860-04 Rogue Foam Stone, Giant Orange 4 3 for $6.95 Sale Over -->SALE ENDED
10860-06 Rogue Foam Stone, Giant Orange 6 3 for $6.95 Sale Over -->SALE ENDED

Yarn Body Stonefly, Orange
The Salmon Fly hatch can be more complex that one might expect.  It pays to have a variety of fly sizes, colors, weights and silhouettes.  If for no other reason than to have something different than the last guy who fished your piece of water.  Every time a trout gets hooked it becomes more selective.
Item Description Size Price To Top
12024 Yarn Body Stonefly, Orange 8 3 for $5.25 Sale Over -->SALE ENDED

Improved Sofa Pillow
This old fly is still overall the most popular pattern for the Salmon Fly hatch in our area. It floats well and is very durable.  You should carry several sizes.  When fish get picky, often a size change can turn the trick.
Improved Sofa Pillow
Item Description Size Price To Top
11915 Improved Sofa Pillow 4 3 for $5.85 Sale Over -->SALE ENDED
11916 Improved Sofa Pillow 6 3 for $5.85 Sale Over -->SALE ENDED
11917 Improved Sofa Pillow 8 3 for $5.85 Sale Over -->SALE ENDED

How does a fish view your fly?  You can never be sure.  What was the last guy using that fished your next piece of water? If you believe that fish have any capacity to remember, it might be to your advantage to use a slightly different fly. This is certainly true of super-hatches such as the "Salmon Fly Hatch".  You know the fish are going to eat, but you also know that the are going to get more educated as the season progresses.  If they get stuck a number of times while eating Sofa Pillows, they are going to lose their taste for Sofa Pillows.

Parachute Salmon Fly
This bizarre looking fly will float without having been treated with dry fly foatant.  Even when the body and legs are completely awash the "strike indicator" tuft of white poly yarn can be seen by the angler.  We do recommend that this yarn tuft be treated with silicone floatant to make this fly perform even better. 

Item Description Size Price To Top
060300-04 Parachute Salmon Fly 4 3 for $5.95 Sale Over

060300-08 Parachute Salmon Fly 8 3 for $5.95 Sale Over


Yummy Mummie
This pattern has so many wiggly tails, legs and feelers that it "crawls" across the surface of the water.  This is an excellent change-up fly and you know that probably no one else on the water has anything similar.  The Yummy Mummie is impossible to sink in even the roughest water.  If it gets pulled under, it will pop back to the surface.

Item Description Size Price To Top
06641-04 Yummy Mummies 4 3 for $5.95 Sale Over


Drown Salmon Fly
When big old wise trout get nicked with dry flies a couple of times they can quit feeding on the surface entirely.  Often they will station up below a current that pulls naturals under and feed only on drown Salmon Flies.

Item Description Size Price To Top
06318-04 Drown Salmon Fly 4 3 for $5.85 Sale Over -->SALE ENDED

Egg Layer Salmon Fly
From our observations, Female Salmon Flies lay egg several ways. Some times they skitter across the surface exuding eggs as the go. Other times they drop eggs while flying. It is the former mode that is of interest to the angler. Salmon Flies laying eggs with their egg ball intact and the abdomen flush with the surface or slightly below the surface can be a prime target for feeding trout. This is a great fly for that reason.

Item Description Size Price To Top
200755-04 Egg Layer Salmon Fly 4 3 for $5.85 Sale Over


Foamulator, Orange
Another version of Randall Kaufmann's Stimulator. This one is unsinkable because of the foam back on the body. Nearly invisible in this photo is the white tuft of poly yarn ahead of the orange wing for maximum visibility.

Foamulator, Orange

Item Description Size Price To Top
11658 Foamulator, Orange 6 3 for $5.85 Sale Over

11649 Foamulator, Orange 8 3 for $5.85 Sale Over


Fly Fishing for Beginners Event

Come join us in the first annual fly fishing event focusing on fly fishing for beginners.  This is the perfect way to get started correctly in the sport of fly fishing.  The event will feature a variety of activities such as basic fly casting instruction, how to select and set up your equipment, knot tying and fly tying.  Bring your friends & family and join in the fun!


 Date: Sunday, May 31, 2009    Time: 11:30-3:30

 Location:      Blue Lake Park, 20500 NE Marine Drive, Fairview, Oregon 97024   Chinook “A” Shelter

 Blue Lake Park is located at 20500 NE Marine Drive, Fairview, Oregon 97024. You can find map/directions on  No pets or alcohol are allowed in the park.   Park Entrance Fee is $4.00 per car.

 Cost:              $10.00 per person             $15.00 per couple             $20.00 per family

 This event will happen rain or shine.  We have a covered area for tying purposes.

 We hope to see you at the 1st annual Fly Fishing Event!

Contact Info: (503) 667-6602 or  with any questions.  
Office hours: 9:00-4:00 Monday thru Friday.

Sponsors are the Portland area fishing retailers and Jim Teeny, Inc.

Korkers go anywhere !!!

Korkers Guide Boot
Every one of the soles pictured on this page fit the Korkers Guide Boot pictured at right. Soles can be changed in a very few minutes to fit changing terrain. Soles are flat and easy to pack into luggage. You could wear your hiking boots on your trek to the river and then change to the new Kling-on Studded Soles when you get to the water.
Trail Lug Sole
Trail Lug Sole
Korkers Felt Sole
Felt Sole
Korkers Studded Felt Sole
Studded Felt Sole
Mossy Rock Sole
Mossy Rock Sole
Korkers Golf Sole
Golf Sole
Korkers Boat Sole
Boat Sole
Korkers Kling-On Sole
Kling-On Sole
Korkers Studded Kling-On Sole
Studded Kling-On
The Kling-On soles will replace the Aquastealth accessory sole. Kling-On soles feature an improved angular tread pattern that enables increased traction on uneven surfaces. In addition, the redesigned rubber compound is substantially softer and thus far stickier than any of our previous soles. The studded version will also be very effective on slick underwater surfaces. These are 2 great sole options for people requesting an invasive resistant, felt-alternative sole.

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Fish long & prosper,
Mark & Patty